About Us

In the modern world that we live in, we’re surrounded by technology. Both online and offline. And both have their merits and demerits. For example, a washing machine is not very likely to be hacked. But a home range extender is.

It’s the problems of the modern world that Digitogy.eu deals with. What started as a team of passionate tech-junkies has now evolved into an educational venture. From personal hygiene to personal development, from front door security to cybersecurity, from bed sheet covers to anti-neck pain gadgets, we share the same love for everything good in life.

Digitogy.eu was formed with only one main goal in mind. It’s to educate the readers on a product before they buy it. It’s a no-brainer that the average person researches the internet before buying a product or service. And we try to help out in every way we can.

The Writers that Make it Happen

Here at Digitogy.eu, we believe pointing out the discrepancies of the internet world is the most effective when done through storytelling. Pretty much everyone can become a good storyteller but the challenge lies in being a good story-writer.

To bring ideas to life and to bring the real user experience in front of our readers, the most wonderful team of writers is working round the clock.

All of them have one thing in mind when you portray their experiences with you. It’s to share the most accurate information with you in the most fun way. We dream of a world where everyone will feel safe to purchase products online because no BS writers like our team exist everywhere.

How We Go About the Reviews

All of these gadgets and product reviews you see on our website didn’t generate from thin air. Since we started Digitogy.eu, our goal has been to provide you with the most accurate information in the internet. Based on that approach, we had to come up with an effective checklist of steps.

Let’s take a sneak peek at the review process at Digitogy.

We Test Them

This is the most basic part of the review, obviously. Not a single review is published until our editorial team has tested the product. And this testing process is not just ordering the product, making sure the specs are true and using it once.

Rather, we try to use the products for as long as possible. And we try to use it as our readers would. For example, if it’s pair of earbuds we’re talking about, an average person may use them for 2 to 3 hours a day.

So, we use the earbuds for that average duration for a certain period to test the durability, usability, comfort, battery life, and any other important aspects. The same is true for all of the reviews we pump out.

We Gather User Feedbacks

You can’t judge a product based on the feedback of a smaller demographic. We might be using the products first-hand but other people may have different experiences with the same product. That’s what our target is for this part of the reviewing process.

We go out on the internet to find real user feedback for the products. People who’ve genuinely benefited from it. Or, hated it for that matter. No matter what the outcome is, verifying real user feedback is an integral part of the process.

We Look for Guarantee/Warranty

After the initial screening of the products for reviews is done, we look into the warranty policies of the gadgets. If you’ve read Digitogy.eu reviews in the past, you must’ve noticed that almost all of them have a money-back guarantee.

Believe us when we say this, it is not coincidental. We deliberately recommend products that are covered by a money-back guarantee or warranty directly from the manufacturer. Because we don’t want our readers to order something on our words and regret it later.

We Rate All Our Product Reviews

We make sure we include the pros and cons of every product review. Our posts come with an amazing blend of love and passion and care for the people we serve. Aside from product features, we include product benefits and how they actually perform. Our goal is to let our readers make informed decisions when purchasing products or services online.

We don’t accept paid advertising

Digitogy.eu does not accept paid ads because it will sabotage our company’s vision and mission. We don’t want to compromise our honest and unbiased assessment of products and services. For that reason, we will stand by our commitment to only provide honest reviews and product assessments for the benefit of our readers.

Your Safety is Our Concern

Part of our responsibility is also to protect our readers on the internet. Our moral compasses are not weak enough to suggest unsafe websites or products for download or subscription. If you go through the itinerary of services, you’ll notice that all of them are regulated and offers accountability.

In the online space, it’s very important to retain your privacy nowadays. A lot of the gadgets we offer are designed to aid you in that regard. We post the latest news regarding cybersecurity and share step-by-step guides for you.

We Have the Information and Tools You Need

Ultimately, we strive to make this website fully-packed with fresh and updated content about privacy, home improvement, personal development, and cybersecurity. We also accept requests about related topics. It is our pride and honor to do the work of researching these topics in order for you to be educated.

So, if there’s a topic you want to know about, contact us through our contact details. We’ll make sure that you’ll gain relevant information that is useful to safeguard your online activity no matter where you are connected, be it at the comfort of your home, school, office, or even the unsecured public WiFi.

Our Passion, Your Safety

We love, tech, and everything cyber-security. We always do our best to provide you with an honest and unbiased product review. Our evaluations are based on actual user experience to ensure that the results are authentic.

We know that to succeed in this space, everything must be done honestly so that the information that we bring works in a way that is useful and beneficial to the people we serve.

We know that a lot of people are not keen on technological terms. For this reason, our experienced writers are always taking it upon themselves to provide quality content that caters to every person’s specific online-security needs. We focus on implementing a writing system that will make tech-language understandable and comprehensible with every person tech-savvy or not.

Tell Us Your Concern

Just because we’re writing the stories for our readers doesn’t mean we don’t listen. We’re always there for you. Please let us know your thoughts, recommendations, notes, thank-yous, complaints, and everything. Just send them our way.

We believe we can build a world of trust, transparency, and quality. These are the three virtues that matter to Digitogy.eu as a brand the most. You’re most welcome to be a part of the legacy.