Hassle-Free Parking: Type S Wireless Parking Sensor Review

Parking is one of the most common struggles every car owner faces. For added safety, cars need to have parking sensors to help drivers judge distances when parking. In this review, I’m going to tell you how a Type S auto wireless parking sensor is the perfect gadget for you. It is a relatively inexpensive, easy to use a device that takes out the stress in parking.

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Stress-Free Parking, Anyone?

Even for the most experienced driver, parking can still be a pain. Say goodbye to your parking problems. Park stress- and accident-free with the Type S Wireless Parking Sensor.

Why are Parking Sensors Necessary?

Every year, more than 50,000 car accidents happen not on roads, but in garages and car parks. Parking is a very delicate manoeuvre even for experienced drivers. Also, it is prone to driver error.

Reversing, most especially, is one leading cause of parking accidents because of the lack of a clearer view. You can get minor damages like a scratch on the rear bumper. Or worse, you could accidentally sideswipe an incoming vehicle.

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While modern cars do have parking sensors built-in, they are often not very good. They only give auditory cues, which can be quite confusing. Those built-in parking sensors do not have any visuals to guide drivers in judging distances. Parking cameras are an option, but they tend to be expensive as well.

Older cars also do not have either parking sensors or parking cameras by default. Installing one can be very costly and cumbersome, and most car owners cannot do it on their own. You’ll have to take your car to the mechanic and have them install the sensor system. Both the sensor system and the installation process add up to a huge price.

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The Type S Backup Camera

An easy solution to the parking problem is a sensor that easily attaches to your car. That is exactly what the Type S auto wireless parking sensor is. It’s so easy to install, and it’s as easy to use afterwards.

No installation of an extra monitor is required on your dash. Type S LED backup camera uses your phone as the monitor, thanks to its accompanying app. The app collects information from the wireless sensor and projects a visual guide on your phone’s screen. That way, you can more accurately estimate distances, especially when reversing.

Type S Auto Wireless Parking Sensor Features

The Type S backup camera is really compact: it’s even smaller than your phone. The device is about the size of your car keys. It’s very lightweight and does not take up much space at all.

type s backup camera

To install the Type S automotive LED light strip, you first have to unscrew your licence plate. Then, mount the sensor over the plate, then screw it back in. Typically, you’d want to attach this to your rear plate. If you have two sensors, though, you can mount the other one on your front licence plate. That way, you’ll be protected from both forward and reverse parking accidents.

Since the device is wireless, it is powered by a built-in battery. Don’t worry about charging, though, as the Type S LED backup camera is solar-powered. A small solar panel on the surface of the sensor charges the battery whenever it’s under the sun. So when your car is parked, the sensor charges on its own.

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How to Use It

Once the Type S LED camera is installed, you first need to download the companion app. Once done, make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is on and connect to the sensor. The app will automatically open. You then have a visual as well as an auditory guide when you’re parking. Put your phone in its holder in the dash, and you’ll be good to go.

The Type S LED app has a very simple, intuitive interface. There are three warning levels: Green means the rear of your car is still far from an obstacle. Yellow means it’s a bit close, and red means it’s already too close. There are also some accompanying tones, which you can turn off in the app if you don’t like them. The tones are periodic beeps that get longer and longer as the rear of your car moves closer to the obstacle. If it’s already too close, corresponding to a red warning, the tone will be a continuous beep.

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Once you’re parked, you don’t need to do anything else. The Type S light bar will automatically turn itself off after 30 minutes of being idle.

Benefits and Advantages

The device is so easy to use, it doesn’t even need a Type S backup camera manual. Everything is just so intuitive that any driver would appreciate it.

As the device is solar-powered, there is also no need to charge the battery separately. The device is basically mount-and-forget. It can stay in your car permanently.

User reviews

User-friendly! The installation of the Type S camera was easy and took only all of 6 minutes. I was afraid I’d get lost in the instruction manual of this gadget, but it was easy even for a tech-challenged person like myself.
Karen S.
Five out of five stars! I love how it’s solar-powered so it’s safe for the environment and I don’t need to change the battery. It’s my very own parking buddy alerting me when I’m bout to hit an object. Who’s afraid of parallel parking now? Not me! Thanks to Type S!
Samantha J.
I have a teenage driver in the family, and this product saved his life. Just two weeks of driving, he backed into a post. So we bought this Type S backup camera for him. It’s easy to install and use especially the full install backup sensor. We made the right decision.
Marsha E.


The Type S comes in three pricing tiers:

  • 1 sensor for $80
  • Set of 2 sensors for $130
  • Set of 4 sensors for $200

The most popular deal is the second one, which gives you both front and rear protection. The last two options also come with free shipping, but it’s within the US only. For the $80 option, you’ll also have to pay for shipping costs. Additionally, all orders come with a 1-year warranty.

There are also some Type S accessories you can buy, like a customised phone stand for your dash.

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Lots more accidents happen during parking, so every car ought to have parking sensors installed. Typical systems are costly, though, so the Type S wireless parking sensor is a better option for anyone. Not only will you save money on sensor installation, but you’ll also avoid the costs of repairs and damages inflicted by parking accidents.

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Type S is perfect for your drive and park experience, which helps you park anywhere like a pro. It's easy to set up and stays alerted with the automatic sensor.

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