InfinitiKloud Review 2024: The Safest Backup Device for You

In this modern age, most of our data is stored on our computers. The world is largely dependent on computers for work and entertainment. But when something goes wrong with our computers, there is a high risk of losing valuable data. And that’s why I am here today with the InfinitiKloud reviews.


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InfinitiKloud 64GB backup device looks a lot like USB sticks. But it’s not any regular USB stick. To understand what it is and why you should invest in one, you have to read my Inifiniti Kloud review to the end.

Data Loss is a Real Risk

Most of us have gone through more than one computer in our lifetime. And for me, the biggest fear has always been my important documents, photos, videos, and any other personal information that I used to store on my PC.

To solve the problem, most experts would suggest you backup your data on a separate media. But the majority of us are not willing to invest in backup devices for some unknown reason. And I have paid for my mistakes, enough times.

Another big reason why everyone should back up their data is the fact that storage devices can fail. For that matter, any electronic device may fail. To eliminate the possibility of important data loss, the only way is to back it up somewhere safe.

I’ve tried enough mechanical drives, USB sticks, and cloud services. Cloud services are more popular now thanks to wide availability. But I am always concerned about the safety of my data. After all, it’s someone else’s server I’m using.

The leaves me with mechanical drives or USB sticks. They come with the same risk of failing at one point. And they are not secure at all if I accidentally leave them somewhere or lose them.

Infiniti Kloud has been the solution for me. I came across InfinitiKloud reviews on the internet and decided to invest in one. The results have been phenomenal. And here I am, sharing my thoughts regarding the product in InfinitiKloud reviews.

What is InfinitiKloud UK?

InfinitiKloud UK is a neat little USB drive that you can use to back up your important files, photos, or any other data that matters to you. Now, you might ask why should you go for Infiniti Kloud review when you can use any regular USB stick or hard drives?

The feature that distinguishes InfinitiKloud reviews from other storage solutions is its smart nature. For regular storage devices, you must go through your computer manually to find all the data that you want to back up.

Computer viruses are very common with external media. While the spread of viruses is very low thanks to the awareness of the users and stronger antivirus services, it’s still persistent. And computer viruses are primarily transferred through external media. For example, your backup drive.

It also can check the computer for any unwanted software or viruses before it connects. It eliminates the possibility of your data getting breached or hacked by anyone after your data.

Infiniti Kloud is compatible with any computers, laptops, and any operating system. Whether you have a Windows machine, an Apple, or an Android, InfinitiKloud UK can backup your data effectively.

InfinitiKloud Reviews Features and Benefits


  • Automatic Detection: The most important benefit of InfinitiKloud UK over any other storage device is its ability to detect files on its own.
  • Speed: In my InfinitiKloud reviews, I found it to be extremely fast and efficient. It uses USB 3.0 for the fastest data transfer from your computer.
  • Safety: One of the main reasons why I like Infiniti Kloud so much is that it’s extremely safe when compared to other storage devices. It has integrated scanning features to look for harmful software or viruses. As opposed to cloud services, you are not at risk of getting your data sold off to third parties.
  • Portable: Just like any external media, you can take InfinitiKloud UK with you, anywhere you want. It fits right into your pocket and it’s not prone to viruses like other USB sticks. You can practically take all your data with you with the large 64GB storage.


  • Easy to Use: InfinitiKloud UK is for everyone. You don’t have to know anything in particular to use it. Anyone with regular computer knowledge can use it with ease.

How to Use InfinitiKloud UK

To use it, all you have to do is stick to your computer and let it back up all your data. You can view the nature of the data (photos, videos, documents, etc.). You can see the size and change the backup files if necessary.  Gen 1 comes with an integrated 64GB storage while in Gen 2, you can select the memory card yourself. There is a  wireless version as well that you can use for wireless backups.


InfinitiKloud Reviews from Users

Looking for user reviews on the internet is one of my oldest habits when purchasing anything. I never go based on what the manufacturer has to say about a product. First, I go on the internet and look for real user reviews. Then, I use the product to justify my recommendation.

As with InfinitiKloud UK, I can assure you that people only say good things about it.

“I have been using hard discs to store my data for a couple of years now. Before that, I was just like other people who didn’t care at all about backups. Then, I lost all my data in a hard drive crash. I have been using external drivers I have the fear of losing everything again. Then I came across InfinitiKloud reviews UK. I never knew such a secure device exists. It even backs up all my files on its own. I feel finally free from the fear of losing all my data again!”

  • Watson, 45 years old

“When I saw InfinitiKloud reviews at first, I was quite sure it was a scam. It looks exactly like other flash drivers and I couldn’t think of a reason to buy one. It all changed when I saw one of my colleagues using it. I was skeptical and made fun of him. He had a spare one that he insisted me to use. I used it for the first time and I was shocked. It found and backed up files that I forgot even existed! I’ll be forever grateful to Infiniti Kloud!.”

  • Ashley, 30 years old

“When I first got into backing up my important files, I found it tedious to go through all my files and decide which ones I wanted to keep. Fortunately, I found Infiniti Kloud when I was tired and desperate for such a product. Its interface is very friendly and it takes care of my backups with one click. I don’t even have to check hard drives anymore. I could use a little more space like InfinitiKloud 128GB, but the product is so good that I don’t even feel like complaining.”

  • Scot, 35 years old

InfinitiKloud Cost and Where You Can Find It

As a reviewer, I know how badly the market is flooded with fake products. And that’s why I always recommend you to buy directly from the manufacturer.

I even try to bring discounts only for you by working directly with the manufacturer. I have done the same with Infiniti Kloud as well. You can save a lot of money by ordering one from my link.

You can get a 50% discount on your purchase if you buy 1. The more you buy, the more money you save. For the Gen 2 InfinitiKloud reviews for only £69.99 while the actual price is £97.99! For the Gen 1 InfinitiKloud UKs the price starts from 49.99. All of it comes with a type C charger as well. And for the wireless one, you pay a mere £79.99! Click the links below to know more.




Don’t worry about your purchase because the manufacturer is offering a 30-day moneyback guarantee which is rarely seen with products like these. Don’t be late and order yours while stock lasts.


I’ve used Infiniti Kloud for quite some time now and I love its speed, reliability, and smart features.

All I have to do is connect the device to my computer and open it from file explorer. Infiniti Kloud backs up my files automatically without me entering the hard drive at all.

I believe it’s a revolutionary product for people like me because I’m always on the move and I need good backup.

Gen 2 InfinitiKloud
9.2 Total Score
InfinitiKloud Review 2024: The Best Backup Device for You?

InfinitiKloud is a smart backup device that goes through your computer to backup important files.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
  • Automatic Backup
  • Portable
  • 64GB Space
  • Secure from viruses
  • Fast transfer
  • Relatively expensive
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