smart DOT Review 2021: Protection Against Harmful Electromagnetic Fields

As we become more dependent on technology, our exposure to electromagnetic radiation increases. As a result, our mobile phones, computers, and Wi-Fi routers emit ectromagnetic fields (EMFs) that can have negative impacts on our bodies. Today we have a device that claims that it can retune this harmful radiation and absorbs it to keep your body healthy. But – is it really effective in negating and repelling EMFs? After reading all the smart DOT reviews, let’s do an honest assessment to see how good this device really is.

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Electromagnetic Radiation is Everywhere

All electronic devices, may it be a phone, tablet, computer, or others, have EMF. Hence, if you are a parent, you should be concerned about all the radiation exposure your children are experiencing every day.

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Studies are being conducted as to the extent of radiation our bodies retain from gadgets as we use them. It is impossible to completely stay away from wireless devices because they are in every corner we turn. Hence, exposure to EMF is inevitable. Therefore, we cannot ignore the adverse health effects that EMFs pose on our health.

smartDOT EMF Harmoniser

Energydot’s smart DOT review is made to be an EMF harmoniser that is perfect to use as an EMF protection for your home. It is a small, low powered, controlled magnet that uses high vibrating natural energy. Its purpose? To retune EMFs from various wireless devices around you.

The smart DOT UK home device offsets harmful radiation from its source before it penetrates your body. Because of this capability, it is advertised as the best EMF protection UK has.

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smart DOT Reviews: How Is It?

It’s  a tech patch that acts as a filtering system against harmful EMFs. In my smart DOT reviews, I found it the only Energydot that can stop EMF effects from the source. It doesn’t require any electricity or complicated setups to begin harmonising radiation.

EMF shielding materials specifically Phi energy from the magnet negates the EMFs found in everyday devices and fine-tunes the toxic radiation to a more natural state that can no longer harm your body.

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smartDOT UK Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 34 x 34 x 1 millimeter
  • Weighs: 1 gram
  • Material: Acrylic Vinyl, Magnetic Sheeting
  • Colour: Orange and White
  • Operating Radius: 1 meter
  • Waterproof: Yes

smart DOT Reviews: How to Use It?

EMFs from devices aren’t common knowledge. Most of us cling onto technology without realizing the adverse effects it can have on our body. Thankfully, this EMF protection device can help repel and sanitize these harmful radiation without complex applications.

Peel the paper covering and stick it onto wireless devices or battery compartments. Choose one that causes you discomfort and electro-stress. These can be gaming consoles, mobile phones, or Wi-Fi routers. Absolutely any electronic devices work for smart DOT review.

There is no specific way to attach this technopatch. From other smartDOT reviews, I found one per device is ideal.

Benefits and Advantages of the smart DOT

The smartDOT offers a plethora of advantages that are vital to keeping your body safe from harmful radiation.

  • Independent Reliable Research and Tests: Always trust the experts when it comes to you and your family’s health. smart DOT reviews have been researched extensively and independently by thousands of people.
  • Protections from EMF Transmitting Devices: The standard devices we use like tables, smart meters, televisions, smartphones, and wireless peripherals all transmit EMF. Since avoiding these devices is virtually impossible, the best step to take is to use this product to protect yourself and those around you by allowing it to filter the dangers of radiation.
  • Relief From Electro-Stress Symptoms: Are you suffering from headaches, body aches, fatigue, and anxiety from using your smartphone or computer for extended periods? Then, you might be struggling with electro-stress. It harmonizes the EMF radiation that causes these problems so you can use your devices with no fear or stress.
  • Compatible With All Devices: The smart DOT reviews is compatible with all devices. Therefore, you can easily stick them on the back or hidden compartments of your wireless devices. The best part is that the EMF protection patch will not interfere with any of your device’s functionality.

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smart DOT Reviews from Real Users

So, does smartDOT really work? Well, there’s no way we can tell it from our user perspective. But Electromagnetic Force or EMF has been known to create headaches, nausea, and other health problems if exposed for longer. Apart from my own experience, I went online to see what other people have to say about this.

“I never knew what was wrong with me until I decided to give this one a try. I was constantly struggling with headaches and dizziness. Since I’ve used them on all my gadgets, my phone, laptop, router, I’ve slept better, and I don’t experience headaches like I used to. I am not sure  if the product is working the magic but it has certainly been good for me.”

Amy A.

“I have read about the harmful effects of electronics a lot. I was always paranoid with what the radiation would do to me. So, as soon as I came upon a review, I decided to give it a shot. I don’t know if it works or not, but I can sleep peacefully at night knowing I have some protective measure.


“You can never be too careful. I used it to protect my baby from all the radiation in the house.”

Mandy C.

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Price and money-back guarantee

This product by EnergyDots is available in three different packages. The more you buy, the more you save! I recommend for the 3-pack with 2 free. You can surprise 4 of your friends with this amazing deal!

In addition, EnergyDots offers a hassle-free 90-day money-back guarantee and easy return process for all their customers should you be unsatisfied with the product.

smart DOT FAQ

Who Makes smartDOT?

The product is manufactured in the USA by a company called EnergyDots. A lot of research and development has gone into making the product.

Is smartDOT a Scam?

There are enough reasons to think that this is a scam. But do you want to take the risk? Research and independent reviews on the internet say that users have seen improvement in their sleep and overall health conditions.

Where Can I Buy smartDOT?

You can directly get it from the manufacturer’s website. But if you don’t want to miss that amazing opportunity to save a lot on bulk purchase, get it from my smart DOT reviews!

what is smart DOT made of?

The product is made from a low powered yet a very powerful magnet. The magnet is enclosed with the highest quality material to give it a long lifespan.

How Does smart DOT EMF protection work?

It’s a magnet that retunes the electromagnetic energy radiated by the devices. The harmful wave lengths are tuned in a way that they get neutralized.


As we grow more and more dependent on technology avoiding electromagnetic radiation has become impossible. It is the best solution on how to protect yourself from EMF. It can safeguard your family from harmful radiation. The product alleviates electro-stress symptoms and filters EMFs directly from its source. With it, you can keep your mind at ease and your body healthy.

9.7 Total Score
smart DOT Review 2021: Protection Against Harmful Electromagnetic Fields

Value for Money
Ease of use
  • Easy to use
  • Safe
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Effectiveness not established scientifically
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