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We are a team of highly passionate individuals who share one goal: to educate and spread awareness about online privacy and cybersecurity. As we live in the Digital Age, we depend on the internet for almost all our communication needs 24/7. Be it from work, school, how we interact, etc. This is what makes the internet very important in our lives.

The internet has changed the way we communicate and how we send and receive information no matter where we are located in the world. However, no matter how helpful it is, threats exist that could harm us in any way. These privacy problems are becoming bigger and stronger so does our need to protect ourselves against them. Sadly, a lot of people are taking them for granted while others are completely unaware of it.

We got you covered

It’s for this reason that we make it our mission to help every person who uses the internet to be safe and protected all the time. Additionally, we want people to take precautionary measures in their online activities. We all know that the internet is changing the way we interact and do business, that’s why we need to keep every vital information as safe as possible. We have to protect ourselves against online fraud, theft, damages or wired surveillance.

We want you to be safe online

This is why we want our passion for privacy and cybersecurity to act as a medium where every individual who uses the internet will achieve freedom and peace of mind. On our website, we included the latest cybersecurity news, discounts, best deals on tools (software), tried and tested product reviews, and step-by-step guides. We are making sure that the articles we write are understandable, that even the people who are not technologically inclined can comprehend.

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Ultimately, we strive to make this website fully-packed with fresh and updated content about privacy and cybersecurity. We also accept requests about related topics. It is our pride and honor to do the work of researching these topics in order for you to be educated. So, if there’s a topic you want to know about, contact us through our contact details. We’ll make sure that you’ll gain relevant information that is useful to safeguard your online activity no matter where you are connected, be it at the comfort of your home, school, office and even the unsecured public WiFi.

Our passion, your safety

We love tech and everything cyber-security. We always do our best to provide you with an honest and unbiased product review. Our evaluations are based on actual user-experience to ensure that the results are authentic. We know that to succeed in this space, everything must be done honestly so that the information that we bring works in a way that is useful and beneficial to the people we serve.

We know that a lot of people are not keen on technological terms. For this reason, our experienced writers are always taking it upon themselves to provide quality content that caters to every person’s specific online-security needs. We focus on implementing a writing system that will make tech-language understandable and comprehensible with every person tech-savvy or not.

We test and rate all our product reviews

We make sure we include the pros and cons of every product review. Expect that our contents are done with passion and care for the people we serve. Aside from product features, we include product benefits and how they actually perform. Our goal is to let our readers make informed decisions when purchasing products or services online.

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We also encourage you, our readers, to send us your comments, feedback, and compliments. This will help us improve the quality of our work as well as maintain our standard for providing relevant and fresh privacy and security content.

We don’t accept paid advertising

Digitogy does not accept paid ads because it will sabotage our company’s vision and mission. We don’t want to compromise our honest and unbiased assessment of products and services. For that reason, we will stand by our commitment to only provide honest reviews and product assessments for the benefit of our readers.