DroneX Pro Review 2024: is it good or a scam?

This dronex pro review will show that trying to find the most appropriate drone can be quite challenging than most people believe, especially when drone prices tend to vary widely, with some models coming in at thousands more than others. The majority of people aren’t quite comfortable spending that small fortune on anything that has to do with a drone, especially if they plan on using it to perform some extremely technical manoeuvres. This is why we took it upon ourselves to review drone x pro in order to help you ascertain if the drone x pro is of any good.

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Hyperstech dronex pro review: What it is

The DroneX Pro is sometimes stylized as the Drone X Pro, so you might see both styles in this drone x pro review UK is a drone that can mix a seamless and intuitive user design with professional features. You can have countless hours of fun flying this drone through the air either by yourself or doubling up the fun by getting your children in on the act. There have been numerous reviews on drone x pro.

This quadcopter drone has been created and designed by Hyper Sls Ltd and some quarters have stated that it is one of the most effective drones available for this price point on the market. It could be down to its strong capabilities in conjunction with its futuristic look. This Hyperstech dronex pro review highlighted that this drone is perfect for those that are interested in seeing just how drones work or those that want to upgrade without having to fork out a ton of money. This drone comes loaded with quite a several advanced features that are sure to attract even the most experienced drone pilots.

However, it is important to note that this drone x pro review UK is about a decent entry-level model which is perfectly suited to those that have no experience with drones at all. You don’t want to forget this and then say you have been caught in a drone x pro scam. Imagine for a second that you are outside your home, watching your drone as it flies around capturing your landscape. It can be said that this drone is a reasonably priced one that comes with a decent crop of features for its price range. It is suited to those that do not want to spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on a drone.

dronex pro review

Hyperstech dronex pro review: How it is

One of the things that stands out in this drone x pro review UK is that the drone is quite attractive. It can be said that it appears to be an Eachine E58 clone, which is itself a derivative of the more expensive and advanced Mavic Pro. This fact might make the drone x pro scam stories you hear about seem true, but this design language should not be seen as a bad thing. That being said, it is a foldable drone with a metallic grey colour scheme. Given its price point, it is not the heaviest of drones. It actually weighs less than 100 grams, which can be a positive as you do not have to register it in order to fly it in the US, Canada, or the UK. This is most likely one of the major draws when you review drone x pro.

Selfie drone x pro review: Camera

From the drone x pro user reviews, you can notice that if there is anything to love about a drone, it is the fact that you get a camera with one and the camera on the Drone X Pro is a great feature to have. You can view the world around you from a different perspective. This Hyperstech dronex pro review shows that you get the opportunity to select from two cameras with the Drone X Pro. The base model of the drone has a 0.3MP camera, however, you can upgrade to the 2M 720p wide-angle HD camera. The selfie drone x pro review shows that the Drone X Pro has a decent camera, one that you would expect from a drone within this price point.

This means that you should not expect to get the picture or video quality of a Mavic Pro or any of the expensive drones from this drone. Over the course of the selfie drone x pro review, we realised that you are unlikely to get anything close to professional level images and videos. There have been some instances of people saying they got better quality pictures with this, only for others to disagree when they finally get it, labelling it the drone x pro scam. However, with this drone x pro review UK we found that the camera is quite decent for the drone x pro review UK.

When we took the time to review drone x pro, we discovered this was down to the fact that this quadcopter drone does not come with a gimbal to provide steady images and the live feed is nothing to write home about. The truth is, you are likely to find better quality cameras on other drones at this price point. Nevertheless, if you take into account the price you pay for this drone, it actually has a decent camera which you can most definitely have some fun with and that doesn’t make drone x pro scam. This was a particularly pleasant feature to use in this drone x pro review UK.


Foldable drones just like this one, come with a lot of benefits. For one, they are quite easy to carry along, making them great to travel with. As one would expect with drones at this price point, this one comes with brushed motors. This means that it should not be flown in windy conditions as it will most likely suffer. It does come with some interesting LED lights located at the front, however, the lights might not be bright enough to enable you to fly the drone in the dark and this doesn’t make drone x pro scam. You get a drone flight time of about 15 minutes with this drone. You might think this is not a lot, however, this is actually standard for drones that are sold at this price point.


This drone has a 3.7v 600 mAh battery to power it up, and the battery seamlessly fits into the back of the drone. Given that we only got less than 20 minutes of flight time over the course of this dronex pro review, it is advised that you get a number of additional batteries to help increase the amount of time you fly this drone. This drone’s remote also seems to take a cue from that of the E58 from Eachine. The remote control is quite minimalistic in design and that is actually great for easy use. It comes with buttons that make landing and take off quite easy as we experienced in this Hyperstech dronex pro review.

Numerous Reviews on drone x pro state that the buttons at the top can be used to take photos and videos. When it comes to the controller’s power source, 3 AA batteries are all you need to power this. You get a range of about 100 metres, which then halves to about 50 metres if you utilise FPV. Most people think drone x pro scam simply because it does not get as much distance as indicated. However, the truth is you have to understand before claiming drone x pro scam is that obstructions can cause your actual distance to be shorter than the distance advertised which makes the claim about drone x pro scam a false.

To review drone x pro, it was discovered that you do not have to use the remote as it is possible to use the available app on Google Playstore to fly this drone. The app is quite decent, with an easy to use and attractive interface. With the app, you can gain access to a few more of the advanced features this drone has to offer. This means things such as smart flight modes, gesture control, and voice control are available to you.

review drone x pro

Other features

The numerous reviews on drone x pro have shown that just as with a lot of other drones, the Drone X Pro has numerous features that are quite exciting to play with in this drone x pro review UK. For one, you get a button that enables you to make 360° flips. You also get quite several intelligent flight modes with some that can let you take your hands off the control, flying the drone handsfree. In this review drone x pro, it had altitude hold with the default flight mode being headless. This mode makes it quite easier for those new to drones to learn how to fly and this was quite evident over the course of this drone x pro review UK.

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How to use it

If you have used drones in the past, then using the Drone X Pro should be quite seamless. If you have no experience operating drones at all, then you have nothing to worry about as this device is quite easy to use. At least, this was our experience when we took the time to review drone x pro.

As stated on various Drone x pro user reviews and as on every electrical gadget, you have a power button which must turn everything on before you are able to use the drone’s features. You get a joystick remote which can be used to manoeuvre the drone’s flying direction. As stated earlier in this review drone x pro, you also have an app that you can use to fly the drone. It can be connected to an android device which will enable you to check the drone’s footage. Controlling the drone is easy with the app as you simply adjust watching the feed in this drone x pro review UK.

reviews on drone x pro

Benefits and advantages

Over the course of this Drone X Pro review UK, here are the few advantages and benefits that have been discovered

  • Portability:  this Hyperstech dronex pro review showed that the drone is lightweight and is the size of a 6.2-inch phone
  • Flight time: the fact that you get almost 15 mins of flight time from a drone at this price point is incredible, considering that most drones tend to provide 5 to 7 minutes of flight time.
  • Travel range: you get 80 to 100 metres of range on this drone as we got on a few of our Drone x pro user reviews
  • Battery: The battery over the course of this selfie drone x pro review lasted about 12 minutes and that included taking pictures and videos.

User testimony: Reviews on drone x pro

Here are a few of the drone x pro user reviews after they were able to review drone x pro.

This drone is a great tool that is just right for the money. It lets me learn how to fly a drone before I move on to a pricier unit. What I love about it, is the fact that I have hit the wall a few times with it, yet it is still working. Most definitely recommended, especially since the Reviews on drone x pro are accurate.

A great manoeuvrable drone. I love how it is great for beginners. My first flight was steady thanks to altitude hold. Mind you it does get blown in the wind a bit but that has to do with the size. In my opinion, you get a bit more than what you pay for. Videos and pictures can be saved directly onto your phone or onto an external memory card.

When i searched about the drone x pro review uk, a lot of drone x pro scam results came up. I decided to take the time to review drone x pro and then made the decision to purchase it. What i can say is that i am very happy with my purchase. You get exactly what you pay for as long as you know you are paying for a drone on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

You might wonder if the Drone x pro any good, well it has met most of my expectations. It is a fun little drone that lets me get the hang of flying whilst also delivering wonderful videos and pictures. the one part where it does let down is the battery. Thankfully, that can be rectified by having additional batteries on you. so is the Drone x pro any good? Definitely!

If you know take the time to review drone x pro, you will understand what the drone is and what you are getting for that price. i absolutely love it and as my first foray into the world of drones, it is just what i need. Drone x pro scam? Definitely not!

After taking the time to read a selfie drone x pro review, my question of if the drone x pro any good was finally answered. For the price you pay, you get quite a decent camera, letting you take in your surroundings as you fly.

I really love this drone. It was a struggle to purchase because there was some worries of if the drone x pro any good. Thankfully, i took the time to read numerous Drone x pro user reviews to learn all about the drone and make an informed purchase decision. I can say for sure that i am pleased with my decision to buy the drone. Now you have to understand it is not the most high tech of drones out there, but it does what it was created for seamlessly and that is cool, inexpensive flying fun.

I searched online so i could review drone x pro before purchasing it and I can say that i have been happy my purchase. If there was one thing i wondered, it was if the drone x pro any good. Reading a couple reviews on drone x pro made me better understand what i was purchasing. I am new to the drone world, so any information to help review drone x pro comes in handy.


dronesxpro price euro

With a price of about $100, the Drone X Pro can definitely be heralded as one of the most inexpensive drones available for purchase on the market. This price point makes it a great starter drone for those wanting to get the hang of a drone before moving on to more expensive and sophisticated drones.

What’s even more special is that the company offers numerous discounts, especially if you purchase more than one unit. If you want a discount, you simply need to head over to the manufacturer’s website or click the button below.

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After taking the time to review drone x pro, it shows that purchasing a drone is not something you do simply because you are bored or because it is something others have been telling you. The truth is, for as long as people can remember, they have always been searching for things to take up their time. This has become even truer due to the COVID 19 pandemic, especially if you read a few Drone x pro user reviews. Drones seemingly became a way for people to remain connected with their family and friends without them having to leave their houses. For selfie lovers, this selfie drone x pro review is a great way to know if this drone is suitable for your needs.

Whatever your motivation for getting a drone, after reading this dronex pro review, you will learn that the DroneX Pro can one of the best things to purchase, as you are bound to find numerous use cases for it. Hopefully, this dronex pro review has shown that there is no such thing as the drone x pro scam.

It is important to remember that before you purchase, you have to review drone x pro, check out drone x pro user reviews to know if the drone x pro any good and suitable to your lifestyle and needs. To also help buttress your purchase decision, study the reviews on drone x pro or even search for a Hyperstech dronex pro review to understand just what you are getting into when you purchase this drone.

DroneX Pro
9.3 Total Score
DroneX Pro Review

Value for money
Ease of use
  • Lightweight and compact
  • hi-tech technology
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent value for money
  • Make sure you use it where it is authorised
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