Shadow X Drone Review 2024: Foldable Lightweight Drone

If you’re a fan of photography in general, you’ve definitely thought of getting a drone for yourself. Why you didn’t get it is beyond question. We can line up a plethora of reasons out of thin air. Whatever the reason was, we’re here with our Shadow X Drone Review UK to mitigate it.

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Article updated: 10 April 2024

The World without Drones

There was a time when aerial photography was extremely expensive and complex to execute. Film crews with multiple helicopters had to spend days at a time to get a scene or to simply get a wide-angle photo.

Amidst all this chaos came the drones. It changed the world as we know by offering aerial photography and videography features to the everyday consumer. Although it was a light at the end of the tunnel, the tunnel was still long and dark.

Primarily because of the high price and strict aviation laws. To this day, if you want a name-brand drone for yourself like the DJI Mavic, you have to spend a lot of money.

We at always want the best for our readers. And we intend to solve this little problem for you people with our Shadow X Drone review UK. Throughout this review, you’ll learn about the product, how we review Shadow X Drone, how to operate, and where to buy.

What is the Shadow X Drone Reviews?

Shaw XDrone or Shadow X Drone reviews, whatever you may want to call it is a foldable drone equipped with cameras to become your everyday companion. Its compact size makes it ideal for photographers on the move.

As the manufacturer likes to claim, Shadow X Drone review UK is a precision engineered drone. It’s lightweight, durable, and extremely high-tech at the same time. The slick gray color on the matt texture gives it a mean look.

shadow x drone review uk

When we first got our hands on the Shadow XDrone for testing, we were all in awe of the build quality. It’s smooth and it feels high-end, which it obviously is. The biggest shock for us was the price. How is it even possible to get such a product at this price? -We thought to ourselves.

The ShadowX Drone review can hold its altitude at the given elevation. You can take both pictures and videos with the integrated app. Shadow X Drone reviews can even do 360-degree rolls midair! To ensure maximum stability at all times, the Shadow XDrone is equipped with a 6-axis gyroscope sensor.

The Shadow X Drone reviews we’re covering today is also very lightweight. It weighs only 96 grams with the battery inserted while 78 grams without it. the 27×19 centimeters of dimension makes it a perfect fit for any backpack.

The only complaint we have is regarding the camera. It’s a 12 megapixels 720p camera. We think it could be better because, at this point in time that we live in, 12 megapixels doesn’t sound enough.

On the bright side, the pictures and videos aren’t as bad as we anticipated. The stability of the Shadow XDrone and the wide-angle can take some spectacular pictures.

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Features of Shadow X Drone Review UK

We know very well that the technicalities of the Shadow X Drone reviews is what you tech-savvy people are waiting for. In this section, let’s explore the features that make the Shadow XDrone great.

  • Foldable: Like most high-end drones on the market, this one is also foldable. You can tuck in the rotors to decrease the size of the drone even more for carrying.
  • Gravity Sensor: Along with the gyroscope, Shadow X Drone review UK is also packed with a gravity sensor. It helps beginners to fly and shoot at the same time without crashing.
  • 720p Camera: The camera is the biggest attraction for photographers. Although it’s nothing fancy, it’s a great place to start with your aerial videography adventures.
  • 15 minutes of Footage: It’s common knowledge that the battery drains quickly if you shoot. Most entry-level drones max out at 5 to 8 minutes of footage. Not Shadow XDrone though. It can give you 15 minutes of uncut footage before you need to recharge.
  • Up to 80 Meters Range: Needless to say, the range of a drone plays a major role in the purchase decision. Shadow X Drone reviews puts other drones in the same price range a run for their money. You can get up to 80 meters of flying distance with this tiny beast!
  • 1-Key Return: This is an amazing Shadow X Drone reviews feature for beginners. In case you lose sight of your drone or are not confident enough to land, you can just tap one button on the app and it’ll come back.

How to Fly the Shadow X Drone Review UK?

If you feel intimidated by the thought of flying a drone, it’s time to throw the irrational fear out the window. Flying the Shadow XDrone is a piece of cake even if you haven’t flown one ever. The box comes with remote control. You can either use that or use the downloadable app on your phone.

shadow xdrone

The box comes with instructions on how to use the remote. If you’ve played with an RC car in the past, it’s more or less the same with a few extra buttons.

If you download the app for Shadow X Drone review UK, the app will contain the instructions as well. All you have to do is follow them.

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Benefits of Shadow XDrone

It goes without saying that we at Digitogy are most focused on the benefits our readers can enjoy. As our feature product today is the Shadow XDrone, let’s take a look at its benefits.

  • Portable: You already know its size and that it’s foldable. So, you can just pack it up before you leave for a new adventure.
  • Easy to Fly: You know about this one as well. The drone is extremely easy to fly. Although we don’t recommend kids flying one but they could if they wanted to.
  • Stable Images: The 6-axis gyroscope sensor results in amazing stability for the drone. As a result, you get spectacular photos and videos with a mere 12 MP camera. Before we forget, the camera has a slow-mo feature too!
  • Durable: The primary body is made of rigid plastic while the blades are flexible. So, even if you put a little pressure unknowingly on the box, you know everything is good inside.

shadow x drone reviews

Shadow X Drone Reviews from Real Users

We surely liked this drone a lot. But it doesn’t mean the entire world loves. So, we went on a little adventure on the internet to check out what other users have to say about Shadow XDrone.

“Finding reviews of Shadow X Drone has been a blessing for me. I’m an amateur photographer who can’t afford an expensive drone. Using the Shadow X has allowed me to hone my photography skills.”

Brian, 32

“My 16-year-old was practically begging for a drone for his birthday. I have somewhat an idea about their price. So, I was reluctant because what if he crashes it? Then I came across the Shadow X Drone review. I got one for him. He’s having a blast and I don’t care if he crashes it. It looks durable.”

Sarah, 45

“I like to spend time on tech reviews. When I was reading reviews on Shadow X Drone, it struck as a great gift idea for one of my colleagues. It’s economic and apparently, it’s very high-tech.”

Adam, 28

Shadow XDrone Price & Money-Back Guarantee

You know that always follows through, don’t you? So, you know you have nothing to worry about the product’s price or a Shadow X Drone scam as long as you buy from our links. The only catch is it’s a limited-time offer!

shadow x drone price

You can get 1 Shadow X for a mere £99.00 instead of the retail £149.00 and save 34%! If you decide to purchase more, you get even better deals.

For example, if you buy 3, you get the whole package for £197.00 only. And if you buy 5, you get the package for £297.00. You can save up to 60%! All of the Shadow Drone X review packages come with a 30-day moneyback guarantee directly from the manufacturer.

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Owning a drone doesn’t have to be intimidating or expensive anymore. It’s the manufacturers at Shadow X Drone review UK who make dreams come true for the fraction of the price. Speaking of the price, don’t forget to utilize the amazing price we got for you!

Shadow X Drone
An entry-level drone for aerial photography
9.3 Total Score
Shadow X Drone Review 2024: Is it Really Good or Just Another Scam?

Shadow X Drone is the latest entry-level drone to take your photography to the next level.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
  • Easy to fly
  • Very affordable
  • Extremely stable
  • Good-quality photos and videos
  • Up to 15 minutes of video
  • Up to 80 meters range
  • Weighs only 96 grams with battery
  • Camera quality could've been better
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