LastTissue Review 2024: Best Reusable Alternative to Tissue Pack

If you’re concerned about hygiene, there’s a good chance you have a pack of wet tissues in your pocket. Or, at least a box of tissues on your desk. The biggest problem with these products is that they’re one-time use only and you have to throw them away once you’re done. But what if you can reuse the good-old tissues that you love so much? It’s all possible thanks to our LastTissue review!

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Softest Tissue You Can REUSE!

Meet Last Tissue Reusable, the ultimate box of tissues that you can reuse up to 520 times!

Article updated: 16 July 2024

What is LastTissue Box?

The product sounds like is the final tissue box in the world. But it’s nothing like that. The “last” in the name is actually referring to the product lasting for very long. Last Tissue reusable is a box of regular tissues that you can use more than once. 520 times to be exact!

Sounding too good to be true? That’s what a lot of haters thought too when the product was first introduced on Kickstarter. However, the creators have proved that with enough dedication and a scientific approach, it’s very much possible to create tissues that you can reuse.

There are 2 main variants of the product in circulation right now. Last Tissue reusable pack has 6 tissues. And the LastTissue Box has 18 tissues. All of the tissues are packed in food-grade silicone cases that are biodegradable yet very durable.

For the purpose of this LastTissue review, multiple members of the team has used it for the entire life of the tissue box. Throughout our journey, we’re going to shed light on our findings.

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Features & Benefits of LastTissue

As promised, we’re going to discuss the benefits and unique features our in-house users have found on the product.

lasttissue box

  • Soft-On-The-Nose: This very phrase has been an integral part of the company’s marketing paradigm. It’s apparent that to make something last longer, you have to make them rugged. But rugged and soft don’t go hand-in-hand at all. Our LastTissue review found that the tissues in the box are surprisingly soft!
  • 100% Certified Cotton: It’s common knowledge that the main ingredient of tissues is cotton. But to make a tissue last for as long as the product in question, the manufacturer must have infused it with synthetic materials, right? Well, LastTissue Box is 100% certified cotton by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)!
  • Easy Cleaning: Well, it’s not like the tissues are going to clean themselves. But the cleaning process is very seamless and quick. The silicone case also comes with a dedicated compartment to isolate the used tissues.

Price & Money-Back Guarantee on Last Tissue Reusable Tissues

If you’re planning to get the environmentally friendly LastTissue bigbox or the small box, you’re on the right page. So, let’s take a look at how all of these work in practice.

lasttissue review

Payment Options

When you’re buying LastTissue Box, you have the option to use either Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Discover, Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Venmo, and a few other methods. Of course, it’s going to vary based on where you are in the world.

Money-Back Guarantee

You’d be glad to know that Last Tissue reusable manufacturer is offering a 30-day moneyback guarantee on all your purchases. The T&C section on the main website lists it as a “refund” policy but they mean the same thing.


For a limited time only, each pack of LastTissue is going for £19 only! And if you want to use Last Tissue Last Object big box, you have to pay only £39. You can also purchase different combinations of both like the House Pack or the Family pack at a discounted rate for a very limited time.


At the time of writing, the manufacturer is not offering any coupons. Then again, you don’t need them because when you click on the product link from our LastTissue review, the discount is already triggered.

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Technical Sheet

last tissue pack

  • Dimension of the tissues: 19cm x 19cm (7 in. x 7 in.)
  • Dimension of the box: 11cm x 5.5cm x 2.5cm (4.5 in. x 2.2 in. x 1 in.)
  • Number of Tissues: 6/18
  • Material: 100% certified cotton
  • Box Material: Food-grade silicone
  • Recycling: Yes

How Does LastTissue Box Work and How to Use it?

Well, using the product in question is a walk in the park. What else did you expect from a box of tissues? It’s not rocket science after all. However, to enjoy the full potential of the tissues, you do need to follow a predetermined procedure.

the last tissue

  1. After you get the LastTissue Box, open it and pull one tissue out. It’ll pull the next one automatically. Pretty standard process, isn’t it?
  2. Put the used tissue back in the other compartment in the silicone box after you’re done.
  3. Once you’re home, you can machine wash each tissue at 140°F/ 60°C to get rid of all the germs. Even the silicone case is dishwasher safe so you can just throw it in after dinner.
  4. When the time comes to put the tissues back in the LastTissue Box, you can fold them however you want. But if you want to restore it to factory condition, learn last tissue how to fold in this video.

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Customer Service

To help the customers get the best out of its product, the manufacturer LastObject has a user-friendly customer support process in place. It has offices in Denmark and the US. For the rest of the world, you can send emails to Also, there is a very handy FAQ section that’s going to answer all of your questions about Last Tissue reusable tissues.

User Reviews

“I was never adamant about what I use to clean my nose. But this product has changed my life! It feels like a box lasts forever.”
“As a die-hard fan of outdoors hiking, I always need a supply of fresh tissues. The Last Tissue reusable has catered to my needs like nothing else.”
“When I first heard of this tissue box, I was very skeptical. But the 100% cotton finish felt so good on my skin that I got addicted (not literally) to it. ”

Alternatives to LastTissue

Well, at the time of writing, Last Tissue reusable is one of its kind. So, there are no alternatives we can suggest to you right now.


Last Tissue pack is something everyone should have in their pockets or backpacks. You never know when you might need to clean your eyes, nose, or even ears. Having access to hygienic napkins is a great way to start the day in any way.

Reusable tissues at an affordable price.
8.7 Total Score
LastTissue Review: Is it a Scam or Really Revolutionary?

LastTissue is the latest trend in the hygiene world that lets you enjoy the durability of handkerchiefs with the softness of tissues.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
  • Extremely easy to use
  • One tissue can be used approximately 520 times
  • Affordable
  • Environment-friendly
  • Made with 100% cotton
  • Food-grade silicone case
  • Separate chamber for used tissues
  • Folding can be difficult at times
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