XY Find It Review 2024: The Best Accessory Finder on the Market

I’m sure everyone has had those days where they always misplace their things. Sometimes it’s okay, but most times it happens during critical moments. When you’re running late, you suddenly can’t find your keys anywhere. So, you end up being even later because you have to look for them. It is times like this when we start to wish that there was such a thing as an XY Find It car tracker. Well, I have good news for you. There is a key locator that you can use for times like this. Stick around and find out everything about the XY Find It review.

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XY Find It KeyFinder is the best accessory tracker that you need for your belongings.

Article updated: 18 June 2024

Need for a Tracking Device

Let’s see if this has ever happened to you before. After a long day at work, all you want to do is get to your room and crash on your bed. But once you get to the doorstep, you realize you left your keys on the kitchen table this morning. Now you’re racking your brain about how you can get inside and how long it would take to do it.

I think we have all experienced this at least once in our lives. Some of the more forgetful people, tend to be a victim to this problem more often.

There are even times when we just can’t locate something so we give up and end up buying another one. We end up spending double the money and effort just because of our carelessness. But it’s not like we can do anything about it. No matter how hard we try, it is inevitable to lose something – especially if it is something small.

The Problem

At first, you may not think too much about losing your stuff. I mean, you can probably replace it most of the time.

But what happens after? Let’s say you lose your wallet with all your important IDs and credit cards. Sure, you can just issue another one for yourself. But all your personal information will be with a stranger! You’ve basically given someone else your identity and who knows what they would do with it?

And, not all of us have the luxury of time when it comes to looking for things. Especially when traveling, we tend to forget a lot of important things and only remember them once we’re gone.

xyfindit review

And like I said earlier on, we can’t really do much about this problem. So, we should turn to other solutions to get rid of this problem for us. Let’s say, the XY Find It reviews Bluetooth tracker.

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XY Find It Reviews: The Everyday Tracking Device

When you first think about small tracking devices, the first thing that will probably pop up in your head is some scene in a spy movie. While that would be really cool too, the XY Find It reviews Bluetooth tracker is actually meant for your belongings that you use every day.

That’s right, the answer to all your prayers is right here. With this convenient little key tracker, you can finally lessen your tension because you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving your things at home.

It doesn’t just work on keys, you can even attach it to your bag, wallet, and even your pet. This way, you won’t ever be worried sick if you find out they left the house without you knowing. Because now, you have an easy way of finding them.

XY Find It UK

Like other XY Find It reviews, I’ll be talking about what XY Find It UK really is.

First of all, it is dubbed as the best key finder because the XY Find It reviews has the longest range, sound alerts, and battery life compared to all the others that you can find on the market.

xy find it range

It takes the form of a very unique 3D shape and you can even pass XY Find It UK off as a simple bag charm. Because it’s super small and convenient, you definitely won’t mind attaching this key finder to all your everyday things.

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How XY Find It UK Works

You’re probably wondering how a GPS key finder can track your things. Well don’t worry, because compared to other XY Find It reviews, I will specify exactly how this Bluetooth key finder works.

First of all, XY Find It UK is not like those other lost key finders that simply make noise once you press a button. This one is more technologically advanced.

xy find it

After you attach your XY tracker to one of your things, you can easily keep an eye on it through its app. The XY Find It tracker app comes for free and you can quickly download it from the App Store (for Apple users) and the Play Store (for Android users).

After that, it’s so easy to set up that you most certainly won’t run into any problems when you try using it. Then, in only a few seconds, you can find your things right away.

Why should I get XY Find It UK?

Now, we’ve finally reached the part of all XYFindIt reviews where we talk about the features and benefits that you can get from this.

  • Flexible: As I mentioned earlier, you can use this tracking device on almost anything. Your keys, purse, wallet, and even your dog. It is completely up to you what you want to use it for. The sky’s the limit!
  • Great Accessory: If you want to decorate your things, you can get one in a bold colour and liven up the whole thing. But, if you want to stay discrete, you can also opt for a more muted colour that could blend into just about anything.
  • Convenient: This is definitely the main selling point of this product. You can find things with it at will, but you can also select a feature that allows you to keep it at close range at all times. With the KeepNear feature, you will always be notified whenever you walk away from the device
  • Find Your Phone: You probably thought that this was only good for objects. But no, XY Find It UK can also track your phone even when you lose it. Simply tap the button on any of your XY tracking devices, and it will tell your phone to emit a sound so that you can easily find it.

XY Find It Reviews from Users

No matter how many XY Find It reviews you read, you still probably can’t believe it. It just seems too good to be true. But don’t worry, you’re not alone on this. I too was very sceptical about the XY Find It UK at first. But since I really needed a tracker for my things, I decided to give it a go.

At first, I wasn’t loving the colour I got at all. The XY Find It UK was too plain and boring for me but I was still testing it out so I didn’t really mind. I used it on the item that I always misplace on a daily basis- my keys.

There was one morning when I was in such a rush to go to work, that I didn’t have the time to look for my keys anymore. So, I simply opened the app and I automatically found it because of the Bluetooth tracker.

I even got my friend in on this. As hard to believe as it may be, she tends to lose her things more than me. So once I introduced her to XY Find It reviews, she’s been telling me about how much of a lifesaver it is. In fact, she even got one for all her bags.

Ever since I was introduced to XY Find It reviews, I’ve been finding everything I needed much faster than before. I used to always run late because I couldn’t find my car keys. But now that I have this convenient little device, it’s never a problem for me anymore! I also love that it allows me to find my phone too because I also tend to lose that a lot. I just wish it came with more variety. Like a bunch of other colours, shapes, and sizes. But I’m still happy with the one I have now
Geraldine Smith

XY Find It UK Price and Moneyback Guarantee

It’s that part of all XY Find It reviews where we talk about the prices and if it’s actually worth it.

To me, if you only choose to buy one, I’d say it’s quite pricey since you have to pay £32.06. But, they have other exclusive deals that allow you to save if you buy more.

xy find it

If you get 2, then you get a third one for 50% off. But, when you choose to purchase 4 tracking devices, then you’ll have an extra 2 given to you for free. This is the option that most people pick because it seems more worth it. But, if you have a lot of things you want to keep track of, or if you want to give them away as presents, you can also get 4 for free when you buy 6 pieces!

To me, I can say that the 4 + 2 option is definitely the best value I can get for my money. Although it may seem like a lot of now, it’s actually going to last you a long time since you can easily switch out the batteries of your Bluetooth tracker. And, I’d say 5 is just enough to cover all the things that I tend to misplace.

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1. Where to buy XY Find It UK?

You can just click the button or go in any of my links to get yourself one of those amazing tracking devices at a huge discount.

2. What is the range of XY Find It UK?

The manufacturer and many XY Find It reviews claim that XY FindIt works from 300 feet away! That’s a long distance when you compare the general range of Bluetooth devices. It’s the best in class for it’s amazing range and traceability.

3. How to connect XYFind It?

Just download the app once you get the tracker and make sure your Bluetooth is on! Then open the app and it will connect to the tiny tracking device automatically.

4. How XY Find it Works?

It uses the latest Bluetooth technology to track your belongings. As long as the thing you’re looking for is within 300 feet from you, the app on your phone will reveal the location by sending beeps to the tracker.

5. Why does my XY Find It keep beeping?

Unnecessary beeps could mean a loose battery inside. Please take apart your XY Find it UK and reseat the battery.


You don’t have to constantly stress about accidentally misplacing your things anymore. Whether it’s your house keys, your bag, or your dog, you can find your lost items easily.

This water-resistant XY Find It reviews can easily locate your lost things as long as it is within 300 feet. And, even when you lose your phone, it can also find your phone for you. So, it works both ways.

Even though it seems kind of expensive at first, it is a better deal to get more than one. That way, you can keep track of a lot of your things and save money at the same time. Because it has a replaceable battery, you can use it for a long time and not have to worry at all!

XY Find It
Locate anything in seconds using your iPhone or Android
9.3 Total Score
XY Find It

XY Find It is a tiny device which helps you locate any items in a few minutes by using its app. It’s easy to set up, easy to use and starts finding items in seconds!

Value for money
Ease of use
  • Keeps Your Things Accessible
  • Small as Dime
  • Affordable
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • Need to change the battery from time to time
  • Difficult to camouflage
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