LightSafeX Review 2024: Is it a Scam or Worth Buying?

We now live in a time when it’s hard to find a reason to carry a flashlight. They’re now mostly a part of survival kits and essential camping gear. But these kits are supposed to be compact and every piece of equipment must earn their place. Do you think a simple flashlight is enough? We don’t. But we have a great alternative. Read our LightSafeX review to learn more.

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Article updated: 14 June 2024

What is LightSafeX?

Let us start this section with a very simple question. What do you carry when you go out hiking or camping? We can have a few guesses. A power bank to charge your phone. A knife to cut things. A flasher or beacon light to get attention in case of emergency. And a flashlight to see in the dark.

And of course, you have your essentials like water, food, clothes, and whatnot. All things combined, we’re talking a few kgs of weight. While it’s not a big deal, the weight can slow you down or exhaust you.

What if there was a gadget that could perform multiple tasks at once to save space as well as to reduce weight? That’s exactly what Light Safe X can do for you. It’s a multipurpose flashlight that suffices as a power bank, a seatbelt cutter, a beacon light, and even an alarm.

The product in question is very durable, as it’s primarily made for outdoor use. The manufacturer is claiming it to be the “only flashlight you will ever need”. It’s basically this claim that got our attention and drove us to read LightSafeX reviews on the internet.

It might not be the only flashlight you’ll ever need, but we’re not denying the product’s fantastic use cases.

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LightSafeX Benefits & Features

What good are features if they don’t translate to benefits, right? All LightSafeX reviews we come across say good things about the product. But you know us. We’re not going to recommend anything without testing the Light Safe X for ourselves. Here are our findings.

lightsafex features

  • Powerful Light: Of course, the main purpose of having a flashlight is to be able to see in the dark. Light Safe X does a very good job of illuminating any subject you point it at.
  • Solar Powered: Were you worried about carrying spare batteries for the light? Forget it. The global reviews confirm that it’s solar-powered. All you have to do is expose the gadget to sunlight during the day.
  • Charge Your Phone: Have you ever heard of a flashlight that charges a phone? Well, this flashlight can. There is a built-in power bank on the flashlight to let you recharge your phone.
  • Cut Your Seatbelt: You can’t realize the need for cutting your seatbelt until you have to. And we hope that you never have to. But in the case that you do, you can use the Light Safe X’s seatbelt cutter. It’s right there on the body of the light. You can’t miss the sharp-pointy thing.
  • Portable: The LightSafeX reviews all agree that the product is very lightweight and compact. The best thing is that you don’t have to carry it in your bag. It comes with a magnetic mount that allows you to hook it onto any metallic surface.
  • Multiple Light Modes & An Alarm: Imagine you’re deep into the forest, hiking, or camping alone. If an emergency situation occurs, you’ll need to get attention. Well, the Light Safe X has multiple lighting modes as well as an alarm to send signals around you.

Price & Money-Back Guarantee

When you think of “military-grade” products as you see in the reviews, you might that it’s out of your budget. But it just may not be.

light safe x prices

Payment Options

To buy the product in the UK, you can either use your credit/debit cards or your GPay account. The accepted card brands are Visa, Mastercard, and American Express that of the time of writing this review.

Money-back Guarantee

We know you can find LightSafeX reviews all over the internet. And you can buy from those places. But what if you don’t like the product after you get it? Or worse, what if you get a counterfeit product?

Here at, we can ensure authentic products. To give you a leg up, we’ve struck a 30-day money-back guarantee deal with the manufacturer.


Finally, the juicy part of our review. The price of the product.  We’re not going to lie. On a regular day, the price for this tactical flashlight is pretty steep. But we don’t want you to feel that way. Hence, we’ve managed to get a 50% discount from the manufacturer just for you!

You only have to pay £99 for a single piece instead of the retail £198. The best part is that you can buy more from your camping friends and save even more money in the process. For example, when you buy a pack of 3, you get a massive 72% discount along with 2 free pieces!


You don’t have to use any coupon if you want the 50% off from the LightSafeX reviews. However, we always go above and beyond for our readers. So, we’re throwing in an additional 5% discount. Make sure you follow the instructions on the pop-up.

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Technical Sheet

  • Material: Metal
  • Light Modes: Multiple
  • Power: Solar-powered
  • Additional Features: Power bank, seatbelt cutter, alarm, magnetic mount

lightsafex review

How to Use The Light Safe X?

The basic operations of the product in question are similar to any other flashlight. But you know that it’s not a regular flashlight. Rather, it’s a tactical gadget with multiple functionalities. Here are the steps to use them.

  1. Take the flashlight out of the box and put it under the sun for the solar panels to fire up.
  2. Cycle through the power button to use as a flashlight, a table light, a beacon, and a warming light.
  3. The charging interface for the power bank is right by the power button.
  4. The alarm button is located on the bottom section of the flashlight, where you would usually insert the batteries.

Customer Service

According to all LightSafeX reviews, this is a Hyperstech product. So, you need to reach out to the Hyperstech team for support. Call the international number +44 20 3808 9234 or send an email to

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LightSafeX Reviews from Real Users

You now know what the flashlight is and what it can do for you. But what do the actual users think of it? Let’s find out.

“Who knows how many flashlights I’ve lost in my time because I just couldn’t care less. After I got the Light Safe X, I don’t want it to leave my site. The features are just too cool to lose it.”
Tom B.
“The look on my husband’s face after getting this was priceless. I gave him this as a birthday present as he frequently goes camping. He says this is the most useful outdoor tool he ever owned!”
Catherine E.
“Nighttime hiking is one of my guilty pleasures. I know it’s not safe, and that’s why I always carry a very strong flashlight. But more often than not, they run out of batteries. When I came across LightSafeX reviews that said it’s solar-powered, I was sold immediately!”
Rodriguez T.


From treasures in the back woods to full-on camping, if you’re in search of a flashlight that’s not just a flashlight, Light Safe X is the answer. Get it at the 50% discounted price while the stock lasts. Spoiler alert! The stock is going down fast!

A tactical flashlight that does it all.
9.7 Total Score
LightSafeX Review 2024

LightSafeX is a tactical flashlight that's also a power bank, magnet, a seatbelt cutter, and an alarm.

Ease of Use
Value for Money
  • Solar-powered
  • Durable build
  • Can cut seatbelts
  • Included alarm
  • Multiple light settings
  • Heavier than regular flashlights
  • Online-only order
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