Kailo Pain Relief Patch 2021: Does it really work?

In a world full of pain and suffering, anything to help us get through the day is more than welcome. When we heard about the Kailo patch, we were so excited to check it out.

Pain relief has many forms. Many of them come in capsules or tablets that you take orally. Others come in the form of ointments and creams that you rub on your skin. And some take the form of removable patches, like the Kailo patch. What does it do? How does Kailo patch work? Keep reading our Kailo patch reviews to find out.

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What Is Kailo?

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Kailo is a reusable, pain-reducing patch that offers an effective, quick, and drug-free nanotech solution to the pain. Launched in 2019 after a remarkable Indiegogo campaign in which users crowdfunded Kailo within a couple of hours, the company ultimately sold $5 million worth of merchandise and 300,000 units, breaking its funding goal by 5,029%.

Kailo patch features a patented nanocapacitor-based operational system that allows the patch to interact with the electrical system in your body to raise signals to pain-reducing receptors and help your brain deal with pain.

The manufacturer claims that the patch can help manage a wide range of pain-related issues,  including both acute (short-term) and chronic (long-term) pain. The patch promises immediate relief from painful conditions such as arthritis, stiffness, strains, sprains, backaches, and bruises within seconds. Moreover, the patch is reusable and has no proven harmful side effects, so it can be worn for as long as needed.

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Kailo Reviews: Who Is Kailo Patch For?

Kailo is suitable for those who are suffering from a wide array of pain-related issues such as:

  • People who usually sit for a prolonged amount of time
  • People who are recovering from a workout
  • People who are recovering from injuries
  • People who are dependent on medications
  • People who are struggling with chronic pain
  • People who prefer a natural alternative

Kailo Reviews: How Does Kailo Patch Work?

To understand how Kailo works, it’s better to be aware of how electricity in our body works first. Simply put; our nervous system needs electricity to send signals throughout the body and back to the brain – enabling us to think, feel, and move.

Each Kailo patch contains billions of nanocapacitors, which work in harmony with the body’s electrical system like a bio antenna in receiving and propagating the body’s electrical signals.

Although Kailo’s pain relief technology works with your body’s natural electricity, it does not use electricity, nor does it need a battery or plugin. Instead, the patch interacts with your body’s natural electricity and communication signals.

You may even feel your patch starts to get warm as your nervous system reacts. Now, once you turn off your pain and discomfort, you can go back and live your life troubled-free as you should.

Kailo Reviews: Technologies Used by Kailo

Kailo uses various innovative applications to transmit energy to help alleviate pain. Let’s have a look at the way each technology is used to boost the pain relief experience.

Signal Transmission

Kailo patch uses the patent-pending technology to transmit through antenna-like probes to convey signals from the troubled area to your brain. This method is largely based on your body’s signal transmission from one organ to another.


The patch communicates with your body’s natural signals to effectively help neurotransmitters send accurate information to your brain and ease the pain in the affected area. To achieve the same effect, other pain relief patches have to resort to using chemicals to adjust the brain’s wave function, while Kailo uses only natural signals to do that.

Energy Storage

Instead of using batteries or any external source of energy like other pain relievers with the same promised results, Kailo uses your body’s natural energy kept on the patch to get the charge to operate.

Kailo Reviews: How To Use It?

For those of you who are new to pain relief patches, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you ease the pain anywhere easily within seconds.

kailo patch reviews

Step 1: 

Stick the patch over to the body’s affected part directly on the skin until you notice reduced pain in the region, you will notice a difference once the Kailo patch starts to warm up or tingle, and you should feel the relief within seconds.

Put the patch on the affected area. Move until you find the right spot (you should notice reduced pain in that area). Once the patch starts to warm up or tingle, your pain should ease off within seconds.

Step 2: 

After finding the right spot, peel the adhesive backing from the strip and stick it to the back of the patch (the smooth side is preferable). Remove half of the backing while holding one end of the adhesive back. Then attach it to the patch and repeat the process for the other half of the backing.

Step 3: 

Peel off the adhesive backing of the path and gently put it directly onto your skin or clothing (both will have the same effect). When you’re done with your patch, removing it is as easy and painless as putting it on. The patch will not pull your hair and cause any trouble. Be sure to watch your patch after use to restore its adhesive backing. With good care, each patch will last for years.

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Kailo Reviews: Placement Guide For Different Areas Of Pain

Finding the right spot to put your Kailo patch on is the key to get the best out of its effectiveness, as pain relief is dependent on your body’s nervous system pathways. And with each part of your body working in a different way, identifying the right place for your patch can be a confusing task. Here’s the placement guide to help you put the patch right where it hurts.

Head Pain

Place the patch horizontally across the side of the forehead down to the temple, with the top edge at the hairline.

Face Pain

Place the patch vertically across the side of the face with the bottom edge on the jawline and the top edge at the temple.

Elbow Pain

Place the patch horizontally over the back of the upper arm right above the elbow. Then gradually move it up the back of the arm towards the brain.

Shoulder Pain

Adjust the patch at a 45-degree angle on the back of the shoulder. Then gradually move it up and across the trapezius muscle toward the brain, keeping this same angle.

Hand & Wrist Pain

Place the patch horizontally across the wrist and gradually move it up the forearm towards the brain.

Lower Back Pain

Place the patch centrally at the waistline across the lower back. Then gradually move it up along the spine towards the brain.

Knee Pain

Place the patch below the knee, with one edge in the center, and the patch reaching around the outer side of the leg.

Foot & Ankle Pain

Place the patch horizontally across the top of the foot and wear it in your shoe or sock. Or place the patch horizontally across the top of the foot and wear it in your shoe or sock. Or wrap the patch horizontally across the heel in the back of your shoe.

Trunk Pain

Place the patch centrally at the belly button. Then gradually move it up toward the bottom of the rib cage.

Hip & Upper Leg Pain

Place the patch at a 45-degree angle across the buttocks on the side that hurts, with the lower part of the patch pointed towards the center of the body, while the upper part pointed towards the hip. Move it towards the center of the body, twisting it slightly until it has a horizontal orientation on the lower spine.

Kailo Reviews: The Benefits

kailo pain relief

The patch’s ease of use is its most significant advantage. Though you have to find that sweet spot each time, once you get used to it, the patch is almost effortless to put on. Plus, it’s waterproof!

The patch also lasts for years; you don’t have to keep buying new ones often. Also, it does not need any batteries or charging, so it’s always ready to use.

This pain relief patch interacts with the body’s electrical system, naturally relieving pain. It is not a medication, so it isn’t prone to side effects, unlike pills and tablets. It is also non-narcotic and non-addictive: you will feel neither sleepy nor high while wearing the patch.

However, some reviews decry the patch as a scam. How to use Kailo patch, they say, only produces a placebo effect. It does not really improve pain signals or act as a bio antenna. Instead, believing that the patch works creates the feeling of pain relief.

Many users, though, would beg to disagree, as you’ll see below.

Kailo Reviews: What We Love About It

Before we present you with our comprehensive Kailo reviews, we sent the patches out to three of our friends who have been experiencing different types of pain. We asked them to use the patches, observe them thoroughly, and give us their 100% honest Kailo pain patch reviews. Here’s what they love about the  patch:


People who are suffering from pain are no strangers to painkillers such as aspirin and ibuprofen. But those medicines are not for everyone. For those who are unable to take oral drugs because of stomach irritation or other conditions, Kailo patch is your lifesaver.

Like our friend Kevin, he’s had a bad back for years now due to his incredibly demanding 9 to 5 office job. He can’t change the job because he’s got bills to pay, and most jobs are just as bad anyway (he’s not qualified for the better ones). He can’t take ibuprofen anymore because, again, his incredibly demanding 9 to 5 office job also caused him to develop gastritis. So he was stuck with the pain until he found Kailo.

Unlike other lesser pain relief patches that have to resort to using chemicals to adjust the brain’s wave function to ease the pain, Kailo uses only natural signals to do that.


Our friend Emma is a new mom of triplets. They love to be carried, all three at once. The problem is they’re getting too big. Emma’s arms are all sore, but she loves her big babies, so she keeps the tradition going.

After she tried Kailo, she loves it. Especially for its reusability. According to Emma, the patch works as effectively as any other pain reliever she’s used before. The fact each patch can be used for an adequate number of times without any apparent drop in its overall functionality is a big plus, as it saves her a lot of money.


Alex, our self-proclaim adrenaline junkie friend, gives Kailo a thump up for its versatility. “I just love that the patch can keep up with my active lifestyle. It’s skin-tight and flexible, I sometimes forget that I even have it on.”, said the guy who loves long walks along the beach, specifically at sunset.

We can see why; the patch is comfortable to wear. It is lightweight, watertight, and sealed against anything. What Alex didn’t mention is that it is also water-proof, so you can wear it while taking a shower or during adverse weather conditions with no problems!

Kailo Reviews: What Others Say

I put it on, and after 5-10 minutes, my pain was gone. Three hours after, and I still feel good. Amazing product.
Wade Poe
This patch took my pain from an eight down to zero in about 15 minutes. Finally, I could get a good night’s sleep. The material is stiff, though, and somebody motions do not go well with it. How to use the adhesive is a bit hard, too; there is no illustration provided.
Kathryn Pratt
I have a 33-year history of back pain and have gone through five surgeries on my spine. At first, when I saw Kailo pain relief reviews, I was sceptical about it. I doubt that it would work well for nerve pain, but based on my experience, it does help with mild to moderate pain.
JB Robinson

Kailo Reviews: Price and money-back guarantee

On its official website, individual patches are at $119, including a carry case and three adhesive strips. There are cheaper bundles if you buy more than one. The biggest one is at $949 for ten patches. Carrying cases and adhesives are likewise included in each package. Replacement adhesive strips are also available on the site, costing from $10 to $20 per pack.

The product offers both free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee for all purchases. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can email their customer support for a refund.

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Q: How many patches can I wear at once?

A: the patch is designed to work hyper-locally, so it’s able to treat one troubled area at a time. You can definitely wear two patches at once, however, anything more than that is not recommended as it can lessen the effectiveness

Q: How long can Kailo be worn?

A: You can wear the patch for as long and as often as you like. There‘s no reported side effect on continuous usage.

Q: Is Kailo water-resistant?

A: Yes, the patch is water-proof. It is made of a waterproof polyester substrate and is covered with a dielectric coating. Plus, they were rigorously tested for water-resistance and even full submersion before released. So, your patch can handle any water situation, just be sure to dab it with a dry cloth and let it air dry afterward.

Q: Should I put the bumpy or smooth side of the patch toward the skin?

A: Both sides will do the job just as well. The difference in the textures is the product of the manufacturing, not function. Though, if you are planning to use the Kailo adhesives, it is proven that they stick better to the smooth side.

Q: How should I clean my Kailo?

A: You can easily clean your patch using soap and warm water. Goo Gone can be used if there’s residue from a medical tape, but make sure you wash it afterward. Caustic cleaners and alcohol are to be avoided as they will deteriorate the patch later on.

Q: What if Kailo doesn’t work for me?

A: Even with 90% of positive feedbacks from customers, the manufacturer still offers a 100% money-back guarantee, just in case.  In the rare circumstance that you find your patch isn’t working for you as well as you’d like it to within 30 of purchase, the manufacture will generously take it back, and you will be refunded without any hassle.

Kailo Reviews: Is Kailo Pain Patch Scam?

While Kailo does not present itself as a magic cure for pain, it does offer a good deal of relief for everyday body pain. However, as the patches are not exactly affordable, it’s not ideal for those only suffering from occasional short-term pain. Instead, it is the most cost-effective for those suffering from regular mild discomforts, like sports enthusiasts and office employees.

The Nanotech Patch That Relieves Pain In Seconds.
9.3 Total Score

Kailo is a patch that casts your pain away. It heals you in an all-natural way from the head to heels. You only have to place it on your pain area and wait for the magic to happen.

Value for money
Ease of use
  • No harmful side effects
  • Not addictive
  • No substances are taken into the body
  • Can be reused and lasts for years
  • No charging or power source required
  • Easy to apply
  • Portable
  • Gives quick relief from body pain
  • Expensive
  • Getting the ‘right spot’ can be difficult

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  1. I’m a 66 very active women who does long distance walking and have osteoarthritis in my neck. I placed the patch on my neck about 15 minutes ago and may never take it off, the pain is gone. NO JOKE I have prescription pain medication for this that doesn’t work as well. Thank you God for guiding me to this website. Joanna

  2. I have a back deformity due to a childhood accident. I have taken narcotic pain meds for about ten years now. The problem is that after time they become less effective against chronic pain and I have to increase the dosage for them to be effective. My wife says they make me loopy and I worry about the long term adverse effect on my body. My wife saw Kailo on Facebook and suggested that it might help manage my pain. I have tried so many different things that were supposed to work, but didn’t that I was very skeptical and reluctant to order one. Did I mention that they are expensive? I thought what the heck, it has a money back guarantee and placed my order. When I received my Kilo patch I placed it on my back just above the pain. I did move it around a bit. After one day I have been able to reduce my pain meds by a third. I just ordered three more and they came today!

  3. I bought the Kailo patch in case I needed it. About 3 months later I was doing some work on the roof and I strained a muscle in my arm and I couldn’t straighten out my arm without excruciating pain and still couldn’t an hour later. I forgot about the Kailo patch until I saw the box. So I put it on and within a minute I felt a warm penetrating comfort. About 15 minutes later I could straighten out my arm and felt no pain. So I will give it a 👍🏻 and say it works.

  4. The Kailo patch works for me were nothing else did. I did everything possible. Pain relief and I am my old self.

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