ODii Review 2024: The Handiest Retrieval Tool

We’ve all been a victim of losing things to tight spaces. Whether it’s keys behind a cabinet or clothes behind the dryer, it’s something you can’t get past. It’s the retrieving process that introduces the challenge. In most cases, it’s impossible to jam your hands in there. That’s exactly where ODii reviews come into play.

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Article updated: 9 July 2024

The 4D Space Behind Your Appliances

The tight spaces in your car, home, or even work are no less dangerous than the 4D pocket of Doraemon. Things just disappear. Sadly, we’re all too bulky to get our hands in those spaces to retrieve the lost item.

Interestingly, it’s a global problem and we believe it’s one of the oldest problems in the history of humankind. What’s more shocking is how no one thought of developing a tool to retrieve lost objects hundreds of years ago?

Here at Digitogy.eu, we are always looking for gadgets that we can relate with. Gadgets that we can actually incorporate into our lives. Following the same legacy, we came across probably an innovation of a lifetime a few months back.

Yes, we’re referring to the ODii grab it gadget. This post is all about the ODii reviews from our colleagues and the real users. Let’s get right to it.

What is ODii Pick Up Tool?

When you hear the name ODii the first time, it might not make any sense to you. But when we say ODii grab it gadget, you get somewhat an idea of what it might be, don’t you?

ODii is simply a tool designed particularly for retrieving objects from tight spaces. It’s equipped with all the functionalities you can hope for from such a tool. It’s small yet very powerful. The best thing is, it fits anywhere you want it to.

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Features of ODii Pick Up Tool

So, what features does this ODii pick up tool come with? Why are the people at Digitogy.eu going crazy to order them in bulks? Let’s find out.


  • Flexible Claw: The primary function of the tool is getting things out of tight spaces. To make it as seamless as possible, ODii grab it gadget has a flexible wand with a claw attached at the end. You can control the claw to grab and release objects.
  • Retractable Magnet: The innovators of ODii pick up tool didn’t let it go at the claws. They included a powerful retractable magnet to get those loose changes or anything metal.
  • Included LED: There’s also a LED light that comes as an attachment to the product. It’s very handy and thoughtful because you can’t see anything behind big appliances or furniture.
  • Up to 10 lbs. Capacity: The ODii grabber may look tiny and harmless but it can lift up to 10 lbs. of weight! That’s a lot of strength from a very compact tool.

How to Use ODii Grab it Gadget?

The design of this product is so seamless that everyone from a kid to an elderly person can use it without any hiccups. It has a handle on the top end with a plunger inside. You just grab ODii pick up tool by the handle and pull the plunger to control the claw. The claw is in the open position by default.

odii grab it gadget

Both the claw and the magnet are retractable. You can pull them out to your desired length based on how far of an object you want to reach. The LED flashlight comes on and off seamlessly.

Benefits & Advantages of ODii Grab it Gadget

Now that you know about the product in a little more detail, let’s take a look at the most amazing benefits you can enjoy.

odii pick up tool

  • Up to 23” Coverage: Using the magnet, you can cover up to 23 inches of distance. It might not seem like much but it’s more than enough to retrieve anything from anywhere. The claw goes up to 19”.
  • One Size Fits All: It’s something we can’t say for a lot of products. The ODii pick up tool works phenomenally well for homes, cars, schools, or any other scenario where you may have lost something.
  • Compact: The compact and portable design makes ODii pick up tool a breeze to store and carry. Just throw it into the kitchen drawer or in your backpack.

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ODii Reviews from Real Users

I have used this grabber on more than one occasion. I loved it. But it’s not fair for me to thump my opinion on you. So, I went around the office and asked other Digitogy.eu members about how they’ve benefited. So, here’s their ODii reviews.

“I instantly wanted one as soon as I saw it. I’m very clumsy in the laundry room and I lose socks, underwear all the time behind the dyer. This ODii grab it gadget has saved me lots of arguments with my wife.”

Robert, 38

“It was me who brought in the sample. I loved it the moment I saw it. My car, my home, and my office desk have ODii ultimate grab it gadget as of now. I may get even more.”

Ruby, 29

“At first I didn’t want to use it. But when I saw pretty much everyone around the office talking about this amazing product, I could not help but borrow one for a few days. And now, I have one in the shipping!”

Alex, 31

ODii Reviews Price & Money Back Guarantee

So, you’re willing to get some ODii reviews for yourself. Well, you’re already in the right place and we’ve got the best deal directly from the manufacturer.

odii ultimate grab it gadget

You can get 1 grabber for £23.05 only. In traditional Digitogy style, you can get 1 free if you buy 2 for only £46.11. And lastly, get 2 free if you buy 3 for a jaw-dropping £69.16.

Not only that, the manufacturer is offering 30 days money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the services.

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Say bye to the days of saying bye to objects in tight spaces. You can retrieve practically anything with ODii grab it gadget as long as it’s under 10 pounds. Place your order before the stock runs out!

ODii Grab it Gadget
The ultimate grabber of things from tight spaces.
9.5 Total Score
ODii Review 2024: Does it Work or Just Another Scam?

ODii is the ultimate grabber tool to retrieve lost items from tight spaces.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
  • Compact
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to use
  • Has a claw & a magnet
  • Covers up to 23"
  • Has a flashlight
  • Can't hold more than 10 lbs.
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