Glow Bowl review 2024: Is this toilet night light worth it?

The Glow Bowl Fresh is a toilet light that activates automatically when you walk near it. With this, you no longer have to fumble for the light switch at night when you need to pee. It’s also claimed that this device even helps you sleep better. But is it worth your money? Find out in this review.

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How can Glow Bowl Fresh help?

Imagine that it’s midnight, and you’re roused awake by the urge to pee. You then go to the toilet and turn on the lights. After relieving yourself, you go back to bed, but find that you can’t go back to sleep.

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Turns out, there is a reason for this. Once you turned on the light in the toilet, the sudden bright flash and exposure to the bright light interfere with melatonin production. Melatonin is a hormone that makes you fall asleep, and if there is less of it, you become less drowsy. This effect is heightened when you come from a room in total darkness.

Additionally, turning on the light would hurt your eyes as it struggles to adjust to the much more intense lighting.

What does it do?

It is a toilet night light that is motion-activated and has a built-in air freshener. That way, you no longer have to turn on the lights when going for a pee in the middle of the night. The light is also dim to prevent the shock to the eyes, but still enough for you to clearly see the toilet bowl.

The device is a great addition to any toilet, and everyone from kids to the elderly will find it quite useful.

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GlowBowl toilet night light: What are its parts?

The device has two components. First is the toilet night light itself, which is a small LED light equipped with a motion sensor. The other part is the air freshener, which attaches to the LED assembly. Once the scent runs out, the fragrance packet is easily replaceable.

The GlowBowl for toilet is powered by a battery, though the exact kind of battery is not specified, even on the manufacturer’s website. Other Glow Bowl reviews also do not mention what kind of battery the device uses. What we know, though, is that the battery is not the rechargeable type.

Glow Bowl: How to use it?

Be mindful of the Glow Bowl toilet light instructions. To use the device, attach the air freshener to the LED light first. Then, clip the entire toilet light onto your toilet bowl. Once done, it’s ready to go.

Then, you can select from amongst 13 different colours for the LED, including red, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, and white. GlowBowl Fresh also has a ‘Carousel Mode’ that cycles through the colours, changing it every 4 seconds.

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Glow Bowl reviews reveal that the light has no manual switch. It is motion-activated, so it automatically turns on when it detects movement near the toilet bowl. It also turns itself off once you leave the toilet. The device also only activates in the dark; during the day, it does not turn on.

The outer casing of the Glow Bowl for toilet is water-resistant, which means you can clean it easily.

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Benefits and advantages

The two best things about the device that Glow Bowl reviews indicate are that first, it’s easy to install and second, it works by itself. No more fumbling for switches when taking a leak at night. Once you enter the toilet, the LED turns on automatically, guiding you to the toilet bowl. This is especially useful for senior citizens, keeping them away from injuries in the toilet.

Because the device employs a dim light for the toilet, it also helps you to get better sleep. There’s no need to use the bright lights for the loo at night, which can mess with your circadian rhythm.

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Surprisingly, the Glow Bowl for toilet is also a nifty tool to help children with potty training. The coloured LED light is attractive to kids, and parents may use it to encourage their young ones to use the toilet. For kids who get scared of the dark, this toilet light can also help them be less fearful of going to the loo at night.

The water-resistant exterior also makes the device easy to clean. Any sort of household cleaner can be used. As the Glow Bowl for toilet is also light-sensitive, it shuts itself off at daytime. With this, the battery can last much longer.

Last but not least is the air freshener. It keeps every trip to the toilet odour-free and more pleasant to the senses. The air freshener is also replaceable, so no worries when the scent runs out.

GlowBowl UK user reviews

Here’s what’s been said about the toilet light in Glow Bowl reviews:

At first, I bought the Glow Bowl Fresh as a joke to my family. However, we found it really useful, especially at night. The light helps your groggy self to find the toilet bowl more easily. Thing is, the air freshener does not last long so you have to keep ordering more refills. This might not be a good thing if you’re on a tight budget.
My eldest son, who is 5, is not scared of going to the toilet at night anymore, thanks to the GlowBowl!
I think it’s neat, but you have to take note that the toilet lid has to be up for the GlowBowl to work. The device can also be easily unclipped if you put the toilet seat up.

Price and money-back guarantee

Each Glow Bowl for toilet retails for $20 in its official website. But if you purchase in bulk, you get bigger discounts the more toilet lights you buy. Watch out for special offers as well, which are only available in the official site.

However, there is no money-back guarantee mentioned.

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Anyone of any age would certainly appreciate the Glow Bowl Fresh. It makes going to the toilet safer, more convenient, and even fun, thanks to the 13 glowing colours. Moreover, it can improve sleep quality. With all these benefits, it’s safe to say that this innovative toilet light is a good investment idea.

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GlowBowl Fresh, the coolest NEW way to safely navigate the bathroom at night and stop that messy toilet misses forever!

Value for money
Ease of use
  • No need to use a bright light when going to the toilet at night
  • Easy to use
  • Does not turn on at daytime to preserve battery life
  • Has an air freshener to keep the toilet smelling pleasant
  • Battery needs to be replaced often
  • No money-back guarantee
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