Handy Heater: Should you add it in your home?

Heating is essential at home during the winter months. It’s hard to survive the cold without one, so a heater is critical. The Handy Heater as seen on TV presents an excellent alternative to the typical bulky heating units present in many homes. In this Handy Heater review, you will find out what this neat device can do for your home.

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Do you have proper heating?

As the cold season fast approaches, heating presents a significant challenge. Traditional heaters are often bulky and have to be fixed in one place. The warmth they generate may not even reach all parts of a room. Also, they consume a great deal of energy, making them costly to operate.

handy heater

For these reasons, smaller portable heaters have gained popularity these days. In this Handy Heater review, I present a device that’s portable and easily plugs into any wall outlet. Not only could you put it wherever you want, but it also consumes a lot less energy. The best part is the Handy Heater wall heater consumes much less electricity than standard space heaters. With that, you can reduce your electric bill in the cold season.

Get warm with the JML Handy Heater

As seen on TV, the Handy Heater plug-in device provides warmth quickly. You can use it at home or in the office, or wherever you need a quick and easy space heating solution. If you’re at home and move about quite often, this heater is perfect, as you can take it with you to the next room.

The Handy Heater plug-in controls temperature through a digital thermostat. You can set your desired temperature with a few button presses. The device is also equipped with a two-speed fan that distributes the heat across the room. It also has a timer function, which lets it automatically turn off after a specified time.

The Handy Heater deluxe covers up to 250 square feet, making it useful for any room at home.

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How it is

True to its name, the Handy Heater plug-in is small enough to be held in one hand. The device does not even have a power cable, as it plugs directly into the wall outlet.

On its right side is the on/off switch, which lights up when turned on. On the front end of the Handy Heater as seen on TV, you’ll see the vents, behind which is the ceramic heating element. On top, you’ll find a large LED display surrounded by four buttons. The plus and minus buttons on top control the temperature, while the bottom buttons are for setting the fan speed and timer.

handy heater as seen on tv

The device is rated at 350 watts, which is a modest level of power consumption for a space heater.

Handy Heater Review: How to use it

This device is quite easy to use. First, make sure that all windows and doors are closed. Then, find a wall outlet to plug-in. Then, set the temperature using the plus and minus buttons; you can set it anywhere from 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Afterwards, select a fan speed, which is either low or high. Finally, you may set a timer anywhere from 1 to 12 hours. But if you want the Handy Heater wall outlet to keep warming the room indefinitely, do not touch the timer button.

If you’re in a small room, you would feel the results right away. It may get too warm, so you have to lower the temperature later on.

For larger rooms, it may take a while before you feel the heat. In this case, setting the temperature to the maximum at first would help a lot. Eventually, the entire room will warm up.

However, for rooms that are more than 100 square feet, the heater may not give the best heating results. While JML claims that the device can handle up to 250 square feet of area, its heating capacity is not ideal for a room that big. You may still get good heating, but expect it to take a while.

Benefits and advantages

The best feature of the Handy Heater plug-in is its portability. Because it’s handy, you can take it with you to any room in the house. You can take it with you when travelling. Use it in your hotel room, for example, if the heating is inadequate.

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The next best thing is how much it will save on your electric bills. Heating consumes a lot of energy, but the Handy Heater JML only takes 350 watts. With that, your heating costs become much lower. The timer function also adds to the energy savings, as it does not have to run for 24 hours a day.

Handy Heater reviews from actual users

The heater works well for the bedroom, but not for the living room. It’s good to provide heat before going to bed, but it won’t be enough for the whole house.

Steve D.

We live on a boat my wife and I, and the JML Heater manages to remove the dampness in the bedroom and bathroom. We usually use them on the low setting, and they draw very little power. Highly recommended!

Francis Black

It heats a small room quickly. But it’s noisy when it operates.


This portable Handy Heater as seen on TV isn’t meant to be the main heater, but it works well as a supplementary heat source. It’s great for a cold room that does not get warmed up enough by the main heater or a chilly bathroom.


Price and money-back guarantee

The Handy Heater price is around £40 in its official website, plus shipping and handling. There are bundles of up to 8 heaters, and discounts are more substantial the more units you buy. Standard delivery rates in the UK area for orders valued at least £45 is £3.

The product has a 30-day money-back guarantee for all orders.

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If you want to save money on your heating bills, the JML Handy Heater is an excellent addition to your home. It’s also a good supplement for small rooms that don’t get enough warmth from the central heater.

This heater works best for relatively smaller rooms. While it can work for large rooms as well, heating is much slower and less efficient. As it is small, it would be wise not to expect this device to perform as the primary heating system for your home. It does act well as a secondary heater, though, and the portability is a big plus.

Handy Heater
The Quickest & Easiest Way To Heat Up Any Room
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Handy Heater

Handy Heater is portable and lightweight! So you can now enjoy warm, comforting heat anywhere – living rooms, bathrooms, offices, RV/Campers, garages and more – without raising your electric bill.

Value for money
Ease of use
  • Portable design allows you to take the Handy Heater anywhere
  • Uses much less electricity than typical space heaters
  • Timer function saves even more energy
  • Heats small rooms quickly
  • Easy to set the temperature
  • Wide temperature range
  • Does not handle heating of large rooms quite well
  • Hard to plug in if an outlet is oriented in a different way
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