Peeps Glasses Cleaner Review 2021: The Best Eyeglass Cleaner in History?

Peeps Glasses Cleaner is a brand new eyeglass cleaner that is equipped with a carbon brush that’s more effective at removing oil and dirt from your glasses. Additionally, this product was first used and developed by one of NASA’s space stations. For this reason, the company claims that it’s the safest lens cleaner in the market. Is this true? Find out in the Peeps Glasses Cleaner reviews below.

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T-Shirt and Rags are not good for your lenses

Let’s be honest, microfibers are good but we grew tired of using them after a couple of months. When this happens, we resort to the good old’ rags and t-shirts to get the job done. However, this is a bad practice to clean your glasses because they can damage or scratch their surface.

Reading glasses are expensive and no one wants to use scratched and dirty glasses. It’s not just uncomfortable, but it’s annoying. So, how does a carbon eyeglass cleaner work and is it a good value for your money?

For this reason, we created this Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner reviews. Does Peeps Glasse Cleaners work? Or is it another scam?

We created our own Peeps Carbon Clean review to give you a detailed product overview and how it compares to other products available in the market today.

What is Peeps Glasses Cleaner Reviews?

Peeps eyeglass cleaner is the only glass cleaners that will keep your glasses free from oil and smudge inside and out. It removes dust build-up with its brush and carbon pads. It gets in every corner of your reading glasses or any eyewear, keeping every as clean as possible.

The Peeps cleaner is the only lens cleaner that is using aerospace technology. It has two main parts: the retractable brush and the rechargeable pad. It’s important to realize that Peeps Carbon Clean is using non-abrasive pads that leave your reading glasses free from micro-scratches because the pads are actually lifting the dirt instead of rubbing them.

Currently, Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner has sold a stunning 1.5 million purchases. It’s become one of the most popular products in the market today. CarbonKlean Peeps claims you can use the pads 500 times before you replace them. It’s easy to use, even kids will not have a hard time using it.

peeps glasses cleaner review

Notably, the pads are so smooth and soft that you’ll be confident they won’t damage your lenses. Additionally, you can use Peeps Carbon Kleen even if you’re using a lens that has a special coating.

CarbonKlean also has other products like SmartKlear and ScreenKlean. These are squeegee-like cleaner that’s best to use for screens on smartphones, computer, and tablets.

How does Peeps Glass Cleaner Reviews work?

Peeps glasses cleaner reviews has two parts lens cleaning process; First, you take the carbon brush. Importantly, this carbon brush is equipped with an invisible carbon mixed into it that lifts grease, dust, and oil from your eyewear without leaving a scratch.

According to Peeps Carbon Eyeglass Cleaner review, the carbon brush is small about an inch in diameter. By moving the brush to clean lenses, the invisible carbon lifts and picks up any foreign object from your reading glasses.

The second part of the process requires you to take out the Peeps Lens Cleaner pads. They are the black pads at the ends. Slide the tweezer back and forth over your lens.

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How to use Peeps Glasses Cleaner Reviews

First, you have to push the handle on the side to get the Peeps eyeglass cleaner retractable brush. Additionally, a cap will come out from the opening, this is to keep lint or dust from sticking.

peeps glasses cleaner

Secondly, you have to hold your reading glasses on one hand while the other hand will slide the Peeps eyeglass cleaner at every surface. This will lift up all debris that has built up or trapped into your lenses.

Notably, the cleaner on the opposite side of the brush has a plastic cover for protection. You have to open the cover to reveal the two pads. Remember, these pads are recharged every time you place them back in.

Use the soft carbon pads by pressing down on the Peeps Glasses Cleaner reviews. Because these pads have invisible carbon mixed into them, it removes any blemish on the surface of your lens.

Benefits of Peeps Glasses Cleaner Reviews

You might be wondering, are Peeps Glasses Cleaner any good? Well, it is indeed. I have been using it for several months and my glasses have never been cleaner!

  • Versatile: Not just reading glasses, but according to other Peeps Glass Cleaner Reviews, it cleans almost any eyewear like aviators and sunglasses too. Surprisingly, it can clean even smartphone and tablet screens as well leaving everything on its path free from fingerprints and blemishes.
  • Carbon Molecules: Because Peeps carbon glasses cleaner is equipped with carbon molecules, its oil-absorbing capabilities are close to none. According to CarbonKlean, the company behind Peeps eyeglass cleaner the carbon is “specially formulated” making it the best tool for getting rid of oils on your eyewear.

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  • Better than Newspapers: In the past, you’ll notice the people used to use newspaper to clean windows or just about any glass surface. The reason for this is the ink used in newspapers is carbon-based that’s why it has excellent oil absorption qualities.
  • Used by NASA: Furthermore, this technology is used by none other than NASA and the US military to clean their lenses. One obvious benefit of this technology is that NASA doesn’t want to leave any scratches on the surface of any of their lenses.

Peeps Glasses Cleaner Reviews from Users

I hate any blemish on my eyewear, be it sunglasses, reading glasses, and aviators. Luckily, Peeps Glass Cleaner reviews did wonders and came as a huge surprise. And it works well with cleaning any of my smartphone and tablet screens.
The technology does work. If NASA and the military are using it, no doubt it’s an advanced technology. My glasses always look like new. It doesn’t have fingerprints and the lenses are crystal clear. Thanks for this amazing product.
I have always been sensitive to scratches and marks left by the oil from my body parts. It’s irritating to see dirty glasses. Using it is even worse. Thanks to Peeps glass cleaners, I don’t have to experience this dilemma on a daily basis. I’ll be watching any of their products from here on out. I’m sure it’s gonna be awesome just like this one.

Where to buy Peeps Glasses Cleaner Reviews?

Well, you can’t buy reviews. But you can certainly get your hands on the Peeps eyeglass cleaner and its advanced technology used by NASA and the military, a lot of people have a missed conception that this product is expensive. The truth is, it’s the exact opposite. The Peeps glasses cleaner actually costs $19.99.

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However, if you order 2 Peeps glasses cleaner reviews, you’ll get 1 free and if you order 3, you’ll get 2 more free. Nothing can be surprising as the truth. Additionally, all purchases come with free shipping within US territory.


1. How long do Peeps Eyeglass Cleaners last?

According to the manufacturer, one carbon brush will last you up to 500 cleans. However, in my review, I have found it to vary depending on how dirty the glasses are, how much of the dust contains oil, etc. The same goes for you.

2. Who makes Peeps eyeglass cleaner?

The company behind the magical Peeps Glasses Cleaner reviews is CarbonKlean. It’s a manufacturer based in Ohio. It makes eco-freindly cleaning products, mostly using carbon brushes. The Peeps Glasses Cleaner is a signature item that you can purchase from my link!

3. Does Peeps eyeglass cleaner work?

Yes, it does! If you don’t believe any of the Peeps Glasses Cleaner reviews on the internet, just get one and try for yourself. You’ll see how easily it takes off all the gunk and dust from your eyeware. It doesn’t matter if it’s an eyeglass, a sunglass, or your expensive pair of Raybans!

4. How to use Peeps Glasses Cleaner?

Using the Peeps Glasses Cleaner reviews is one of the easiest thing you can do to quickly clean your eyeware. There is a carbon brush that does the heavy lifting for you. You just grab the product by its handle and rub on your eyeglasses. It’s more efficient than any microfiber cloth you can buy on the market! There are integrated microfiber pads that safely remove all the dust particles, no matter how abrasive they are!


The Peeps carbon clean is a good investment of both money and time. The fact that it removes dirt and other blemishes on your eyewear efficiently actually translates to higher productivity. Since you would be free from spending extra time cleaning your eyewear. It also lessens distractions thereby keeping you focused on your most important work.

Since we know that prevention is better than cure, it’s also the same when you’re using expensive lenses. It’s always better to prevent any micro-scratches in your lenses than buying another pair of lenses.

Interestingly, Peeps Glasses Cleaner reviews is eco-friendly too. Every product that is mindful of the environment is always the better choice.

Keep Glasses Crystal Clear – No Cloth Required!
9 Total Score

Peeps™ Glasses Cleaner is the new way of keeping your lenses spotless and crystal clear. The product comes with brush and a cleaning pad to prevent scratches away.

Value for money
Ease of use
  • The materials are strong and durable.
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Useful for any eyewear
  • Safe for all kinds of lenses
  • Portable
  • Approved by NASA
  • The pads are falling after many uses
  • Free shipping is only for the US
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