Mosquitron Review 2024: Does it Really Work or Another Scam?

If we have to think of universal hatred for any insect, it would be mosquitos. With the loud buzzing along with itchy stings, very few insects come close. You’d be glad to know that we have a great product that will keep mosquitos at bay. Keep reading our Mosquitron review to learn more.

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Article updated: 18 July 2024

What is Mosquitron Mosquito Killer?

mosquitron mosquito killer

Well, it’s right in the name. Our Mosquitron review is exploring the features of a mosquito killer. The manufacturer markets it as an “Intelligent UV light Mosquito Killer”. It works in a 360-degree fashion that captures mosquitos from all around!

The best thing about Mosquitron reviews is that it works on its one after you turn it on. No need to check on it. All you have to do is clean it from time to time so that the captured mosquitos don’t rotten inside.

The device itself is powered by USB. You can use regular phone chargers, computers, or power banks to power it.

One of the main justifications regarding why you should buy it is the harmful nature of mosquitos. If they only created itchy spots, we may not have despised them so much. But they also carry germs for sometimes fatal diseases like Malaria, West Nile virus, Chikungunya virus, Dengue, and whatnot.

Instead of using pesticides that may be harmful to the people around it, you should invest in the Mosquitron mosquito killer for a safer alternative.

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Mosquitron Features & Benefits

To check whether the claims of the manufacturer are true or not, we took multiple units and divided them among team members. They used the sample units for a week and got back to us. Here are the findings in terms of Mosquitron benefits you can enjoy.

mosquitron benefits

  • Intelligent Design: To be honest, we were just as confused as you are right now regarding the intelligent aspect of the product. During our Mosquitron reviews, we realized that it can detect time and automatically turn on and off. This makes operating the device a lot easier.
  • 360 LED: The main working principle of Mosquitron mosquito killer is attracting them with the UV LED light. It’s installed on the top part of the device, allowing mosquitos to come in from all different angles.
  • Suction Fan: What happens after the mosquitos come close, you ask? Well, they get sucked into the machine thanks to the suction trap.
  • Easy to Clean: To clean out the trapped mosquitos, all you have to do is take the bottom part apart and run it under tap water.
  • Efficient: The 5V motor of Mosquitron Reviews can cover up to 40 meters of area without adding practically anything to your energy bills. Very few mosquito killers in the market are as efficient as this one.
  • Non-Toxic: The product in question doesn’t use any chemicals to draw the insects in. So, there is no health hazard to it no matter how close you are.

Price & Money-Back Guarantee of Mosquitron Mosquito Killer

Are you sold on the Mosquitron mosquito killer? Planning to get one for yourself? Well, pay attention to this section to learn about the whole journey.

mosquitron price

Payment Options

When it comes to payment methods, you have 2 separate options. You can either use your existing credit card or use your Google Pay account. As for card brands, you’re free to use Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro in the UK.

Moneyback Guarantee

The manufacturer of Mosquitron mosquito killer doesn’t have the money-back guarantee that we usually see. Rather, it offers 3 years of warranty on your purchase as long as you’re willing to spend £14 extra.


All the Mosquitron reviews agree that it’s a very affordable product to begin with. But as readers, you can expect even more benefits. Let’s start with the massive 50% discount on single purchases! Instead of £178, you’ll pay only £89 as Mosquitron price.

If you bump up to 3 Mosquitrons, you get 2 of them free and the whole package will cost you only £267. Claim the offer before stock runs out!


You don’t have to use any coupon codes to avail of the promotion we just discussed. Just click the link and make the purchase.

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Technical Sheet

  • Dimensions: 17 x 13 CM
  • Power Output: 5v
  • Power Source: Continous
  • Interface: USB
  • Coverage: Up to 40 meters
  • Charging Time: 1 Hour
  • Cleaning Frequency: Once every 3 to 7 days
  • Operation: Auto (Light Sensor)/Manual

mosquitron review

How to Use Mosquitron?

To be fair, there is no learning curve for using the mosquito killer in question. You just plug it in, open up the light sensor, and forget about it. But if you’re confused, here are some steps you can follow to get started.

  1. Get the Mosquitron mosquito killer out of the box.
  2. Connect it to any 5v source. Phone chargers are usually the best to regulate the voltage going into the machine.
  3. Use the power button on top to turn it on. You should see the visible UV light.
  4. You can either keep it running as you see fit or use the intelligent mode. There is a covered-up light sensor that allows Mosquitron to turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn.

Customer Service

A good-quality customer support team can often change how you perceive a company. The manufacturer of Mosquitron reviews has an award-winning customer support team!

To reach out to the team, you can either call the international line at +44 20 3808 9234 or send emails to

Mosquitron Reviews from Real Users

What do the real users of this mosquito killer have to say, you ask? Well, we have to dive into the Mosquitron reviews on the internet to know about them. Here is what we managed to dig up in this review.

“The area I live in gets an insane amount of mosquitos every summer. I keep trying different products every year only to be disappointed. But this time, Mosquitron mosquito killer seems to have done it. My area is still swarming but none inside the house!”
“There was a time when I used to have harmful chemicals in my room just to keep safe from mosquito bites. Over time, it stopped working. I was looking for a good alternative. A friend was kind enough to suggest me this mosquito killer. Thankfully, I no longer have to breathe in the chemical fumes!”
“We have a lot of mosquito products lying around as we go camping pretty often. So far, only topical repellents have worked well. But we may be lucky enough this time because the product did its magic even outdoors!”

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Alternatives to Mosquitron Mosquito Killer

Mosquitron reviews dictate that it’s one of the best gadgets to keep Mosquitos away from where you live. At the same time, we have some amazing alternatives that you can check out too.

  • MoskiX: What we told you there is a wristband you can wear to repel mosquitos? Sounds too good to be true? Well, it won’t after you read our MoskiX review. The product creates an ultrasonic sound to keep mosquitos at bay.
  • BuzzBGone: If you’re tired of not only mosquitos but also insects of all kinds. BuzzBGone might be a great choice for you. You just hang it to attract all the insects and have a peaceful life.
  • Moskitron: This is perhaps the closest gadget to our Mosquitron review, manufactured by the same company. Moskitron uses fanless sucking properties to draw mosquitos and trap them inside.


Getting rid of mosquitos is one of the challenging tasks if you live in a particular climate. Let’s not get into how annoying these tiny little creatures can become. But it can all change if you decide to invest in Mosquitron reviews, a non-toxic and UV-light-powered mosquito killer.

You can get it for 50% off the retail price right now if you act now!

9.5 Total Score
Mosquitron Review 2024

Mosquitron mosquito killer is a portable UV light-powered device that sucks mosquitos in to kill them.

Ease of Use
Value for Money
  • Compact design
  • No harmful chemicals
  • No noise
  • Easy cleaning
  • No batteries required
  • Intelligent light sensor
  • Outdoor power source can be tricky
  • Online-only purchase
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