5 Best Cheap Smartwatches 2024: Pick Your Favorite on a Budget

As wearable technology is improving, the demand for best cheap smartwatches is going through the roof. The amazing thing about good quality best cheapest smartwatches is that you get many of the features name brands like Apple offer for a fraction of the price.

This year has seen some very good entry level cheap smart watches. To make the decision easier for you, we’ve gathered all of them in one place.

1. X Watch – Best Cheap Smartwatch

Since the day it came out, XWatch has been a fan favorite. It costs nothing when compared to Apple Watches or Samsung wearables. You get to connect this cheap smart watch with your smartphone to keep the data synced. You also get to answer your phone calls directly from XWatch cheapest smart watches!

best cheap smartwatches xwatch

The compact design of the watch made it a hit among users instantly. It weighs only 50 grams even with the 380 mah battery installed! This cheap smart watch is IP76 water-resistant and has sweatproof alloy material to keep the aesthetic intact. If you want to learn more about this one, read our complete XWatch review.

XWatch Features – Best Cheap Smartwatches

Here are the reasons we believe XWatch is one of the best cheapest smartwatch on the market currently.

Compact and Easy to Use

There’s no learning curve to this gadget. You just connect it with your smartphone and use it like any other smartwatch. It’s comfortable to a point where you won’t feel the need to take it off for any activity.

Health Monitor on the Best Cheapest Smartwatch

What best cheap smartwatches buyers want more than anything is health monitoring features. XWatch gives you all major parameters like your heart rate, step count, and sleep quality.

XWatch Price – The Most Affordable Smartwatch?

This might not be the best cheapest smartwatch on the market, but it offers tremendous value for money. You can get it for as cheap as £72/piece. Grab yourself one before the offer runs out!

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2. Kore 2.0 – Best Cheap Smartwatches

KoreHealth is a very well-known name in the fitness and wearables industry. The budget-oriented enthusiasts have shown immense love to this cheap smart watch and its ancestor. Kore 2.0 is basically a portable health monitor with a stylish LCD screen.

best cheap smartwatches kore 2.0

One of the main reasons we love this cheapest smart watches so much is that it has long battery life. It’s something not every cheapest smart watches can claim. On a single charge, this cheap smart watch can serve you for up to 7 days!

The health metrics on this watch include heart rate, body temperature, and blood oxygen level. If the watch is not connected to your smartphone, the internal storage of Kore 2.0 will hold onto the data it records for a week!

Overall, it can be an amazing addition to your daily fashion because the watch comes in three belt colors! Read the full review to understand whether you want it to be a part of your life or not. Read the detailed review to know more.

Kore 2.0 Features – Best Cheapest Smart Watches

The features that make this cheapest smart watches a very nice deal in our opinion are listed below.

Calorie Counting on the Cheapest Smart Watches

Not many cheapest smart watches can keep track of your calories, can they? Well, Kore 2.0 can. You’ll know exactly how many calories you’ve burned through exercise in this stylish and splashproof watch!

Health Monitoring with the Cheapest Smart Watches

Heath monitoring feature is a major one and we have to cover it for each best cheap smartwatches we mention. Kore 2.0 offers some unique metrics like your blood oxygen level. Also, this best cheapest smartwatch holds onto the data for 7 days even if the smartphone is not in range.

Kore 2.0 Price – The Best Cheap Smartwatch?

Kore 2.0 is undoubtedly one of the best cheapest smart watches for its price. From our link, you can get one for as little as $49.95!

Get Kore 2.0 NOW

3. HealthWatch – Best Cheap Smartwatches

In the world of cheap smart watches, HealthWatch is a prominent name. This is one of those brands that work closely with industry experts. The watch is equipped with sensors to track your movement, steps, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, and even heart rate. The compatibility spectrum of this one is quite broad as well.

best cheap smartwatches healthwatch

According to the manufacturers, this best cheap smartwatch is both dust and water-resistant. It means you get to wear your favourite watch every day, whether it rains or snows. Read our full review on HealthWatch to get a complete picture of what this fitness watch is capable of.

HeathWatch Features – Best Cheapest Smartwatch

Read this section carefully because we’ve listed the features that make HealthWatch a unique cheap smart watch.


When you buy a best cheapest smartwatch, you usually don’t expect much durability. But that’s not the case with HealthWatch. It’s built to last. The IP76 water rating as well as the dust-proof material proves how durable this watch is.

Compatible and User Friendly

HealthWatch practically integrates with any smartphone you own. Whether it’s Android or iOS, you can simply connect the watch to your phone and access all the data and features from one place.

HealthWatch Price – Best Cheap Smartwatch

If you decide to purchase this watch from our review, you’ll get it at a staggering £65. We strongly discourage you to buy it from Amazon because most of the products there are fake. HealthWatch is an exclusive product and we deliver it directly from the manufacturer.

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4. DWatch – Best Cheap Smartwatch

In terms of visual similarity, DWatch is the closest one to Apple Watch. So, if you’ve been looking for a watch that looks like an Apple Watch but costs nothing like it, DWatch is the cheap smart watch you want.

best cheap smartwatches dwatch

The interesting fact about DWatch is that it’s manufactured in Japan. It’s interesting because we don’t see many affordable products from Japan. It’s waterproof, has a smartphone locator feature, offers long battery life, monitors your health, and whatnot!

Overall, DWatch is one of the most condensed best cheapest smartwatch in terms of features. Read the full review to know what else it can do.

DWatch Features – Best Cheapest Smartwatch

Here are the features of the DWatch that make it a perfect choice for you.


The biggest selling point in our opinion is the design. It looks spectacularly good for all people with different fashion choices. The 1.3” HD display is a major upgrade over most other cheap smart watches in the market.

Smartphone Tracking with the Best Cheapest Smartwatches

This is a unique feature. As long as the watch and your phone are connected, you can use the watch to contact your phone. It comes in handy in more ways than you would imagine because we’re all guilty of misplacing our phones from time to time.

DWatch Price – Best Cheap Smartwatches

DWatch is surprisingly cheap considering its features and origin in Japan. You can get 2 DWatches in a bundle which will cost you a total of $85.00 only!

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5. Loyal Watch – Best Cheap Smartwatches

When it comes to best budget smartwatches, we cannot ignore the Loyal Watch. It’s fairly similar to DWatch in terms of features and benefits. The target of the manufacturer was to make cheapest smart watches accessible to everyone on a budget.

best cheap smartwatches loyal watch

Moreover, if you consider yourself a fitness enthusiast who always wants to be on top of their game, Loyal Watch is a must-have accessory for you. It comes with a calorie counter, a heart meter, a pedometer (step counter), a calendar, and all other general features you’d find in a smartwatch.

Read our complete Loyal Watch review before you decide to get one.

Loyal Watch Features

What makes Loyal Watch a compelling choice for you? Let’s find out.

Large Display

Not many smartwatch brands can claim that they offer a large display. DWatch was one of them. And now you have Loyal Watch. The rectangular display has HD quality textures which make reading the texts a walk in the park.

Health Monitoring

How would you feel if a cheap smart watch came with an ECG feature to keep your heart in check? It’d be wonderful right? Well, just get a Loyal Watch right now if you think this feature will come in handy.

Loyal Watch Price – Best Cheap Smartwatches

Loyal Watch happens to be one of the best cheapest smartwatches on our list. It comes for £45/piece if you get them directly from the manufacturer through our link. It’s wise to avoid Amazon for such products because you might end up paying a higher price for a counterfeit product.

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How We Reviewed Them

We want you to understand that we’re not just throwing names on this list. All of these products have been tested extensively by our editorial team. Here are the things we valued the most while ranking these best cheap smartwatches.

  • Compatibility: The watches must be compatible with iOS and Android because almost all smartphone users in the world come into this category.
  • Affordability: The entire goal of this post is to present you with the most affordable option. So, only the ones with the most value for money made this list.
  • Screen Quality: As these are smartwatches we’re talking about, they must have a good quality screen. The more the resolution, the better.
  • Style: The majority of the users consider cheapest smart watches as a fashion accessory. So, all of the cheap smart watches on our list look fabulous with all style choices.


Your options are pretty much limitless when it comes to the best cheap smartwatches. Every manufacturer claims to be the best in business. So, we took it into our hands to test the best brands and present the facts to you.

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