Saalt Cup Review: Is It Worth the Hype?

Women everywhere are constantly seeking new ways to make dealing with our monthly visitors more bearable. That’s why menstrual cups were a game-changer. Here is one of the menstrual cups in the market claiming to be every woman’s next best friend. In this Saalt Cup review, let’s see if it’s worth the hype!

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The stress of the menstrual period

Being on your period means a highly stressful week of worries. Aside from suffering the irritating, even excruciating pain of period cramps, we also have to be conscious about whether or not we’ve stained through our clothes.

saalt cup review

These tiny, flexible funnels catch period fluid once inserted into the vagina. They hold much more fluid than any other feminine hygiene product. You can use a cup for as long as 12 hours, depending on how heavy your flow is.

This eliminates the hassle of changing your pad every other hour. They’ve also opened the door for a conversation on feminine hygiene, reminding us that it’s okay to openly talk about periods.

Presenting the Saalt Cup

According to Saalt menstrual cup reviews, it was designed primarily with women’s comfort and convenience as its top priority. The founder, Cherie, started Saalt as a response to a lack of feminine hygiene materials available to her friends and family in Venezuela. Her company envisions a world with cleaner, safer period care accessible to everyone.

Saalt Cup Review: How Is It?

The menstrual cup is a reusable, silicone menstrual cup that collects rather than absorbs your period fluids. It comes in two sizes: Small (20 ml) and Regular (30 ml). Their products vary in size and firmness, catering to women of different ages and lifestyles. It offers a personalised quiz on their website to help you determine which Saalt Cup size is the perfect fit for you.

saalt cup

This cup is smooth, firm, bouncy, and opens up quite easily. It’s so comfortable that you won’t have to even think about for hours on end. That way, you can stay active, relaxed, and worry-free even on your period. This is an excellent alternative to the Diva Cup, which some have called uncomfortable.

How Do You Use It?

As with most menstrual cups, Saalt Cup UK helps to lubricate the cup to make insertion easier. To insert your cup, fold and hold it with clean hands. It might help to place it a little lower than you would a tampon. Then, insert your cup facing towards your tailbone.

Once inside, let it pop open and rotate slightly to create a light seal. After about twelve hours, remove the cup, wash it with a mild soap or a Saalt cup wash, and then re-insert.

Benefits and Advantages

Saalt reviews reveal its many benefits and advantages.

Hypoallergenic Material. Made from medical-grade silicone, this is a soft and flexible cup that is toxin-free and hypoallergenic.

saalt menstrual cup reviews

Great Customer Service. Saalt Cup UK users can testify that the company’s stellar customer service is a huge comfort. They encourage people to join the conversation to break taboos and educate others about period care.

Wallet and Environment Friendly. Aside from benefitting from all the conveniences of a Saalt soft cup UK, you will also be saving yourself a fortune by not buying mountains of pads that you would typically just throw away and clog landfills with.

Saalt Menstrual Cup Reviews from Users

My period came two days before my wedding. I panicked and got anxious. Then I found this product on Saalt menstrual cup reviews. I tried the duo pack, and I’m never going back to tampons or pads ever again.

Erica T.

I need everyone to know that I adore it. I never thought I’d feel so strongly about a period product. It was a life-changing discovery, and in this Saalt cup review, I recommend it to everyone I know.

Annie I.

I tried using my Saalt Cup UK for the first time last week, and it was terrific. The small-sized cup fit perfectly, and I was able to get the hang of it right away. I tested it by running a 22-mile training run on the strongest day of my period, and there was absolutely no leakage!

Emory C.

Price and Money-Back Guarantee

Saalt packages range from $29 to $47. Their most popular package is the Saalt Duo Pack, which includes two cups. They also have a special Soft Cup, for the ultimate comfort.

They offer great wholesale deals on their website, and you can use a Saalt cup coupon to further lower the price. What’s even better, is that shipping to the UK and the EU is free! If negotiating a refund is necessary, you may contact their customer service directly.

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Is It Worth It?

It’s time to bring our uterus to the forefront of the conversation. The Saalt Cup is a pioneer in feminine hygiene. A long list of positive user reviews would testify for its worth, but the best way to verify this is to try it for yourself.

9 Total Score
Saalt Cup

Value for money
Ease of use
  • Hypoallergenic and toxin-free
  • Effectively prevents leaks
  • Safe
  • Environment-friendly
  • Might take getting used to
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