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Going on vacation is the best. There’s nothing better than being able to finally unwind and relax. But wait, how can you relax if you have to leave your valuables unattended? You can never be too sure nowadays. What if someone was eyeing your new phone while you were at the beach bar earlier? If you travel in a group, you could ask someone to stay and keep watch. But what if you’re travelling alone? If only there was a way for us to travel safe with our valuables. So, ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the FlexSafe.

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A Portable Safe?

Whether you’re on vacation, out on a picnic, or simply enjoying a sunny day by the pool, there’s always that lingering feeling of unease when you have to leave your belongings. The sure-fire way to guarantee its safety is to simply leave it in the hotel room or in the car. But you brought those things for a reason – what if you’ll suddenly need it later on? So, the best we can do to protect them is to wrap our towels around them.

But this flimsy excuse of a secure space just won’t fly whenever you visit tourist hotspots. Maybe all you see in the videos and advertisements are people having a good time when really, these holiday destinations are one of the major targets of most snatchers.

If you’re a tourist, this could spell huge trouble because you could lose your important things like your passport, credit card, cash, and your ID. And if you’ve been paying attention nowadays, these snatchers are becoming more and more clever in their tactics that you probably won’t even know what hit you.

The Problem

So you’re already aware of the risks and dangers. But what if you asked someone to watch over your things for you? Easy fix right? Then your friend would be left out on all the fun memories. Asking a stranger to keep guard over your things is out of the question. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather watch over my valuables myself than ask someone I’ve never met before to do it.

This isn’t just an issue for when you leave your things alone. It could also happen when you simply leave your bag on a chair or table. Someone could pass by and slash it then take away your things. One minute it’s there, but when you turn to check, it’s all gone.

But what if I told you there was such a thing as portable travel safe. That’s right, as in a portable version of the heavy, password protected metal box. But don’t worry, it’s nowhere near that heavy.

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A TravelSafe for All Your Valuables

Allow me to introduce FlexSafe UK. Who knew that you could actually bring a portable travel safe along with you everywhere you go?

It is the perfect, worry free solution for all your travelling problems. Whether you’re in a group or alone, you can finally leave your mind at ease and enjoy your refreshing dip at the beach.

You don’t have to worry about leaving anything unguarded anymore because this neat little device will safely store all your valuables. It’s not that big, it can even be passed off as a small bag, who’s to tell?

What is TravelSafe?

This is the perfect answer for all travel lovers out there. We are all aware of the very real dangers that persist when we travel. And, it’s pretty easy to tell us apart from the locals since we’ll probably be taking lots of pictures.

It can act as a portable beach safe because you can simply attach it to any surface (a beach chair, table, umbrella, etc.) while you leave it and go for a swim.

portable safe

The AquaVault FlexSafe has received a lot of good comments because it was even featured on Shark Tank, Good Morning America, Forbes, Today, and ABC. If this isn’t enough to convince you of its legitimacy, then I don’t know what will.

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Travel Safe Features

You’re probably thinking. It’s just a flimsy little bag with a padlock on it. But you are very mistaken. Here are some of the features of the AquaVault Flex Safe.

Safety and Convenience

portable safe

It’s made out of a very unique 5-layer material that is designed to be slash-resistant. That’s right, this little bag can hold its own against even the sharpest of blades. It is also made to be water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about whether your stuff will get soaked or not.

It uses a three-digit combination lock. So, you don’t have to go through the hassle of bringing a tiny key with you wherever you go. And don’t worry, it’s made out of a heavy-duty nickel alloy which means it’s resistant to corrosion. It’s okay if it gets splashed with water or fire because it won’t get brittle and rusty. And the lock has been tested for its strength and durability so you don’t have to worry about thieves trying to pry it open.

If you remember earlier on, I said that you can easily attach it to anything. I mean, what good would all that security be if someone could simply take it away? But with FlexSafe Aqua Vault, it has a belt loop that you can use to secure it on any fixed thing. You can even turn it into a bag so that you can easily bring it around when you’re on the go. It also has external pockets for things that you often reach for.

Since it’s made out of fabric, it’s a super lightweight portable safe. It’s lightweight and super strong at the same time.

Not even RFID skimming can get through this travelsafe. RFID is the technology that snatchers use to skim and copy your credit cards, debit cards, passports, and drivers licenses. But luckily, they were able to take this mode of pickpocketing into consideration. Now, it’s basically fool-proof!

How to Use Travel Safe

It actually works just like any other ordinary safe.

First, you make sure you put all your important belongings inside. And you can place some of the things that you often reach for in the external pockets.

 portable safe

Then you lock it with the combination lock (make sure to remember your passcode because that would be almost impossible to open up). Afterwards, look for a fixed object to strap it to. I wouldn’t recommend leaving it alone unattached to anything because people could still pass by and simply take it away. It’s best to look for something heavy or attached to the ground.

Then, simply do the reverse of the steps to take your things out. You can also use it as a belt bag so when you’re wandering around, you don’t have an extra thing to lug around all day.

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Real-Life Testimonies

If it still isn’t convincing enough for you, I’ve actually asked some of my friends to try it out with me. I mean, I was also sceptical at first, so I wanted to be sure that I could get a couple more opinions.

My friend Marco loves travelling the world with his wife. And recently, they told me that they would be going to South Africa for their honeymoon. The first thing I suggested they do was to get a travel safe with me. I told them all about it and they were pretty much down for a test run.

Later on, I checked in on them and they said that they were loving it!

Because we went on safaris, it was really convenient to bring along because we can simply use it as a bag wherever we go.
Marco Salazar, 30

I even got my mom hooked on this portable safe. She loves going to beaches and she is one of the most paranoid people I know. Whenever we go on a family holiday, she’d always have this elaborate scheme to hide our valuables somewhere where no one would think to find it. But even then, she’d still be worried about all our stuff.

As soon as I introduced her to the travelsafe, she stopped stressing out all the time.

I would just attach it to a beach chair or to our umbrella, and I’m all good to go. I love that it comes with a combination lock so that we can rest assured that our stuff stays protected even when we’re not around. But the only thing I hate about it is that it doesn’t come in other colours.
Jaqueline McMillan, 46

Portable Safe Prices

This travel safe is one of the things that you know you need, but never actually had the chance to get. And now comes the part of the FlexSafe review where we talk all about pricing.

portable travel safe

To me, the price point is definitely not bad at all for such a useful travelsafe.

If you purchase only one, it amounts to £48.11 per portable safe. You’d also have to cover the costs of shipping and handling. So, I recommend getting more than one travel safe in order to avail of the discount.

When you buy one portable safe, you can get the second one at 25% off! And, if you purchase two, you can get a third travelsafe at 75% off. And on top of it all, you also get free shipping with these two deals.

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Travelling can’t get any better. Now we don’t have to keep a close eye on our stuff because with this handy travel safe, we can rest assured our things are safe.

When I first discovered this device, I was also very sceptical about it myself. But I was desperate for a solution so I just tried it out. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered how durable it was! Just like a portable safe. I am very impressed at how strong the material is since it seemed unaffected by my slash tests. And I didn’t even think, about the RFID theft until I read about it online. To think that even this device is so up to date with all the advancements in technology is also pretty awesome.

The best part of it all is that it’s very compact and easy to bring around whenever you need it. It’s important to never be too complacent with our belongings because who knows what could possibly be lurking just around the corner.

Overall, I would definitely give this travelsafe a solid 10 out of 10. I just don’t see any flaws or disadvantages I would want to change about this device. It’s great for travellers or just people who want to keep their stuff safe all the time, I highly recommend it.

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Protect Your Valuables With The Ultimate Portable Safe!
9 Total Score

FlexSafe is the portable safe that goes anywhere with you. It protects your valuables and prevents someone to steal your wallet, phone or purse.

Value for money
Ease of use
  • Slash-resistant material
  • Water-resistant
  • RIFD blocking material
  • Nickel alloy lock
  • Not slash-proof
Nick M.

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