EcoThermal Review 2024: Does it Really Work or a Simple Scam?

Winters can get really cold in the UK. And if you add rain into the mix, nights can become unbearable. But what if there was a way to combat the cold? Without breaking your bank account by paying energy bills? Well, you’ll need to read our EcoThermal heater review to know how it’s possible.

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Article updated: 9 April 2024

What is EcoThermal Heater?

By definition from EcoThermal reviews, it’s a space heater. But if you’re thinking of regular heaters you can buy off of the market, you’re thinking in the wrong direction. Our EcoThermal heater review takes on the latest sensation in the market where infrared heat is used instead of using bio-energy.

The manufacturer claims it to be the “most energy-efficient portable room heater on the market”. By looking at the size of the product, we can’t help but agree. To be honest, it doesn’t look any different from a portable fan. But when you turn it on, you can instantly feel the soothing heat that puts warmth around you.

EcoThermal heater review uses patented PTC technology which makes it a maintenance-free product. Those of you who own heating or cooling devices know very well how much maintenance traditional products need. Let alone the money you need to keep them running.

The product in question uses infrared passive heating technology. A common problem with mainstream heaters is that they create random hot spots. If you’re sleeping, the heat may rise enough to burn your skin! But the ceramic-heating technology that created a buzz with EcoThermal reviews maintains an even temperature for the entire duration of the operation.

The good thing about this room heater is that it’s extremely portable. Thanks to its compact size, it doesn’t carry much weight as well. It allows you to carry the heater wherever you go and direct the heat exactly where you need it.

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EcoThermal Features & Benefits

It’s been a tradition at to use the product ourselves before putting out the review. As part of the process, members used the EcoThermal heater review this winter. Below are the findings we could collectively gather.

ecothermal heater

  • Compact Size: Perhaps the biggest distinction between EcoThermal benefits with other heaters is the size. It even has a handle on top to let you carry it where you go.
  • Energy Efficient: This feature has been one of the highlights of EcoThermal reviews marketing since the very beginning. By using passive heating technology with the efficiency of infrared radiation, the manufacturer of EcoThermal reviews has managed to bring the energy costs down to a fraction.
  • Low Noise: Another big problem with mainstream room heaters is that they make quite a bit of noise. When you use the heater we’re reviewing today, you can’t even hear it at night. Even if you put it right beside your bed, you can expect a deep sleep.
  • Instant Heating: This has proved to be a crowd favourite among members. The fact that you don’t even have to wait for a minute for it to heat up makes it a great choice in our opinion. It’s simply because EcoThermal heater review uses infrared radiation that reflects off of the ceramic internals of the heater.
  • Fire Safety: If you let room heaters run unsupervised, you run the risk of them catching fire. It has happened plenty of times in the past. Keeping the risks in mind, the manufacturer of the EcoHeat heater has designed it to be fireproof.
  • Even Heat: The last feature that we want to discuss is the steadiness of the heat. The heat keeps cycling keeping 40 degrees constant. Price & Moneyback Guarantee for EcoThermal Reviews.

Price & Money-Back Guarantee of EcoThermal Heater Reviews

In case you’re looking for the EcoThermal price before purchase, we’ve got you covered in this section. Pay attention because a lot of important details are coming your way.

EcoThermal price

Payment Options

Let’s cover the payment methods first because if you don’t have one that works on the website, you’ll need to manage it. In the UK, you can purchase the EcoHeat heater review using Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and GPay (Google Pay). Make sure you have a valid address in the UK that matches the address on the payment method for successful orders.

Moneyback Guarantee

A money-back guarantee is what we look for when we recommend a product to you. We know it gives you the peace of mind you need. You’d be glad to know that the EcoThermal manufacturer is offering a 30-day guarantee on your purchase!

On top of that, the product is insured with a 3-year extended warranty. Although you’ll need to pay an additional £6, we believe it’s totally worth it.


This is the juicy part about EcoThermal cost. While the product in question goes for £108 retail, you can grab 1 right now for only £54! That’s a humongous 50% off! To make the deal even sweeter for you, we’ve struck a deal with the manufacturer where you get further discounts if you buy more.

You can get 2 EcoThermals for £79, 3 EcoThermals (+2 FREE) for £159, or 4 EcoThermals for £137!


As the promotion is already running, you don’t need to use any coupons when you place the purchase order.

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How to Use EcoThermal Reviews?

Using this room heater is no different from using any other heater on the market. If anything, it boasts an even simpler operation.

  1. Take the heater out of the box.
  2. Connect the UK plug to your wall outlet. You can get EU or US plug types if you want to.
  3. Press the single button on the back of the heater to turn it on.
  4. Enjoy the calming warmth.

Customer Service

On the footer section of the official EcoThermal website, you’ll find a “Contact Us” tab. That tab will lead you to a contact form where you need to enter your name, email address, and the message you want to send. Expect the support team to get back within 24 hours.

ecothermal heater review

EcoThermal Reviews from Real Users

The employees alone are not a big enough sample size for our EcoThermal heater review. Hence, we hopped on the internet to see what other users have to say about it.

“Finally, the days of my cold feet are over! What the most expensive heating equipment couldn’t fix got wrecked by a portal heater. Very impressive!”

Collin B.

“My youngest was facing some serious breathing issues at night. For some reason, the integrated heating wasn’t working. EcoThermal is probably the best investment I made for my kid.”

Agatha T.

“I’m a man and I don’t feel cold. Just kidding! I probably get colder than most people, especially during the winter. Since I bought this thing, I carry it in my backpack.”

Robin M.


Alternatives to EcoThermal Reviews

EcoThermal Heater review is not the only player in the market! Here are a few alternatives for you.

  • HeatCore: A product that looks and works like the product in question today. HeatCore is just as good of an investment to combat the UK winter. Just compare it with EcoThermal reviews before purchasing.
  • EcoHeat: Slightly larger in size, EcoHeat S packs a little more power than EcoThermal. It’s more suitable if you’re in Scotland or somewhere close.
  • Handy Heater: Looking for a room heater that directly plugs into the wall? Look no further than Handy Heater.


It’s time to say bye to random cold spots in your room using the EcoThermal heater review. Don’t let this opportunity of getting massive discounts to slide from under your nose. You never know whether it’ll be back or not!

A portable infrared heater to combat the UK winter.
9.8 Total Score
EcoThermal Heater Review 2024

EcoThermal is the ultimate portable heater that you can take everywhere!

Value for Money
Ease of Use
  • Compact & portable
  • Low energy cost
  • Constant and even heat
  • Fireproof
  • Affordable
  • Single-button operation
  • Not enough for massive rooms
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