PicoBuds Pro 2024: Does This Hearing Aid Work or a Scam?

Research suggests that we’re supposed to lose some of our hearing as we grow old. While it’s often a hard pill to swallow, there’s no way we can get past it. However, it’s very much possible to restore your hearing to its former glory without invading your ear. No, we’re not talking about the usual hearing aids you buy on the market. Rather, we’re referring to PicoBuds Pro, the ultimate savior.

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Article updated: 17 June 2024

What is PicoBuds Pro?

You’ve already guessed what the “buds” bit in the name is referring to, right? You’re thinking, it has to be some kind of earbuds. Well, you’re right. Pico Buds Pro is a set of earbuds but it’s also a hearing aid!

When we say hearing aid, obviously the bulky ones that go over your ear come into mind. But in our PicoBuds Pro review, we’ve realized that the manufacturer of the product has completely redefined what we know about hearing aids.

Pico Buds Pro is compact. So much so that no one can’t even see you’re wearing it in the first place. And it doesn’t invade the sensitive parts of your inner ear because that would be an invasive approach.

The biggest benefit we found in our PicoBuds Pro review is undoubtedly the affordability. It’s not every day that you find products with an excellent blend of quality and affordability. Keep reading our Pico Buds Pro review because we plan to dissect the product here.

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Features & Benefits in Our PicoBuds Pro Review

While this is not one of those products everyone in our Digitogy.eu team can use but we got some curious volunteers to test the device. Here are the benefits they enjoyed in their time with the Pico Buds.

picobuds pro review

  • Lightweight & Comfortable: Usually, when you have to use any kind of aid, you have to say bye to comfort forever. With Pico Buds Pro, however, you won’t feel that way. This product is so lightweight that you don’t even feel it in your ear.
  • Lasting Batteries: Apparently, the manufacturer has used Zinc batteries so that you don’t have to worry about running out of charge outdoors. Oh! Did we mention that it’s a rechargeable battery?
  • Noise Cancellation: PicoBuds Pro review not only enhances your hearing but also has active noise cancellation. It results in a sound clarity that even the most reputed brands can’t match.
  • Automatic Volume Control: For standard hearing aids, you have to adjust the volume of the speakers all the time. With Pico Buds Pro, it’s an effortless process because the volume is automatically adjusted.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: A hearing aid doesn’t have to be a hearing aid only and the manufacturer of Pico Buds Pro has proved it quite well. The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect your phone to the earbuds and enjoy music.
  • Adjustable Fitting: The package comes with 3 different sizes of earbuds because the manufacturer knows very well that the inside shapes and sizes for each person are different.

Price & Money-Back Guarantee

You might be wondering about how the product in question is different from the expensive hearing aids on the market, right? Well, let’s figure it out.

pico buds pro price

Payment Options

As the manufacturer offers international shipping, you can use your Visa or Mastercard credit cards, Maestro debit cards, and GPay account. All of the payment methods will convert the currency when necessary for payment.

Money-Back Guarantee

While the product doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee, you get 3 years of manufacturer warranty for an additional £7 only. If you ask, we highly recommend getting the extended warranty because it’s long coverage for a small amount.


Usually, the Pico Buds Pro goes for £130 each. But for a very limited time, you get it for a jaw-dropping £65! That’s a 50% discount right there. Not only that but as you buy more, you get higher discounts. Getting 4 PicoBuds Pro reviews at once is the best deal as each of them will cost you only £37.


Once you click on the link from our review, the coupons are already applied. So, you won’t need to apply any more coupons during checkout.

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Technical Sheet

  • Available Colors: Red & Blue
  • Battery: A10 Model Zinc batteries
  • Buds Material: Silicone

How to Use PicoBuds Pro?

You can get the product in question without any prescriptions or doctor’s recommendations. It’s more of a hearing booster than a medical device. So, the learning curve is designed in a way that anyone and everyone can use it.

How to Use PicoBuds Pro

  1. Pico Buds Pro is essentially an amplification device. It means it takes the surrounding sounds and plays them directly in your ear. So, using them is as easy as putting them in your ear.
  2. The package comes with 3 different sizes of earbuds. Make sure you switch them up to see which ones fit the best.
  3. Once you’re done for the day, use the included cleaning brush to clean it up and store it in the premium box.

Customer Service

In case you face any issues with the product or the shipping and handling, you’d need to reach out to customer support. In this case, your only option is to send emails to care@urpurchase.com. While the channel is relatively slow, you can rest assured that your queries will be answered.

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User Reviews

“I realized I have a hearing problem pretty early in life. I was so embarrassed to let my parents or friends know. Doctors have been suggesting hearing aids but I ditched the idea every time. But not anymore because the Pico Buds Pro is as discreet as it can be.”

“My grandfather is 70 and too proud to wear a hearing aid. He tried one for a few days but the weight wasn’t sitting well with him. Luckily, I found PicoBuds online reviews. He genuinely thanked me for the gift.”

“Good hearing is a blessing in life. I realized it when I lost partial hearing due to an accident. Doctors did suggest traditional hearing aids. However, I read a PicoBuds Pro review online and decided to get it. The best decision of my life.”

Alternatives to Product in Question

Let’s take a quick look at some products that somewhat belong to a similar category.

  • QuietBuds: Although it’s not a hearing aid itself, it’s a preventative product that can ensure you never need one. It protects your hearing on 3 different levels.
  • DangoBuds: If you’re looking into Bluetooth earbuds minus the hearing aid part, read our DangoBuds review before looking into anything else.
  • AirPhones: Instead of paying thousands of pounds to name-brand companies, why don’t try these premier AirPhones for a fraction of the price?


For the 50% discount you’re getting on the Pico Buds Pro reviews, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity. Even if you don’t have a hearing problem, someone in your family or friend circle might. And they might be too embarrassed to do something about it. You can gift this discreet item and they’ll forever be grateful.

PicoBuds Pro
A discreet hearing aid that also works as earbuds.
8.8 Total Score
PicoBuds Pro

PicoBuds Pro is the latest invention in the "hearing aid" niche and it's already sold over 600,000 units! Get your share before the offer runs out.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
  • Very discreet from the outside
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable fit
  • Automatic volume adjustment
  • Easy to clean
  • Very affordable
  • Not medically proven
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