Keyless Pro Keyboard Review 2024: The Futuristic Keyboard You Are Looking For

Do you know the struggle of writing on your phone? If you write for a living as I do, you’d know what I’m talking about. We naturally prefer laptops or desktops for writing purposes as they have physical keyboards. But how would you feel if you could write the same way on your smartphone? That’s where my Keyless Pro Keyboard review comes into play.

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The Tangled Wires and the Gimmick of Portability

Laptops are portable. It’s as true as it gets when you compare them to desktops. But are they really convenient to carry? You have to carry an extra load with you wherever you go if you need to work constantly on a laptop. And it runs out of charge pretty fast.

And it’s especially true for writers. Conversely, writing on a smartphone is a nightmare. Up until this point, the only valid alternative for desktops was laptops. But how about you write all you need on your phone? How about you carry a full-size keyboard with you that doesn’t take any space?

Yes, I’m talking about the Keyless Pro Keyboard. I find it a fascinating product. Let’s find out why.

What is the Keyless Pro Keyboard?

The name reveals it all. It’s a keyboard with no keys. To better understand what I’m talking about, think of the science fiction movies where virtual keyboards show up out of nowhere.

The Keyless Pro reviews will give you a similar feel.

keyless pro keyboard

It’s a laser keyboard that you can carry in your pocket. Although you’d want to use it with your smartphone, there’s no reason you cannot use it with your laptops or desktops. It’s compatible with practically all devices with Bluetooth support.

Keyless Pro Keyboard works seamlessly with Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. At only 100mm height and 240 mm width, you can cram the device anywhere you want.

How Does Keyless Pro Keyboard Work?

Inside the keyboard, there is a 19mm pitch pattern projector. The laser beam is thrown from about 80mm from the surface. And it comes with a mouse as well! The power comes from a 5V 500mA lithium-ion battery that lasts over 2 hours with ease!

The Bluetooth connection is seamless and it operates between 2402-2480 MHz range. The laser beam illuminates the area in front where you can type. The laser contains an infrared transmitter that registers your keystrokes accurately.

Keyless Pro Keyboard Features and Benefits

In terms of features, it’s a very advanced technology. Let’s take a look at some of the features Keyless Pro reviews dictate.

  • Portability: The first and probably the most important feature of this virtual keyboard is portability. The base unit is only 100mm or 10 centimeters in height. You can easily carry it in your pocket wherever you go.
  • Adjustability: The size of the keys and the brightness of the keyboard is adjustable. Depending on where you are, you may brighten or dim the lights to suit your needs perfectly. I have been using it on coffee shops with maximum brightness because the surrounding lights are usually very bright.
  • Battery Life: The device is battery operated, eliminating the need for tangled wires. With only 90 minutes of charge, you can use it for 150 minutes! It might seem a little low at first. But when you factor in the technology, 150 minutes is quite long battery life.
  • Power Bank Mode: One of the best features in my opinion. You can charge your phone with the Keyless Pro reviews on the go.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: You don’t need internet because this keyboard uses a Bluetooth connection to pair with your smartphone or tablet. It even has a built-in Bluetooth speaker as well.keyless pro features

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How to Use Keyless Pro Reviews

Using this innovative Keyless Pro virtual keyboard is a walk in the park. You turn it on with the power button on the side of the device and connect your smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth. Put your smartphone in front of you, open up the writing app, and start writing.

However, the device doesn’t work on all surfaces. You need a plain opaque surface to reek the benefits of this device. It won’t work on reflective surfaces as the laser projection doesn’t work that way.

It has a universal QWERTY keyboard layout for maximum compatibility. Keep it charged wherever you go and start using this device within minutes. It has saved me hundreds of hours when I wasn’t near my laptop.

Keyless Pro reviews from Users

If you’re familiar with my reviews, you know how much emphasis I give to this section. If you’re new, this is the section where I compile a few reviews from real users. Part of my reviewing process is to find what other users have to say about a product.

Let’s see what other people had to say about Keyless Pro reviews apart from my experience.

“Never thought I’d write something like this. I knew there were devices like the Key less Pro out there but never got to trust them. But with my job, it was mandatory that I have a mobile workstation. I do have a laptop but carrying it wherever I go was a pain. So, I decided to give it a try. Man! I must admit I’m impressed. The keys are so responsive. My brain took a little while to get used to typing on nothing but a table. Now, I can’t imagine a day without the Keyless pro!”

  • Pavel, 36 years old

“I never enjoyed sitting at one place and write on a keyboard. But destiny made me a copywriter. But I like to travel a lot and I work on the go. And I didn’t have a laptop. Then, one of my colleagues suggested the Keyless Pro reviews to me. Fast forward to today, this is my daily companion. I can write at the park, I can write at the pub. I can practically write whenever and wherever I want to. It’s a convenience no other product has managed to offer me.”

  • Julia, 28 years old

“Technology is a mystery to me. I grew up watching sci-fi movies and thinking one day I’ll be able to use the fascinating tech they use. Needless to say, the Keyless Pro reviews has allowed to me fulfill my childhood dream to a certain extent. It’s a great help as I can work on my smartphone. It wasn’t a necessity for me. Rather, it was an investment to cherish an old dream.”

  • Robert, 30 years old

keyless pro reviews

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The world is evolving constantly. And to cope with it, we must evolve as well. The Keyless Pro reviews is my way of evolving. I’ve turned to smartphones completely thanks to this mesmerizing device. I write on the go, no need to carry my laptop anymore.

If you want to feel the thrill of writing on a Keyless Pro keyboard or you need something compact, get yourself one right now. Want to gift it to friends and family? Click my link and get the hefty discounts before it runs out of stock!

Keyless Pro Keyboard
The Virtual Keyboard everyone is talking about.
9.2 Total Score
Keyless Pro Keyboard: Scam or Legit?

Keyless Pro is the virtual keyboard that you connect with your smartphone and start writing whenever you want, wherever you want!

Value for Money
Ease of Use
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Full-sized keys
  • Adjustable brightness
  • High accuracy
  • Doesn't work on reflective surfaces
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