PhotoStick Omni Review 2024: The Best USB Backup Device in the Market

We’ve all had to endure a time in our life when we lost valuable data from either our computers or mobile. There are very few things as painful as losing precious memories and important files. That’s exactly what PhotoStick OMNI targets!

It’s an innovative backup device that can store up to 120,000 of your photos without any need to manually find and sort them! I’ve been using the device for quite some time now. I’ve also used the original PhotoStick. And let me tell you, the Photo Stick OMNI is much faster and more advanced than the original one.

For a price of £45.46 for the 32GB variant, PhotoStick OMNI is one of the best investments you can ever make for your backup purposes. In my PhotoStick OMNI review today, I’m going to break down the features and the benefits I’ve experienced.


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Article updated: 22 May 2024

What is PhotoStick OMNI?

ThePhotoStick OMNI is a USB 3.0 backup device that you can plug into any device you own and back up the important data safely. The Photo Stick OMNI has left an amazing impression on me because I didn’t have to do anything other than tap a few buttons on my computer.

ThePhotoStick OMNI found and sorted all my photos and videos by itself as soon as I plugged it in. in my opinion, it’s a huge upgrade from the original PhotoStick and PhotoStick Mobile because the Photo Stick OMNI features USB 3.0 interface. It’s roughly 10 times faster than USB 2.0!

Another reason why I like this backup device so much is the ease of use. ThePhotoStick OMNI comes with a universal adapter that you can use on any device. The adapter features a Type C connector, a micro USB connector, a regular USB connector for the Photo Stick OMNI, and an Apple connector.

photostick omni


PhotoStick OMNI is offered in three different storage options. You can get the 32 GB variant if you’re looking for a way to backup up to 15,000 photos. If you need more space, you can always go with the 128 GB and the 25G GB variants.

The benefit of getting a higher capacity PhotoStick OMNI is that you save more money. The larger capacities are more tightly priced than the 32 GB variant.

ThePhotoStick OMNI has mobile apps for both Android and iOS. You can find the apps on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

The biggest benefit of getting The Photo Stick OMNI in my opinion is the safety. Once you backup the important stuff from your devices, you don’t have to worry about losing the data anymore. Even if your computer crashes or a hacker encrypts your data, you always have the backup.

photostick omni features

Now, ThePhotoStick OMNI is not invincible. It will fail at some point over the years. But the likelihood of your computer crashing is much higher than the Photo Stick OMNI crashing.

Who is PhotoStick OMNI For?

ThePhotoStick OMNI might be a perfect fit for you if you move around a lot or change devices a lot. In both cases, you have a higher chance of losing your precious photos. But if you have all of them backed up in the USB drive, you’re good to go!

How to Use PhotoStick OMNI?

Using the Photo Stick OMNI is as simple as plugging it into your device. The drive comes pre-installed with software to find and sort all of your media files automatically. You can directly plug it into your computer and wait for the interface to pop up.

how to use photostick omni

For mobile devices, you need to download ThePhotoStick OMNI app. Through the app, you can either select the automatic backup option or the manual option. The manual option lets the pick the files you want to back up.

Pros & Cons of ThePhotoStick OMNI


  • Comes in 3 different capacities
  • USB 3.0 interface for up to 4800 megabits/second transfer
  • Finds, sorts, and backs up the data automatically
  • Compact design for better portability
  • Comes with a universal adapter
  • A one-time purchase


  • The sorting is not perfect


The PhotoStick OMNI Reviews from the Users

Whenever I review a new product, I always go onto the internet to see what real users have to say about it. I already know that the original PhotoStick was very popular among the users. So, let’s see what the Photo Stick OMNI users have to say.

I actually don’t believe in these backup devices. It feels like they’re marketing impossible things like ‘sorting’ automatically. However, my perspective toward ThePhotoStick OMNI changed when my son got it for himself. I’ve never seen him more surprised. The bottom line is, the device works like a charm.

Tom, 42 years old

“I lost all my data from my phone last year. It was an expensive model I didn’t realize it could die on me like that. After I got my new phone, I immediately ordered PhotoStick OMNI. I’ve previously read lots of good reviews about it. As expected, all of my photos and videos are now safely backed up. I refresh it from time to time as well to keep the backups updated.”

Kevin, 35 years old

“The name ThePhotoStick OMNI got my attention as soon as I came across a review. Coincidentally, I was considering a cloud-based backup service at that time. After I saw this USB driver, I thought why pay a monthly subscription when I can buy a huge space right now? So, I got the 256 GB one and it’s been serving me amazingly.”

Margot, 27 years old

PhotoStick OMNI Price & Moneyback Guarantee

The price was one of the biggest selling points for the original PhotoStick series. The same is true for this advanced variant as well. And if you purchase right now from my link, you can save a very generous amount during checkout.

For example, you can get the 32 GB variant for only £45.46 instead of the retail for £56.82. Similarly, the 128 GB will cost you £75.77 and the price for the 256 GB variant is £113.65!


As you can see, the higher capacity you get, the less you have to pay for ‘per GB’ of space! Moreover, the Photo Stick OMNI comes directly from the manufacturer to ensure the legitimacy and authenticity of the product.

Moreover, the manufacturer is offering a whopping 60-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the product or services!


1.      Does PhotoStick OMNI really works?

The original PhotoStick series has proven its authenticity over and over again. And from my personal experience, I can assure you that the Photo Stick OMNI works.

2.      Where can I get PhotoStick OMNI?

You’re looking right at it! All you need to do is click my link and grab the amazing deal before time runs out.

3.      Is PhotoStick OMNI a scam?

If you purchase the product from anywhere other than the manufacturer, there is always a chance that you might get scammed. Hence, I always recommend getting authentic products.


If you think you’re at greater risk of losing your data from your computer or smartphone, you should definitely consider investing in a good-quality backup device like the Photo Stick OMNI. It’s one of the best USB thumb drivers money can buy.

If you do decide to get the drive, make sure you’re getting it directly from the manufacturer. There have been many scammers trying to capitalize on the PhotoStick Brand. To make sure that you get the authentic product, simply order from here.

PhotoStick OMNI
USB 3.0 Backup Drive
9.3 Total Score
PhotoStick OMNI Review 2024: Does it work or is it a Scam?

Value for Money
Ease of Use
  • Comes in 3 different capacities
  • USB 3.0 interface for up to 4800 megabits/second transfer
  • Finds, sorts, and backs up the data automatically
  • Compact design for better portability
  • Comes with a universal adapter
  • A one-time purchase
  • The sorting is not perfect
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