StealthHawk Pro Review 2024: The Perfect Drone?

We’ve all seen our fair share of drones. The 4-blade machines have become an integral part of the arsenal for hunters of visual beauty. At least, from a consumer point of view. Unfortunately, most of these drones are brittle. But worry not because we have the perfect solution. Read our StealthHawk Pro review to know more.

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Article updated: 17 May 2024

What is StealthHawk Pro Drone?

At first glance, the StealthHawk Pro drone looks like a toy helicopter. The ones you can order from Amazon for your kids. But don’t be fooled by its look. In reality, Stealth Hawk Pro is a military-grade stealth helicopter with a 4K camera attached to it!

When we say “military grade”, we really mean it in this StealthHawk Pro review. The product in question has been used by military ground troops in many countries. It’s rated to withstand a multitude of weather conditions that no consumer-grade drone can claim.

What’s interesting is that the body of the drone is no bigger than your palm. Like actual helicopters, it has a long tail with a blade at the end. After all, it needs to follow the same principles to fly like regular copters.

Another interesting aspect we found in this StealthHawk Pro review is the remote. Unlike traditional consumer drones, you don’t have to use an app to fly them. The package includes a radio transmitter that looks very much like the remote of beginner R/C toys.

Thanks to the use of radio frequency, this drone has a far better range than any consumer drone can claim.

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StealthHawk Pro Benefits and Features

For any product, its features play the main role in widespread adoption. To test this newly launched military product’s capabilities, we, the team, have used a few units for a few days. Here are our findings.

stealth hawk pro

  • Very Portable: Drones are not really “portable” no matter how small they are. In many cases, you need to carry them in massive cases. But in our StealthHawk Pro review, we noticed that this one is actually portable.
  • Long Flight Time: Thanks to the smaller size, the Stealth Hawk Pro drone doesn’t consume much power. And low power consumption means you can expect a long flight time for this tiny machine. It’s currency rated for up to 25 minutes of flight time.
  • Silent: In case you haven’t noticed, the name of the product is “stealth” Hawk Pro. So, yes, it’s almost completely silent. This makes sense because military troops use it to perform reconnaissance over enemy territory.
  • GPS/Non-GPS: The actual military version is equipped with GPS. If you want, you may get a non-GPS version as well.
  • Long Range: According to user reviews, the StealthHawk Pro drone has a range of 2 kilometers. This is insane when you think of the fact that it’s a remote-controlled device.
  • 4K Camera: For the most part, regular consumers use drones to get aerial footage. To help you with that, Stealth Hawk Pro comes with a 4K camera with both regular feed and night vision. You can even set up a live stream from the copter’s camera to your phone.

Price & Money-Back Guarantee of Stealth Hawk Pro

As you’re reading the StealthHawk Pro review on, we feel obligated to bring you the deal on the planet. We’ve managed to strike a deal with the manufacturer of the drone.  Pay attention to this entire section of our review if you’re interested.

stealthhawk pro price

Payment Options

To order from this Stealth Hawk Pro review in the UK, you need an online payment method first. At the time of writing, you may pay with Visa, Mastercard, and GPay. You’ll also need to enter your full address along with your city and postal code to receive the product.

Moneyback Guarantee

A money-back guarantee is when you can send a product back after purchase for a refund. In most cases, manufacturers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for the StealthHawk Pro review.

On the bright side, you can get an extended 3 years warranty for only £9 on top of the price of your purchase.


This is the fun part of the review, where we disclose the StealthHawk Pro price in the UK. As part of the promotion, you can buy a single drone for only £149, which is a whopping 50% less than the retail £298.

The deals get better as you buy more. If you buy 2 of them, you get 1 for absolutely free. The package will cost you only £297.


The offer is automatically activated as soon as you entered this StealthHawk Pro review on your website. All you have to do is place the order to enjoy the discounted price on the product.

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Technical Sheet

stealthhawk pro drone

  • Dimensions: 230mm x 80mm
  • Battery: 7v, 600 mAh lithium-polymer
  • Flight Time: 25 minutes
  • Sensors: Gravity
  • Range: Up to 2 kilometers
  • Camera: 4K with night vision

How to Use StealthHawk Pro Drone?

When you unbox StealthHawk Pro drone, you’ll find a detailed user manual and a remote. We highly recommend reading the user manual before flying it. Below are the rest of the steps you need to follow.

  1. Charge the drone with the included USB cable.
  2. Use the control pad/remote to set the flight duration, speed, coverage, etc.
  3. Once charged, turn the drone on with the power button on the body.
  4. You may launch the StealthHawk Pro Drone from your hand or directly from the floor.

stealthhawk pro review

Customer Service

The manufacturer of the drone is based in Hong Kong. It’s Hyper SLS Ltd. You can reach out at +852 8197 7604 for customer support.

Stealth Hawk Pro Features Reviews from Real Users

You must have a knack for aerial beauty if you’re planning on investing in a drone. The Stealth Hawk Pro is surely one of the best options out there. Let’s take a quick look at what StealthHawk Pro reviews from real users look like.

“I legit bought this thinking it was an expensive toy. But I have to admit the flight quality is pretty amazing on this thing. Almost flew it out of my vision but managed to get it back. Great range!”
“My previous experiences with drones have not been very pleasant. It’s either I can’t fly them or they’re not durable enough. However, Stealth Hawk Pro is an interesting one. I’ve been flying it into bushes, and it comes out pretty much unscathed.”
“For what it’s worth, this is the best drone I’ve ever purchased. Sure, the flight is a bit jerky due to its tiny size. Thankfully, the camera has great stabilization.”

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Alternatives to Stealth Hawk Pro

If you’re in the market to get a drone, you might want to look at some other models too. As it happens, the library has some excellent options.

  • Shadow X: The color scheme on this drone is so subtle that you can’t even see it at night. This is what gives it the name Shadow X. This is a great tool for photographers thanks to its high-quality camera.
  • Drone 720x: Yet another 4-blade drone for you. This one is manufactured by the same company as StealthHawk. Drone 720x offers a great blend of affordability and durability.
  • DroneX Pro: If you’re planning on getting out of the “portable” zone of drones, DroneX Pro might be the perfect choice for you. This behemoth can over a large area with spectacular aerial shots.


StealthHawk Pro Drone is awesome. This is the first of its kind that made it from the military R&D lab to consumers. Get yourself one while the promotions run. This could also be the best gift for your loved ones on an upcoming occasion.

StealthHawk Pro
A drone helicopter with 4K camera.
8.7 Total Score
StealthHawk Pro Review 2024

StealthHawk Pro is the game-changer in the consumer drone space.

Ease of Use
Value for Money
  • Compact design
  • Easily portable
  • Long flight time of 25 minutes
  • Good battery life
  • 4K video camera with night vision
  • Durable build quality
  • Slightly unstable in windy conditions
  • Online orders only
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