WiFi UltraBoost Review 2021: Does it really work?

WiFi range extenders are standard devices that are used to amplify your home WiFi. With these devices, all parts of your home can have consistently strong WiFi signals. However, range extenders tend to be hard to set up, unlike the WiFi Ultra boost. But – does it really work? In the WiFi Ultraboost reviews UK below, read on to know more about its essential features, how it’s used, pricing, and what other people have to say about the device.

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Why you need the WiFi Ultraboost UK

A typical problem you encounter at home is a weak WiFi signal. If you’re in, say, your bedroom, far away from the wireless router, your Internet connection may feel slower. Netflix may keep buffering, games may lag often, and web pages don’t load as fast.

wifi ultraboost review

Many would blame this on their internet provider, but that isn’t the problem. Instead, the issue is spotty WiFi reception. If you check the signal bars in the WiFi indicator, you’ll find that only one or two ‘waves’ are showing. This is a clear sign of a weak signal in that room. In turn, the devices connected to the network cannot properly send and receive Internet data. Areas like this in your home are called ‘dead zones.’

What is the WiFi Ultra boost?

To eliminate dead zones, you need a device called a WiFi range extender. It takes the wireless signal from your router and transmits it again, at the same time amplifying the weak signal. That way, the room with intermittent WiFi gets a boost, which is precisely what the WiFi Ultra Boost does.

The best aspect of the device is its ease of use, which you’ll find in the next part of the WiFi Ultraboost reviews.

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What does the WiFi Ultra boost look like?

The WiFi Ultraboost is a small, hand device that resembles a battery charger. In front of it is a series of LEDs to indicate the device’s working status, as well as a WPS button for connecting to your main router. It also has a LAN port on its left side.

wifi ultra boost reviews

The device directly plugs into a wall outlet, and its prongs are interchangeable. You can use US, EU, UK, and Australia adapters, and these are included in the package.

How does it work?

First, plug in the device to a wall outlet. It would then automatically establish a link with your primary router. After a moment, the WLAN LED will start blinking, which means the connection is successful. Alternatively, you may also use WPS if your router supports it.

The product then creates a new access point, and the next step is to connect your devices to it. By default, the new network uses a slightly modified SSID as your main router, but it has the same password. You can change these in the settings of the device.

Modifying the settings is quite similar to how you would configure your home router. The device has a web-based configuration utility where you can change the SSID, password, and other settings.

As it also has a LAN port, you may connect one device to it via an Ethernet cable.

Benefits and advantages

Increase in WiFi coverage. Most WiFi Ultra boost reviews UK would say that its primary benefit is increasing the coverage area of your home WiFi network. This way, rooms that are far away from the primary router, like the bedroom and the kitchen, would have more reliable WiFi coverage than before. With stronger signals, internet browsing, streaming, and gaming all become smoother and faster.

If you want to use your phone or laptop outdoors, like in the lawn, porch, balcony, or backyard, the WiFi Ultraboost is a must. Often, the signal in these areas is hit-and-miss, so using the Ultraboost can provide adequate signal to those parts of your property.

Speed. If you have a high-speed connection, WiFi Ultraboost is rated to handle up to 300Mbps, so it will work well for most home broadband connections. However, if you have a gigabit Internet connection, this range extender will severely limit your speed.

Plug-and-play. Additionally, because of how the device is designed, you can easily position the WiFi Ultraboost anywhere in your house. It’s quite literally plug-and-play: all you have to do is plug it into a wall outlet, and it’s ready for use. There is no need to run any extra cables from your primary router to the range extender, and you don’t need to set up an extra shelf or stand for it either. You don’t have to modify your house a single bit.

ultraboost wifi

Easy to use. The WiFi Ultraboost is also designed with ease of use in mind. It automatically seeks out and connects to your home network; you do not have to set it up manually.

Safe and secure. Including a WPS feature is another advantage, as it is a more secure method for WiFi Ultraboost to connect to your main router. Moreover, this gives you an alternative in case the automatic connection fails.

Has a LAN port. The LAN port is an excellent addition as well, as wired connections are always faster than WiFi. Based on WiFi Ultraboost tests, this method is ideal for game consoles or streaming boxes because of the faster speeds.

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WiFi Ultraboost reviews from customers

My 15-year-old daughter set it up in just about 15 minutes! We are very happy with the speed of our WiFi, which is so much better now. If you’re asking WiFi ultraboost does it work? Yes! Streaming on my TV doesn’t freeze as often anymore. My kids also love the faster speeds because they can play their games better.
Nichole West

Following the instructions for setup did not go as well. I did eventually get it done, though. I also couldn’t tell if I have to make it join my WiFi network manually or if it automatically connects. It’s going to take me a while to get used to it.

I read a lot of Ultraboost Wifi reviews before deciding to buy one. The good thing about this is it’s easy to set up. I plugged it into my garage, and it works well. But if I’m farther away from it, like when I’m in the backyard, I have to connect to my original WiFi network to keep my Internet connection stable.
Eric Wightman

Pricing and money-back guarantee

The product isn’t the most affordable range extender around, but they do offer better deals if you buy two or more devices. The largest discount is almost 75% off the regular price per item.  They accept payments through both credit cards and PayPal.

While there are no money-back guarantees included, the company does offer a 3-year warranty for about $10. All orders also come with free shipping, though the website does not state if this is for the US only or worldwide.

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Based on these WiFi Ultraboost reviews, it is a useful device to make sure that all four corners of your home get constant WiFi signals. With it, you don’t have to replace your primary router or reposition it. All you have to do is place the WiFi Ultraboost in the room with a spotty signal. Then you can enjoy smoother video streaming, gaming, and browsing in that part of your home. And because it’s easy to set up, anyone can use Ultraboost WiFi, whether tech-savvy or not.

WIFI UltraBoost
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WiFi Ultraboost

WIFI Ultraboost is a WiFi booster which prevents you from losing connection. This device promises you that you're not bothered with the weak WiFi at home again.

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  • Can boost your WiFi signal instantly
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  • Has a LAN port
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