XWatch UK Review 2024: Should You Buy this Affordable Watch?

Smartwatches can do more than tell the time. These are multi-functional devices that help you set your fitness goals and see them through. Because of that, smartwatches are revolutionary for fitness technology. However, the functionalities of a smartwatch make their price tag high. Can the inexpensive X Watch UK give you the capabilities of high-end brands while giving you value for your money? Read our contribution of X Watch UK reviews.

Getting fit or staying fit is no easy task. Keeping yourself on the right track to your fitness goals can be disheartening at times. It’s easy to lose faith in your exercise routine when you don’t feel the difference. I’ve personally used the X Watch reviews to track my fitness goals and that’s why I’m here today to share my thoughts with you.

Tracking your progress can encourage you to keep pursuing your fitness goals while monitoring your body’s response to different activities.

On the other hand, whether you’re going out for a jog or a quick trip to the gym, having your phone on hand isn’t the most practical thing to do. Most often, we keep our phones in our bags or pockets where we usually miss calls, notifications, and messages. And if you’re a professional or a businessman, this could spell trouble.

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Article updated: 10 July 2024

What is XWatch UK?

So, what is X Watch? XWatch UK is a practical smartwatch that can easily be paired to your iOS or Android device. As the latest fitness band technology in the UK, the XWatch UK allows you to take phone calls directly through the device thanks to its built-in speaker and microphone. Its HD multi-coloured touch-screen display makes fitness tracking more comfortable and hassle-free.

xwatch uk

The X Watch UK is equipped with health and fitness features like heart rate monitoring and a pedometer. Also, the XWatch UK gives you the power of a mobile phone on your wrists. Aesthetically, the design resembles the Apple watch; it has a luxurious feel with smooth curves that won’t irritate you during your activities.

XWatch UK reviews in the UK agree that it is a functional and practical fitness band to have with you on your day-to-day tasks. With only a weight of 50 grams, this fitness watch has Bluetooth calling, a 380 MaH battery, IP76 rating, an alloy casing, and so on.


How to Use XWatch UK?

The best part of this smartwatch is the ease of set-up upon initial unboxing. There aren’t any complicated options and settings for you to do, and the X Watch UK gives you a plethora of customization options that can make tracking and monitoring easier.

how to use xwatch uk

First things first, Setting Up the X Watch UK. Download the XWatch app from Playstore or the App Store to your smartphone. Then, start up your X Watch reviews and select a language. Connect your phone and smartwatch via Bluetooth. Confirm pairing and enable notifications for your watch on your smartphone. The next step is activating the watch.

Eject the X Watch UK sim card from the sim holder. Take note of the last six numbers of the sim card. Insert your sim card into your watch’s sim slot. Activate the sim card via the link. Wait for the activation email. After that, all there is left is the connection to the X Watch UK to your home Wifi network.

Tap the X Watch reviews UK’s LCD screen. Swipe down for the menu and access the “Settings”. Tap “Connectivity” and select the Wi-Fi network you want to access. You’re done!

xwatch reviews


XWatch UK Pros & Cons

No product in the world is free from the negative aspects. It’s quite minimal with this fitness watch. In this section, let me share the pros and cons I’ve faced during my usage of the watch.


  • Monitors multiple fitness metrics
  • Very easy to use
  • Connects with both Bluetooth and Wifi
  • IP76 rated water resistance
  • Much affordable than name brand products like Apple Watch
  • Beautifully designed
  • You can make calls
  • Long battery life


  • Availability is limited
  • It’s water resistant, not waterproof

XWatch UK: Real User Reviews

So, is XWatch legit? Let’s find out by seeing what other users have to say about X Watch reviews:

This very affordable smartwatch has been a big help in my training in long-distance cycling. Is XWatch a scam? I don’t think so! I agree with XWatch UK reviews – a big thumbs up to this device.

Sade P.

The built quality is amazing; I can choose between many watch faces. The battery will never let me down.

Benjamin C.

As a fitness instructor, the X Watch reviews UK is the most stable watch I’ve used in my classes. I was wondering at first, is XWatch waterproof? Once I saw the IP76 rating, I was relieved.

Marissa E.

X Watch Reviews: Price and Money-back Guarantee

So, how much is XWatch? Well, the X Watch review is only available online. The best and safest way to get your Smartwatch is through the Digitogy website or their official website.


You can get up-to-date special offers and bundles from their website. The XWatch price is currently at £72. A bundle offer of Buy2 Get 1 free goes for £143 for a limited period.


1. How to use the XWatch app?

The X Watch reviews UK app is a very practical design that works on both Android and iOS devices. The app has options to connect the watch with your smartphone via Bluetooth. All of the data the smartwatch logs are stored in the app. You can use the data for future use like visiting a doctor or tracking your activities for the past few days.

2. Is XWatch any good?

It’s one of the finest smartwatches you can get for the fraction of the price of Apple Watch. The best part about XWatch review UK is that it comes with all the features like heart rate monitor, music player, calling, etc. just like the top manufacturers like Apple would provide. But the price is set to be very consumer-friendly. I have been using it for quite some time and I have no complaints.

3. Where is XWatch Made?

X Watch reviews is a product by Hyperstech. The company specializes in state of the art tech gadgets for modern people like us. It’s based in Estonia.

4. How do I not fall for an XWatch scam?

Scammers try to replicate any good product on the market. X Watch reviews in the UK is no different. But I don’t want to you get a clone product. So, you can use my link to get your hands on the 100% authentic XWach reviews UK directly shipped from the manufacturer.

5. Is the XWatch UK price worth it?

Of course, it is! X Watch UK is the cheapest smartwatch you can get in the UK with similar functionalities to the top-notch ones. I really like this product and that’s why I am recommending it to you.


Smartwatches are great for getting fit and staying healthy. So, Most functional smartwatches cost you a hefty amount without lasting more than a year. If you’re dreaming for a cost-effective budget-friendly high-functioning smartwatch that can withstand your day’s activities, then the XWatch Smartwatch is your best bet.

As revealed in many X Watch reviews, this watch has all the features you need to stay on top of your health without missing a beat of off your phone. You can easily monitor and stay on top of your social media and phone notifications, make and answer phone calls, check messages, listen to music, and even take selfies with this watch. You get XWatch review luxury design and water-resistant features that give an add-on advantage to having this watch as your exercise and daily fitness buddy.

9 Total Score
XWatch UK Reivew 2024: The Best Fitness Oriented Smartwatch on Budget?

Value for Money
Ease of use
  • Affordable
  • Functional
  • Chic design
  • Monitors and tracks fitness metrics
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Limited availability
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