NeckRelax Review 2024: A True Neck Massager or Another Scam?

Have you ever experienced a sudden urge to massage your neck while you’re reading, watching a movie, or working on your computer? We’ve all done it and some of us still do it. But today, I’m here with a solution to it. Read my NeckRelax review from top to bottom.

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The Pain in the Neck

Neck pain is one of those common pains in our body that comes and goes from time to time. Just like our backs hurt a little when we sleep on the wrong side and our feet hurt when we walk over our limits.

But for some, neck pain can become a real issue. There might not be any underlying medical issues behind the pain, which makes it even more irritating.

Our busy lifestyles are one of the main culprits behind neck pain. We sit straight throughout the day. It causes our neck muscles to tense up over time and even causes inflammation in some cases.

Or, it might be an old injury that doesn’t have any treatment except for therapy from time to time. Whatever your case may be, the NeckRelax reviews I’m going to share today will certainly help.

I have been struggling with neck pain for as long as I remember. It all goes back to me sitting in front of my computer for hours at a time to play games. And I’ve paid my price. The point of this post is the show you how the device has made my miserable life a little easier.

NeckRelax Reviews: What is it?

If you’re familiar with the modern tech world, you might know that there is a massager for every part of your body now. My review is just one of them. It looks like a collar that you wear on your neck, adjust the settings and let it work on your neck muscles.


The whole purpose of the NeckRelax reviews is to relieve the tension in your neck muscles that you’ve built up over years of negligence.

The NeckRelax reviews utilize a technology called Electronic Pulse Massage (EPM). It includes high-frequency vibrations that lose up the tendon on your neck muscles. You’ll be glad to know that the Neck Relax even creates infrared heat to improve the blood flow of the affected region.

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The manufacturer claims that the device will start to show results in 10 minutes. Along with your neck pain, this amazing massager can help you with your shoulder pain as well.

When you read my review, you’ll know that it can do 3 treatments at once. It comes as a neck collar device that provides infrared heat, high-frequency vibrations, and pulse massage from the integrated electrode pads.

NeckRealex Reviews: Features and Benefits of NeckRelax UK

I have been using the Neck Relax for quite some time now and I have to admit that this device has helped me with my neck pain a lot. I don’t understand all the features myself. But I’m going to list them here that I got from other NeckRealx reviews on the internet. Think of the list as a mixture of my experience and my research.

  • High-Frequency Vibrations: This is the feature that I liked the most in my NeckRelax review. It helped me on numerous nights to fall asleep by relaxing my muscles.
  • Infrared heat: It’s quite an advanced technology that you don’t find in many massages. But the Neck Relax comes with it and I am extremely happy with how it performs. It’s supposed to increase the blood flow to the affected region and help with muscle soreness. I didn’t feel all of that, but I certainly felt a warm sensation that feels really good on my neck.
  • Electro-simulation: The feature that distinguished NeckRelax reviews from any other massager. It has two electrode pads that create electronic pulses to target the large muscles. It helps with recovering from the tensed-up muscles.

neckrelax features

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  • Battery Powered: Another huge reason you should invest in this device. This device works simply on two AAA batteries. There is no hassle of charging it or connecting it to a wall outlet. Just pop in the batteries and go with it wherever you want.
  • Comfortable: An area where many neck massagers fail to impress the user. But not the Neck Relax. It fits very nicely on your neck. There are adjustable arms that you can use to make the fitment just as you want.

How to Use the NeckRelax Reviews

One of the things I liked a lot about the Neck Relax is that there was no assembly. I didn’t have to put anything together before I could use it. I just took it out of the box, installed the batteries, and started using it.

You can do the same. Whether you are getting it for yourself or an elderly person in the family, there is virtually no learning curve. There are buttons on the surface of the collar that lets you circle between the modes and adjust the intensity of the settings.

how to use neckrelax

Put it on your neck and sit back to relax. The NeckRelax reviews state that it takes no more than 10 minutes to show effect. I have found the same results in my NeckRelax review.

It’s very compact and portable. If you want to take it to your work, just put it in your backpack, and off you go. And it will fit nicely into any suitcase if you’re going on a trip to relax.

NeckRelax Reviews from Users

If you don’t want to take my word in favor of the Neck Relax, don’t. In fact, you shouldn’t blindly trust anyone, let alone the manufacturer of a product. And that’s why I always hop on the internet to find out what real users have to say about a product.

I have taken the same route for my review. Let’s see what other people have to say about the innovative neck massager.

“Neck pain and I have been holding hands for years. I don’t know the reason behind it. Even the doctors don’t. I just know that it causes me a lot of pain suddenly. One day, one of my colleagues witnessed an episode. And he was kind enough to suggest to me the NeckRelax reviews. Believe it or not, I can control the pain better than ever now!”

  • Brittany, 30 years old

“My dad had been in a car accident a few years ago. He hurt one of his top spinal cords. And it caused him a lot of pain throughout the years. The doctors couldn’t do anything except for infrared heat therapy. Then I came across a NeckRelax review on the internet. It seemed like something that daddy needed. I ordered it immediately. Now, the pain is certainly there, but it’s a lot better than being in constant pain.”

  • Sofia, 26 years old

“I am a big fan of massagers. If any reader comes to my home, they will surely judge to hoard so many massagers for all kinds of pain. The Neck Relax UK is the latest addition to my collection. And I am loving it. It’s cute and small, and I can take it wherever I want!”

  • Julia, 37 years old

Neck Relax Cost and Moneyback Guarantee

If you’re wondering what’s the Neck Relax price, just click on my link. The manufacturer is having a limited-time offer going on and you should certainly take advantage of it.

You can get 1 Neck Relax device at £49 only, which is a 50% discount from the original £99 price tag! If you buy 2, you will get 1 for free, and this deal will cost you £92 only at a 69% discount. And lastly, the most amazing deal of them all, the package of 5 that you pay only £142, a whopping 72% discount!

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The manufacturer is also honest enough to allow a 30-day moneyback guarantee. So, if you change your mind after purchasing the massager and want to send it back, you will get a full refund.


I know how neck pain feels. And the innovative device has helped me a lot to minimize the suffering. As my reader, I want the same for you. So, go ahead and utilize my offer link to get yourself one! And don’t fall for any Neck Relax scam by wandering off on the internet!

9.2 Total Score
NeckRelax Review 2024: A True Neck Massager or Another Scam?

NeckRelax is an innovative neck collar that comes with infrared heat, high-frequency vibrations, and electrode pulse technology.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
  • Electrode Pulse Massage technology
  • High-frequency vibration
  • Infrared heat therapy
  • Battery powered
  • Portable
  • Starts working within 10 minutes
  • Not rechargeable
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