GX SmartWatch Review 2024: The Best Smartwatch for a Bargain?

Wristwatches have pretty much rendered them useless since the invention of mobile phones. However, not everyone “uses” them. It’s a stylistic choice as well. And now, we live in a smart era so we need smartwatches to keep up. Finding the perfect one that fits your budget as well as your need is a challenge. Hence, our GX SmartWatch review.

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Article updated: 17 June 2024

What is the GX SmartWatch?

Well, it’s right in the name. It’s a smartwatch. Meaning that it can do all the things a modern smartwatch should do. In recent years, both technology and fitness enthusiasts have been using smartwatches to blend functionality and lifestyle. A smartwatch is often thought of as a complement to your smartphone.

One of the biggest benefits of a smartwatch is that it can do some things even smartphones cannot. Take monitoring the heart rate and generating an ECG simultaneously for example. Yes, we’re referring to the GX SmartWatch UK which is a lot more than just a watch.

In terms of looks, the watch is excellent. Although visual beauty is subject to personal taste but in our GX SmartWatch reviews, we believe it has a global appearance. You can set the face of the watch according to your preference. Most GX SmartWatch reviews agree that the blend of analog and digital consoles is the best-looking yet.

Features & Benefits

For the sake of this GX SmartWatch review, multiple members of the Digitogy team have used the product. Here are the commonly agreed-upon benefits of the watch.

gx smartwatch review

  • Fitness Monitoring: The heartrate monitoring sensor on the underside of the GX SmartWatch UK is one of the main attractions. Although it’s a common feature across many modern smartwatches, GX generates an ECG at the same time! It also tracks your sleep, calories, and other blood vitals to let you always be on top of your fitness goals.
  • Smartphone Integration: A lot of tech-savvy users use smartwatches in conjunction with their smartphones. GX SmartWatch UK lets you choose whatever notification you receive from your phone. It can be anything from calls to messages to reminders to alarms.
  • Durable Yet Functional: Durability and reduced weight usually don’t go well together. In our GX SmartWatch, we beg to differ. The watch is very compact and lightweight. It’s also rated for IP68 water and dust resistance.

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Price & Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re looking for options on where to buy GX Smart Watch, read this section carefully.

gx smartwatch price

Payment Options

At the time of writing this GX SmartWatch review, the manufacturer is offering Visa, Mastercard, and GPay as the eligible payment methods. As long as you have one of these methods at your disposal, you can buy the GX SmartWatch UK.

Money-Back Guarantee

The manufacturer is currently offering a 30-Day money-back guarantee on your purchase. If you decide that GX SmartWatch reviews were not accurate according to your standards, you can send it back and get a full refund. And don’t fall for any GX SmartWatch scam.


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Moreover, if you purchase more than 1, the discount percentage goes up. For 4 GX SmartWatch, you get a whopping 70% off and the entire package costs only £247.


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Technical Sheet

  • Available Colors: Brown, Black, Grey
  • Retainer Type: Belt, Metal
  • Battery: 300 MAH Li-ion
  • Screen Size & Type: 3”, TFT (240×240)
  • Charger Type: Magnetic
  • Water & Dust Resistance: IP68
  • RAM/ROM: 64 KB/64 MB

How to Use GX SmartWatch?

Well, if you’ve read the online GX SmartWatch reviews, you may already know that there’s not much to the learning curve.

gx smartwatch uk

  1. Use the leather or metal belt to retain the watch on your wrist.
  2. Touch the screen and swipe to sort between the options. Turn Bluetooth on and use your smartphone to scan for the watch
  3. Once connected, you can import and export data you see fit to and from the watch.

Customer Service

The only channel of communication GX SmartWatch UK is offering right now is email. For all of your queries, shoot an email to info@gxsmartwatch.com.

GX SmartWatch Reviews from Users

Let’s go over a few GX SmartWatch customer reviews to see what users think about the product.

“I was always skeptical of smartwatches. But not the GX. Got it from my wife this birthday and I’m loving it!”

“As a fitness enthusiast, I burn through a lot of smartwatches due to all the sweat and swimming. I can say the GX SmartWatch reviews are true because it’s still going strong.”

“I like smartwatches, but never got the courage to break the bank on one. GX seems to be the most reasonable one on the market.”

Alternatives to GX SmartWatch

Is the GX SmartWatch any good? If you’re asking yourself the question, let’s take a quick look at some products that somewhat belong to a similar category.

  • Health Watch: As the name suggests, this one monitors a lot of aspects of your health along with keeping track of time. It also has its own app that works with both iOS and Android.
  • Kore 2.0: Kore is a renowned name among people who understand smartwatches. Kore 2.0 is the latest rendition of the company’s legacy. It’s smaller yet more powerful and more functional.
  • Loyal Watch: This is the smartest watch you can get for the price you pay. With a large screen and plenty of health monitoring sensors, the Loyal Watch could be an excellent alternative to the GX watch review.


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GX SmartWatch
A smartwatch that monitors your heart rate, sleep, calories, and integrates well with your smartphone.
9.5 Total Score
GX SmartWatch Review: Is a Scam or Really Worth it?

GX SmartWatch is probably the most affordable watch with a massive list of features.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight & compacts
  • Real-time Heart Rate Monitoring
  • ECG graph
  • Sleep tracking
  • IP68 water & dust resistance
  • Battery needs charging
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