SuperBoost Wifi Review 2024: The Ultimate Range Extender You Need or another Scam?

Since the invention of the wifi protocol, users have been complaining about dead zones and range issues. That includes me. My home was severely facing issues with wifi connectivity. Then, I stumbled upon SuperBoost Wifi reviews!

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The Treacherous Dead Zones

When you have wifi in your house, you are bound to face the dead zone issue. Unless you’re using multiple wifi routers or access points around your home, there’s no way one router can handle each corner of your property.

I have been a great victim of wifi range issues. I couldn’t open attachments at my home office. My son can’t play his online game. I use the best ISP in my area so there are no issues with my connection as well. It all came down to how my house is designed.

I think the walls are responsible for the problems I am having. I’ve tried diagnosing my router by professionals. I’ve contacted my ISP numerous times to check whether there’s something wrong with my connection or not.

But nothing seemed to work. Until one day, I found SuperBoost Wifi. In this post, I’m going to share my Super Boost Wifi reviews so that you can solve your connection issues without banging your head on the wall as I did.

What is SuperBoost Wifi?

It’s very much like the name suggests. It boosts the wifi signal of your home. While there are hundreds of range extenders available on the market, all SuperBoost Wifi reviews state that it’s the best one.

SuperBoost Wifi UK simply plugs into the wall socket and picks up the connection from your existing router. There is no need for any complex installation. This one is rated for up to 300 Mbps speed which is plenty for regular users like me.

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Before I got my one, I read a lot of SuperBoost Wifi reviews on the internet to see what people’s impressions were. To my surprise, everyone was saying good things about it. There were hundreds of stories where people explained how their internet connectivity issues were solved with this repeater.

It has three distinct modes that make it a prime choice for even small homeowners. If you don’t need a huge router, you can SuperBoost Wifi reviews to make one. There is an Ethernet port on the left side of the device.

There are indicator lights on the top side of the range extender where you can see the status of your connection.

superboost wifi

SuperBoost Wifi Reviews Benefits and Advantages

The benefits from this device are on par with all the other range extenders on the market. However, there is a misconception among people that SuperBoost Wifi reviews will boost your internet speed to 300 Mbps.

If you have a little knowledge about how internet bandwidth works, you’d know that it’s not possible. The 300 Mbps rating means that the repeater can handle up to 300 Mbps of speed given that your ISP is providing it.

Nonetheless, let’s get to the benefits of SuperBoost Wifi booster.

  • Plug & Play: It’s the best feature of Super Boost Wifi reviews in my opinion. You don’t have to go through a complex installation process to make it work. Let along taking help from a professional. You just plug it in and enjoy extended wifi coverage in your property.
  • Three Modes: This innovative piece of technology is rated for three different modes. You can either use it as a range extender or wifi booster, an access point, and a router. All the modes have their perks depending on the size of your home.
  • Compact: Super Boost Wifi is very little equipment. You can even place it in your pocket. This low-profile design makes it great if you want to place it in a crowded area like your living room. When connected to the wall socket, it won’t attract any unnecessary attention.

superboost wifi extender

  • 4G Connectivity: Although the world is shifting toward 5G bandwidth, 2.4G is still the go-to for the majority of internet users. SuperBoost Wifi reviews also use the 2.4G channel to connect. It makes it compatible with virtually every router on the planet!

How Does Super Boost Wifi Work?

The working principle of this device is as simple as it gets. It just takes the existing signal at your home and amplifies it to the rated speed. For example, if you have a 100 Mbps connection at your home but only get 20 Mbps or lower in the furthest corner of your house, Super Boost Wifi review will amplify the signal and make it as close to 100 Mpbs as possible.

There are enclosed antennas inside the device that we cannot see from the outside. It helps maintain the low profile nature of the device.

Now, to use it, you need to connect it to your existing network at first. You can go two ways from here.

You can either use the WPS method or the web configuration method. For the WPS method to work, go to your router and find the WPS button. WPS stands for Wifi Protected Setup. It’s there to keep other devices from interfering with the signal.

how does superboost work

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Press the WPS button for 3 seconds on your router. Do the same with Super Boost Wifi as well. You can find the button right on top of the device. And wait for both devices to pair.

Or, you can use your phone’s web browser to connect the reaper. Connect Super Boost Wifi booster to the wall and go to your phone’s browser. Type and a configuration page will open. From there, you can find the wifi SuperBoost UK and configure it.

SuperBoost Wifi Reviews from Users

To complete my review and ensure maximum credibility, I need 2nd opinion. And a lot of them. So, as part of my review process, I went online to check for people’s SuperBoost Wifi reviews, in even more detail to understand does SuperBoost Wifi work?

Let’s see what I’ve found.

“The internet in my area is not very good. The high-speed packages are expensive and I didn’t want to spend hundreds just on the internet. However, the package I took felt even slower than it already was. The walls were blocking my router’s signal. Then I found out about the SuperBoost Wifi extender. Now, I can at least enjoy the speed my internet is rated for.”

  • Neil, 28 years old

“Do range extenders even work? It was my initial impression when I first found out about the Super Boost Wifi. Honestly, I was very sceptical when my colleague was bragging about how good his internet is. Then I read some SuperBoost Wifi reviews and was convinced to give it a try. It took me a little time to connect, but man! The results were amazing. I was getting consistent connections all over my house! It’s a must have if you have a big house!”

  • Julia, 32 years old

“I got the SuperBoost Wifi as a gift from my best friend. He saw how much struggled to get a good connection from my room. As I live with my parents, I just couldn’t move the router closer. Whatever. When I got the device, I plugged it in my room and it started working! I was shocked at how easy it was. But there is a problem. From time to time, it connects to the neighbors’ wifi as well. And I have to reset it again to come back to my network. Other than this, it’s a perfectly capable wifi repeater!”

  • Josh, 20 years old

SuperBoost Wifi Reviews Price and Moneyback Guarantee

When you first look at the price, it might seem a little expensive for a wifi repeater. But when you consider the set of features you can enjoy from this device, the price is very much worth it for me.

And I have done even better for you. I have managed to grab an exclusive deal for my readers from the manufacturer. Instead of 66.58, you can get on Super Boost Wifi for only 39.95. And it gets better as you buy more.

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For example, when you get two, the price is a mere £69.95 when it was supposed to be £133.17! for three, the cumulative price is £99.95 instead of £199.75. And best of all, you can get 4 Super Boost Wifi repeater for only £129.95 from my review. Otherwise, you’d have to pay £266.33!

And I kept the biggest surprise for the last! You can send it back within 30 days of purchase if you don’t like the product. Yes, it’s a solid 30-day moneyback guarantee from the manufacturer!


If you’re an internet user, you are bound to have faced issues with it. With the advancement in internet technology, the severity of the issues is less but they’re still there. And for wifi, getting full coverage from one router is more of a dream than a reality.

So, read SuperBoost Wifi reviews and understand what the products can do for you. Get them for a tremendous discount before time runs out!

SuperBoost Wifi
Wifi range extender and repeater
9 Total Score
SuperBoost Wifi Review: Does it Actually Work?

The compact wifi repeater that works as a range extender, access point, and router.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
  • No complex setup
  • Plug and play
  • Compact size
  • Great connectivity
  • Three modes
  • Sometimes interferes with other networks
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