Loyal Watch UK 2024: Is it worth it?

The smartwatch industry is going through an undeniable period of growth. These nifty pieces of tech often come with a hefty price tag, with new features bumping the prices up more and more. But, as the trend becomes more popular, smaller brand and manufacturers are looking for their share of the market. One brand that combines affordability with high quality is the Loyal Watch Smartwatch which you can find from this Loyal Watch Review.

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A Smartwatch with a Smarter Price

Monitor your health and fitness with the Loyal Watch UK.

Is Fitness For The Elite?

Smartwatches are a mini investment – something which just isn’t possible for most of us right now. But why should anyone go without? These on-trend gadgets are a total must-have for most fitness fanatics, so why isn’t the price accessible for everyone? Fitness and health monitoring shouldn’t be only for the elite: Anyone of any age should be able to access their own health information, and that’s where the Loyal Watch UK shines.

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A Smartwatch and a Smart Price

More and more companies are looking at ways to bring out their own version of the smartwatch but at a fraction of the cost. Loyal Watch reviews are quick to compare this affordable smartwatch to competitors like Apple or Fitbit.  It combines affordability with high quality to create an amazing device for a fraction of the cost.

What is the Loyal Watch Smartwatch?

The Loyal Watch Smartwatch is an amazing gadget that really packs a punch. This watch does so much more than just tell the time. With built-in features like a calorie counter, calendar, heart monitor and pedometer, it isn’t just a fitness tracker, either. More like a helpful sidekick for your phone. It can take calls, show you your latest texts and even take photos – all while monitoring your health.

Loyal Watch Review: Features

A list of exciting features for this Loyal Watch review could go on forever. Below, we’ve kept it brief and highlighted just a few.

Loyal Watch UK

Large HD Screen

The Loyal Watch Smartwatch combines style and functionality. It has one of the largest faces on the market, making it great for anyone who visually impaired. Its 1.3″ HD screen means figures are bigger than a typical watch face and much easier to read. One Loyal Watch review explains that they bought it as a gift for their elderly parents as they struggled to read smaller screened smartwatches. It’s been designed to really appeal to any audience.

Health Monitoring

Of course, one of the main features of any smartwatch is its health monitoring capabilities. The Loyal Watch UK has a built-in ECG to help you monitor your heart rate, as well as other fitness parameters. You can test oxygen levels, track your sleeping pattern and record how many steps you’ve taken in a day. If the watch notices you’ve been sat down a while, it will send you a notification to get up and get moving.

There’s also a calorie counter to make dieting much easier. You can check how many calories you’ve burned in the day, and use this to plan your next workout or meal.


Loyal Watch UK is so much more than a fitness tracker, too. The watch also has organisation functionality: You can use your watch to set reminders for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries and set alarms to improve your morning routine. Alongside taking calls and texts, you can use your this gadget as your new personal assistant.

Long Standby

To boost efficiency, the smartwatch has a longer standby time (15 hours) than others, so you can enjoy longer periods between charging. When fully charged, the Loyal Watch UK can last up to 96 hours. A micro USB charging cable is provided.

Anti-Theft Tracker

Got a habit of losing your keys, wallet or watch? When connected to your smartphone, the Loyal Watch smartwatch can track its own location. This means when you accidentally misplace your watch – or think it’s been stolen – you can log into your phone and see exactly where it is.

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How to use the Loyal Watch Smartwatch

When you receive your new smartwatch, there will be an instruction booklet included helping you set up. To wear the watch, you just need to place it on your preferred wrist and adjust the strap to fit comfortably. The end of the strap will slot neatly into a small buckle so it doesn’t get caught on your clothes. Make sure it is on tight enough so that it doesn’t move around your wrist while jogging or working out.

Before using the watch, you might need to charge it first – this should only take around an hour and then you’re good to go.

If you want to use all the functions of the Loyal Watch UK, you’ll need to connect it to your phone’s Bluetooth. When connected, you’ll be set to use your watch for just about anything. The device will automatically register which language your phone is set to and use this for its own data too.  It really is the smartwatch for everyone!

Loyal Watch Review: Benefits & Advantages

One Loyal Watch smartwatch review claims it is the best smartwatch on the market, and it’s easy to see why. There are so many benefits of having a smartwatch, and this one in particular:

loyal watch smartwatch


It’s not just the strap which is customisable (replacement straps can be bought at the Loyal Watch UK store). The screen has tonnes of things to customise too: You can change the dial mode, the theme and even the colours and brightness on the screen. You can make the watch perfectly unique to you and your needs.

Versatile & Durable

The Loyal Watch UK is actually one of the lightest smartwatches on the market. Weighing just 150g, this watch is incredibly comfortable to wear day in, day out. But, despite being super lightweight, the watch is produced with high quality, strong materials. It has an alloy glass screen to make it scratch and shock-resistant, as well as a reinforced strap which can endure sweat and water without corroding. It sounds pretty indestructible.


If you’re an avid swimmer and have been looking for a fitness tracker to take to the pool, this smartwatch has you covered. Loyal Watch Smartwatches are waterproof so can be used in any weather condition or terrain. It can also be submerged in water, though it is recommended to avoid temperatures above 36 degrees.


You can connect your Loyal Watch smartwatch to both Apple and Android phones – making this watch incredibly compatible with most smartphones on the market.

Super Affordable

Unlike its competitors, the Loyal Watch UK is seriously affordable. Almost every Loyal Watch review comments on its unbeatable price. Despite packing so many amazing features into the small gadget, the manufacturers are set on making smartwatches affordable for everyone. Therefore, you can get this smartwatch for a tiny fraction of the cost of the big brands (see below for the price reveal!).

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Loyal Watch Review: User Testimonials

My wife and I recently had a routine check-up with our doctor, and he said we needed to exercise more. After we’ve read a Loyal Watch review, we bought them to help us monitor our fitness and I’m so glad we did. I can’t imagine working out without it now.

I have an arrhythmia, so was on the lookout for a really accurate health monitor. The Loyal Watch UK now allows me to keep my health in check wherever I am. I recommend this smartwatch to everyone.
Melissa G.

The Loyal Watch Smartwatch is really high quality and you can see the great workmanship immediately. I go swimming three times a week and use the Loyal Watch smartwatch in the pool. I’m still so impressed by the price, too.
Mark K.

Price & Money Back Guarantee

loyal watch pricing

The manufacturers of the Loyal Watch UK are so confident in the reviews they’ve so far received, they’re now offering a money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the smartwatch within the first 30 days, you can return the device for a full refund.

Delivery can take 7-8 working days, and returns are processed with 10 working days.

And now, for the price reveal. A high-end fitness tracker or smartwatch will set you back anywhere from £500 to £1000. So, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Loyal Watch smartwatch was a couple of hundred pounds.

But, when we say it’s a fraction of the cost, we really mean it… You can get this smartwatch for just £45! Even at its original non-discounted price of £90, it’s still an absolute bargain!

Like many of the products we review, you can save more money when you buy more. The most popular Loyal Watch UK package is a set of 2 watches for just £75.

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My elderly mum struggles with her eyesight, would this watch work for her?

Yes! The Loyal Watch Smartwatch has one of the largest screens on the market. It’s been designed with both style and functionality in mind so that it can be used by just about anyone. The screen of the watch is 1.3″, and text and numbers on the screen are larger than standard.

Can I wear the Loyal Watch in the shower?

If you forget to take off your watch before showering, you shouldn’t need to worry. The Loyal Watch UK is submersible so can be used in water or bad weather conditions. However, please note that it is not recommended to use the watch in temperatures higher than 36 degrees.

Do I have to connect the watch to my phone?

Nope, the watch can be used separately to your phone as a fitness tracker. Connection to your phone allows you to take calls and receive texts through your watch while on the go.


So, whether this is the first review of Loyal Watch you’ve read or the hundredth, it’s clear that there are so many benefits and positive for this device. The Loyal Watch UK combines style, accessible design and great functionality. With health monitoring, phone controls and even a planner packed inside the device, the watch really can do just about anything. It’s fully customisable and easy to wear so is a great gift idea for anyone in the family. And, if you’re not fully satisfied, you can get a full refund on your purchase. There’s really nothing to lose!

Loyal Watch Smartwatch
8.3 Total Score
A Smartwatch with a smarter price

Ease of Use
  • Super affordable
  • Large screen makes it easier to read
  • Full customisable
  • International shipping takes so long
  • Only Health function available
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