A Clever Way to Clean: ScreenKlean by Carbon Klean 2021

For gadget owners, the struggle of keeping your screen clean is real. While to many, this may be a non-issue – it really isn’t. From an economics side, you don’t get value for your money when you’re not able to enjoy what you’re watching. Dirty screens can ruin the entire experience for you. Health-wise, a dirty gadget could also carry harmful bacteria. It’s a good thing that products like ScreenKlean by Carbon Klean were developed. They offer a solution to our dirty screen problems. In this article, I present the features of this smart screen cleaner that is making waves as the no. 1 screen cleaning product out there.

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The Fault in Our Screens

Ultra-clear and life-like images on the screen are a major selling point in gadgets today. Yet consumers spend so much on a smartphone, laptop, tablet, and touchscreen devices without investing as much on a smart screen cleaner.

ScreenKlean wipe

Nod if any of these sounds familiar: you have a picture-perfect moment ruined by muck on your phone’s screen. You overlook tiny details in the movie because your TV screen has blots in it. And yes, when you manage to smudge fingerprints on your gadget screens, you reach for the nearest thing you can find – your shirt, a rag, and a cheap spray. Not only do you find that it doesn’t clean the dirt at all, but it also made things worse.

Also, dirt on your gadgets can compromise your immune system. Given the outbreak of diseases like COVID-19, ensuring bacteria-free gadgets ought to be a priority.

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How Is ScreenKlean an Answer?

Screen Klean is a cutting-edge screen cleaning pad that uses advanced scientific principles to revolutionize the way smartphone and tablet screens are cleaned. With its proprietary carbon molecular cleaning technology, it promises to completely remove dirt, smudges, and fingerprints to keep your screens pristine.

Come to think of it, this cleaning product is eons more advanced than the traditional rag-and-spray method most of us use. NASA uses this type of technology to clean glass on their equipment – now that’s a great product review.

ScreenKlean: How Does It Clean?

Carbon Klean, makers of this cleaning pad, developed a patented carbon cleaning molecule responsible for this wonderful innovation. The minute the pad is applied to a screen, it goes into a process of attracting, grabbing, and removing dirt. And just like that, ScreenKleen wipes your screen clean.

screenklean how it cleans

Normally, we resort to various types of cleaning products, right. We implement a multiple-step process to get the cleaning done. We use alcohol, tissue, premoistened wipes, sprays, or microfiber rags. With Screen Klean, you don’t need a cleaning regimen to accomplish the task. All you need is one clever little pad.

If sales are any indication of effectiveness, this smart screen cleaner is impressing thousands daily. As of writing, more than 650,000 units have been sold to excellent ScreenKlean UK user reviews.

Advantages of ScreenKlean


Probably the best thing about ScreenKlean is its non-abrasive feature. No matter how high the HD quality of your screen is, keeping it clean with a regular cloth can still leave micro-scratches. This could blur it eventually. Screen Klean doesn’t scuff your screen at all. It only lifts dirt and removes it with one wipe.

Safe and Germ-Fighting

Another huge plus in this product is that it is substance-free. As it removes dirt, ScreenKleen wipes out bacteria and germs at the same time. Our laptops, phones, tablets, and other beloved gadgets are also disease carriers. One can only imagine the amount of germs we expose our children to with unclean gadgets. The cleaner our devices, the farther we are from any disease.

Clean and Green

ScreenKleen wipes off dirt effectively and is reusable. All you need to do is wash it. Single-use cleaning products bring untold harm to the environment. ScreenKlean is an eco-friendly alternative to other cleaning products.

screenklean parts

You can use one pad to clean as many as 150 times before buying a replacement. What’s better is that its case can also be used as a recharging station. You clean as you go, and protect the environment, too.

Best Features

Let me share some of this carbon pad’s best features:

  • CUTTING-EDGE: As the technology for cleaning products go, Carbonklean ScreenKlean is well ahead of its time.
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Its patented carbon molecular cleaning technology assures all devices of effective dirt removal while keeping their Android, iPad, and Amazon device screens safe from scratches or scuffs.
  • BRAND NEW LOOK: As ScreenKleen wipes off all dirt, face oils, smudges, fingerprints, and all manner of residue, you get an ultra-clear screen and brand new look for your device.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Ergonomically designed to be suited for people on-the-go at just 3/ 1.5/ .25 inches. It can fit perfectly in any pocket, bag, or purse. If you need an easy screen fix, just fish for the Screen Klean out of your bag, wipe, and slide it back to its case.
  • HIP: It’s not only cleverly engineered, but it also offers personalization since it comes in several colours. It can be a gift you give yourself or to any loved one.

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ScreenKlean User’s Reviews

This cleaning pad is amazing! It really gets the job done. My smartphones always look brand new with it!
ScreenKlean is so easy to use. It’s a cute gadget too. I plan to buy some for my friends as gifts.
I give it a 4/5. it works well cleaning oils and smudges. but hardened smears? not so much. I still like it, though.

Price and Money-Back Guarantee

Now, if you’re interested in ScreenKlean where to buy them? This cleaning pad is available in its Official Store and various retail stores. Carbon Klean ScreenKlean is priced at $19.99 inclusive of shipping and handling costs.

Digitogy readers are in luck, however! If you buy 2 units of these amazing cleaning pads, you get 1 for half the price or at only $16.66 each. Buy 4 pads and get a discounted price of $10 each only.


Now, more than ever, gadgets are attached to our way of life. How we deal and care for our gadgets not only affects our enjoyment of them. It can also have an enormous impact on health and the environment.

However, thanks to cutting-edge carbon technology, we can do our devices justice by making sure they get the best cleaning treatment from the ScreenKlean smart screen cleaner.

In this ScreenKlean reviews, I conclude that this cleaning pad is safe for gadgets and effective in removing dirt and grime. It doesn’t hurt screens or coating materials at all because it is non-abrasive. It is an eco-friendly screen cleaner that is ergonomically designed to fit today’s busy lifestyle.

The Nanotech Pad That Cleans Screens In Seconds
9.3 Total Score

ScreenKlean’s patented carbon-based nanotech – the same technology used by NASA – uses advanced physics to lift away stubborn dirt and grime without scratching or damaging your screen.

Value for money
Ease of use
  • Removes dust, grime and oil
  • Small and compact
  • Non-abrasive
  • Pad sometimes falls off when you open it
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