BarXStop Review 2024: Is This Bark Control Device Any Good?

Barking is a natural behaviour for our furry friends. It’s how they communicate with people and other dogs. On the other hand, relentless barking is a nightmare. It aims to help you train your dog better and make it easier for you to correct excessive barking. There are a lot of positive BarXStop reviews that can attest to its effectiveness. In this article, let’s talk features and BarXStop price to answer the question: Is it any good? You can find out from this BarXStop test article.

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Dogs are a human's best friend - but not their excessive barking. Control excessive barking now to get your dogs behave better.

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BarXStop Reviews: Does BarXStop really work?

Barking is one way for dogs to communicate. However, excessive barking is different. It’s annoying.

Excessive barking is often a behavioural problem for dogs. But it doesn’t mean they’re bad dogs; they just need a little reassurance and training. It often shows that your dog is suffering from anxiety or is overly excited by the things around them.

As much as we care for our dogs and try to understand their behaviour, not everyone can. Excessive barking is one common reported problems in local councils.

Luckily, as attested in many a BarXStop Review UK, excessive barking is a behaviour that you can curb. You don’t have to enlist your dogs in special dog training classes.

BarXStop Reviews: The Anti-Barking Device

This ultrasonic anti-barking device is similar in concept with a classic dog whistle. It uses a harmless high decibel sound of 125db and intense white light of 28,000mcd over a range of 50 feet that signals your dog that his behaviour is not tolerated.


Is BarXStop any good? Yes, it is. It is a revolutionary device that produces ultrasonic sounds that cause a small discomfort on your dog. The sound gives your dog a cue that its behaviour is unpleasant. With correct training and routine, your dog will quickly pick up what you’re trying to teach.

Several positive BarXStop reviews reveal that it is an excellent tool to train your dog with no adverse effect on the dog nor other people. With three modes – Training dog, Illuminate, and Banish dog – this device is ideal for fur parents that need help in teaching their dogs proper behaviour, for an affordable BarXStop price.

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BarXStop Reviews: How is it?

At this point in our BarXStop review UK, let’s take a closer look at its durability and see what you’re getting for the BarXStop price.

Barxstop UK measures 12.5 x 4.5 x 2.6cm and uses a 9-volt battery. It weighs only 18.1 grams, which makes it extremely portable.

barxstop review uk

In our BarXStop Review UK, it’s reported that the device is available in black and yellow. Its LED light has three settings: LED, training, and bark prevention.

BarXStop Reviews: How to Use It

BarkXStop is available in the UK, Australia, US, Canada, and many more countries. Several BarXStop review UK will tell you that it’s easy to use.

The ultrasonic sound produced by this bark control device specifically targets dogs. It’s simply too high for cats and other domesticated animals. At the touch of a button, these high-pitched frequencies point to your dog, signalling it on which behaviour you want to correct.

BarXStop review UK will tell you about each function of this device and its specific purposes to train your dog. Let’s take a look at each function.

LED Mode:

As a flashlight, this bark control device gives you peace of mind when you’re out late with your dog and want to get a head start on your training. At the same time, you can use the LED mode as a visual cue for your dog, especially if you’re handling a stubborn dog.


Training Mode:

Using both the LED light and a soft-pitched ultrasonic sound, training mode helps guide your dog from bad behaviour. Point BarXStop to your dog and press the button to alert your dog that you don’t want it exhibiting the response before he gets stuck in a loop.

Bark Prevention Mode:

Finally, the bark prevention mode produces a harsher ultrasonic sound that ensures your dog will stop its behaviour instantly. With its range of 10 meters, you can train your dog even while it’s running around. Rest assured that none of these modes is designed to hurt your dog, but only to make them slightly uncomfortable.

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BarXStop Reviews: Benefits and Advantages

As in BarXStop review UK, it is a very popular dog training device available for an affordable BarXStop price. Much like every BarXStop Review UK, we agree that it has numerous benefits and advantages that are sure to help you train your dog.


Its ultrasonic sound is 100% safe for dogs, animals, and humans. You can rest easy that you won’t unintentionally hurt your dog’s ears when you’re training. These sounds are useful and harmless.


Although different breeds often exhibit different characteristics and often have different tolerance levels, device tests concur that it works on all breeds. At a reasonable BarXStop price, you can effectively curb your dog’s excessive barking regardless of age, built, size, and breed.

barxstop review

Non-Violent Training

The best part of the anti-barking device that BarXStop review UK are sure to agree with is that it is entirely non-violent. Compared to shock collars and chemical sprays used to train dogs, this device uses a humane method that doesn’t harm the dog or any other animal in the area.

BarXStop Reviews: Users’ Comments

“Thanks to this device and affordable BarXStop price, I’m able to give my dog a behaviour check.”

Pete G.

“It’s my first dog that I adopted from a local shelter. It helped me train my dog without hurting or traumatizing my dog any further.”

C. Boyle

“I’m a trail runner, and it’s always annoying when dogs come charging at us. Thanks to Barx Stop we can deter the dogs without hurting them”

Jill M.

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BarXStop Price and Money-back Guarantee

Contrary to the introductory BarXStop price, you can get your own for only $39 because of a limited 50% discount.

The discount is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and stock is quickly running out. You can also get bundles and more exclusive promos via its official website.

Unfortunately, as of writing this review BarXStop, there is no money-back guarantee. However, for an additional BarXStop price of $9 you can extend your warranty for up to three years.


BarXStop is an anti-barking device designed to help you curb your dog’s excessive barking right away. Its harmless and effective ultrasonic sounds alert your dog that you do not tolerate its behaviour, and when backed with praise and follow-throughs, you’ll successfully fix the problem in no time.

BarXStop is the device that gets your dogs trained properly and stop barking.
9.7 Total Score

BarXStop is the anti-barking device which can help you train your furry friends properly. It makes use of ultrasonic sound to get your dogs' unsatisfied behavior away.

Value for money
Ease of use
  • Works on all dog breeds
  • Positive reviews from dog trainers
  • Easy to use in non-violent dog training
  • Can only be purchased online
  • Limiting for live in rural areas families
  • Triggers nearby dogs
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