Luminas Reviews 2024: Patches For Pain Relief

The Luminas Pain Relief Patches have been causing plenty of speculation online. Many people confused about how the Luminas pain patch works. Like other pain patches, their aim is to soothe and alleviate the pain and aching of joints, muscles and bones. Patches are supposed to relieve pain within minutes – much faster than tablet painkillers – with no side effects and long-lasting impact. And these patches are no different.

The Luminas reviews show mixed effectiveness, with some claiming very impressive results. We’ll take a deeper dive into Luminas energy to understand what they are, how they work and what the customers leaving Luminas patches reviews are currently saying.

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Ideal for Long Term Illness

Pain relief solutions work differently for different people. Some people will find that painkiller tablets relieve their pain quickly and easily, while other people can’t take any oral medication due to nausea or irritation.  

And it’s not just those who can’t take tablets that struggle with typical pain relief: Athletes and people with strenuous jobs require hard-hitting relief that’s fast and long-lasting. They have to take store-bought tablets every four hours. But some people need something a little longer-lasting, so they can continue throughout the day without having to top up.

Luminas Pain Relief for Athletes

The Solution: Luminas Energy

Luminas pain relief patches are often found in the gym kits of professional athletes. Using advanced quantum physics technology, the Luminas energy patches push waves of pain relief to alleviate the tenderness.

The patches are chemical-free, so are a great painkiller for all ages and proudly boast no side effects. The Luminas patches for pain relief keep pain under control for up to 24hours, too, so there’s no need to use more than one.

Luminas reviews are quick to mention that Luminas pain relief patches don’t leave a rash or irritation when removed, and are also odourless. Easy application makes them ideal for kids or anyone who needs a quick fix while working out. (Note: The patch is not recommended as a pain reliever for the professional athletes.)

Options For Luminas Pain Relief Patches

Luminas patches have a number of different uses and as such, are available in a variety of different packs. Also in other Luminas pain relief reviews, you’ll find standard patches in different sizes, water-resistant ones and even nighttime patches. The classic, the pack contains 24 patches of medium and large to help cover pains of different sizes.

Luminas pain relief patches are made from Mylar fabric which is breathable and easy to wear. Inside the patch, it is charged with resonant carrier waves which can hone the pain-relieving energies. With over 200 natural remedies,  it can target the root of the pain within the joint or muscle. These remedies – such as magnesium, turmeric, Vitamin and ginger – have been used for centuries to reduce inflammation and keep pain under control.

When applied, the patch releases the right amount of relief directly into the muscle. This means the patch works faster than oral medication with longer-lasting impact. The Luminas is made of chemicals-free and harmful medications which make it safe for everyone. The Luminas reviews suggest that there are currently unknown side effects.

How To Use Luminas Pain Relief Patches

This bit is super simple. When you’ve identified the area that hurts the most, you can choose from either a medium or large patch to use. Peel back the protective strip and place the sticky side directly onto your body part that hurts. The patch will immediately start working and you should notice a reduction in your symptoms pretty quickly.

If the pain isn’t subsiding using a medium patch, you can remove it and try the larger size. Alternatively, if you find you’re aching in more than one place, you can use several patches around the body all at once, without suffering from any side effects. Unlike paracetamol and other standard painkillers, there’s no chance of overdosing.

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Luminas Reviews: Benefits & Advantages

As we mentioned before, Luminas reviews are pretty mixed online. Some don’t believe in their effectiveness, while others are impressed by their ease of use. Below, we’ve highlighted a few benefits and advantages to help you decide for yourself.

Relieves Pain & Inflammation

Based on clinical trial, the Luminas energy patches can reduce pain from a 7/10 to a 4/10.  And the Luminas reviews say the patches are great for temporary alleviation and can be used all day to keep pain under control at work or when out and about.

You can see the impact of the patches in the heat sensor test:

Luminas can relieves pain & inflammation

Chemical Free

A lot of people are too weary to depend on painkillers like paracetamol or ibuprofen, and don’t want to give their kids such medications in case of side effects. The Luminas patches are made of chemical-free and use only natural remedies for pain relief. Therefore, the patches are perfect for any age.

Zero Side Effects

Luminas reviews have highlighted the effectiveness of the patches, but so far, nobody has experienced any side effects when used for either long term or short term illness.


The Luminas pain relief patches give patients back their freedom. Long term sufferers of arthritis, or even cancer patients, have recognised the benefits of the patches and have been able to live a little more stress-free. Patients can walk further, play with their families and even take up jogging while using the patches.

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Luminas Reviews: User Testimonials

“I started using Luminas pain relief patches for debilitating migraines. I put two patches on the back of my neck, and they start working immediately. Now, I always have some stashed in my purse. They’re a lifesaver.”
Stephanie H.
“I suffer a lot with sciatica, all down the right side of my body. Sometimes it’s so painful, it even hurts to just sit down. I tried the Luminas patches and honestly, I was pain free! They really work for me. Thank you for helping me find relief!”
Tara Marsh
“Thank you so much for this non-toxic pain reliever, it’s wonderful! I put three patches on each knee and actually felt an immediate result. I had my first good night’s sleep in ages.”
Maria E.

Luminas Energy Money-Back Guarantee

Containing 24 patches, a pack of Luminas energy patches costs $54.99 and like many other products, the more you buy, the more you save. Buying in bulk can reduce the price dramatically, and you’ll have plenty of patches to choose from when even the slightest pain starts to ruin your day.

Luminas Price

The makers of Luminas energy are so confident, they are offering a money-back guarantee for anyone who doesn’t isn’t satisfied within 30 days. So based on the Luminas pain patch reviews, and the benefits they can potentially offer, it’s a risk-free purchase that could save you a lot of pain!


How does the patch work?

The Luminas energy patches use the healing remedies of over 200 natural products such as vitamin D, ginger and magnesium. Using resonant carrier waves, the patch hones in on these remedies and pushes them directly to the root of your pain.

How long does it take to work?

The patches take just a few minutes to start working and can last up to 24 hours. On both the Luminas site and several Luminas reviews suggest that it can take different amounts of time to feel the effects.

Can I cut the patches to size?

No, the patches should be worn in the size that they come. There are several options of size available – from small, 1-inch patches to medium and large patches in the standard pack.

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So, while the price may seem like a large investment in comparison to store-bought oral medication, it’s clear you’re paying for an all-natural, chemical-free pain-relieving solution. Reviews of Luminas patches are hit-and-miss, but this is similar for all painkillers. The Luminas pain relief patches come with a 30 days money-back guarantee. That means there’s no risk in trying them out as a new pain-relieving alternative. If you don’t really feel the beneficial impacts of cooling gels, paracetamol or even heat patches, the Luminas energy patches are definitely worth a try.

Luminas Pain Relief Patches
9 Total Score
The Natural Pain Reliever

  • Chemical Free
  • No side effects
  • Safe for all ages
  • Quite expensive
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