FIXD Reviews 2024: Monitor Your Car’s Health in Real-Time

FIXD UK car app is one Kickstarter story that is making a buzz in the market. While a lot of similar projects failed, this is perceived to be a success. This innovative product lets you see the problem, gives you a detailed description, the severity of the issue, and the cost of repairs. For this reason, we want to create this FIXD reviews.

    • What is the FIXD UK device?
    • What does it do?
    • How effective is the FIXD sensor UK?
    • Is FIXD reviews safe?

We will try our best to give you a detailed FIXD sensor UK device review. We will answer relevant questions, features, benefits, and disadvantages.

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Article updated: 19 June 2024

FIXD UK Car Diagnostic Tool, Active Car Health Monitor

Seeing the check engine light come on your vehicle is depressing. It means an urgent trip to the mechanic. You know what happens next. Yes, you spend money on car repair. But what if you can check your car’s health in real-time? What if the FIXD UK car diagnostic device lets you prevent car troubles before they emerge? Read more of our FIXD reviews 2024

About FIXD Reviews

FIXD  UK car diagnostic tool allows you to take a quick scan of your car to see what’s the problem. The device is easy to use and it will show you results in minutes. That means you can make preventative maintenance and even minor repairs before the problem expands and cost you more money.

Moreover, the device is a combination of hardware and software. The device has FIXD sensor UK that can be accessed using the FIXD UK app. Likewise, FIXD OBD2 is a product of FIXD Automotive, an Atlanta Georgia based automotive company established in 2014.

Notably, FIXD UK only works with cars manufactured after 1996 that uses gas or is hybrid. Additionally, Diesel fueled cars and earlier models don’t come with OBD2. Since it was implemented for all vehicles in the United States after 1996.

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Our FIXD Reviews: Product Features

The package comes with a FIXD sensor that weighs only 0.96 ounces and 1.8 x 0.8 x 1.6 inches in diameter. It also comes with a user manual to help you install the device by yourself. It’s easy to install on your car’s OBD2 (on-board diagnostic) port.

FIXD diagnostic gets its power from the car’s battery. Therefore it doesn’t need recharging. Along with the sensor, the FIXD UK comes with an app that works for both iOS and Android users. It transmits data via Bluetooth to your phone.

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How To Use FIXD Reviews Scan Tool

According to another review, the FIXD sensor UK needs to be plugged into a car’s OBD port. The OBD port is your car’s onboard computer that monitors data off of your car like emission, mileage, speed, etc. The information is relayed through Bluetooth including the assessment of the severity of the problem as well as what happens when the problem isn’t resolved.

The package comes with the FIXD UK and a FIXD sensor UK. Once the device is attached to your car’s OBD-port, the OBD or your car’s on-board computer will send the information on the device after which the device will send the information into the FIXD app through your smartphone.

Additionally, the app lets you do schedule maintenance at any repair shop of your choice as well as the parts you need to buy for repair.

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Benefits and Advantages of Using FIXD Reviews

  • Identifying Issues: Probably one of the greatest benefits of using this device is its ability to identify a large number of issues. In fact, the company claims that the device can identify up to 6000+ issues! This includes both minor repairs that you can do yourself at home and major repairs that need professional service at a fixed rate.
  • Estimates: If you have gotten into a car accident, you know it takes a long time for the insurance to cover the repairs. However, the app includes a feature that gives you cost estimates depending on your location via your current zip code. It includes the price of the parts as well as the average labour costs.
  • Fast Scans: As you already know, there are a lot of other diagnostic tools available on the market. However, FIXD sensor UK works faster than any of them. Typically, it takes only minutes for it to scan the whole vehicle and give you the results. Therefore it allows you to scan your car any time and any place you want.
  • Multiple Cars: Most car diagnostic tools in the market allow one car for one account. Although FIXD sensor requires you to use it on one car, the account that you have on your phone can be used to monitor other scanners used in other cars. For example, aside from your car, your wife and children have their own cars, by simply installing scanning devices on each of them the account that you have on your phone will allow you to scan those devices as well.
  • Affordable: Have you noticed that a lot of car repair shops are offering free vehicle scans? The idea is for customers to visit their shops for free scans, buy the parts there and pay for the repairs. Despite their good intentions, you will have to fall in line and face pushy sales reps. However, with FIXD reviews, you can scan your car any time you want to.
  • Beginner Friendly: While diagnostic tools are available at your local car shop, however, one thing you consider is that those tools are often difficult to operate. Aside from difficulty where to place them, most of those tools send codes. Remember, those codes need a database to read. In fact, Admirably, this tool will do the work easier for you.
  • iOS & Android Support: While other car diagnostic tools may work with a single platform, FIXD reviews works well with both platforms. In case you change the phone in the future, you will not have to worry about this tool not working for your new phone.
  • Data Security: Online shoppers often worry about everything wireless with data transferring capabilities. The good thing about this device is it doesn’t let any other connection except the app and the device.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Probably, this is one feature that sets the FIXD UK apart. The tool is doing continuous monitoring of your car unless you unplug it permanently. This is beneficial since sometimes loose wires might get fixed by road bumps, therefore, tricking another scan tool that the problem is already fixed.

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FIXD Reviews from Users

I have experienced fewer road hassles since I used FIXD sensor UK. Its preventative maintenance capabilities have freed me quite a lot of time going into my local repair shops every time my car breaks down. The best thing for me is that prevention is better than repairs, therefore, I can fix the problem before it causes more harm.
I don’t know how to fix a car but I love driving them. It’s saddening whenever you need to go to the local repair shop and find that your car needs to change other parts because the problem escalated from a minor issue. Since I had FIXD UK sensor installed, it made sure my car works in its optimal performance every single day.
I always loved cars. In fact, I pursued that passion and became a car mechanic. In my opinion, it’s better to spend money on prevention than to wait for the car to break down before it gets the repair it deserves. I stumbled upon this device when I read a FIXD UK review a couple of months back. Since then, I never encountered major problems that supposedly came from one simple issue. Thanks to the team who made this device.

FIXD Sensor UK Price and Money-back Guarantee

According to other FIXD reviews, the device costs $59.99. You can buy 1 and get the 2nd one for 50% off! Another good thing about purchasing this device is if buy 2 you will get 1 free offer. And to spice things up, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee from the manufacturer. However, for those who live on the East Coast, the shipping is much faster since FIXD sensor UK is shipped from Atlanta, Georgia.

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1. Can I use it on my 1994 Toyota Corolla?

Unfortunately, you cannot. The standard for real-time monitoring known as OBD was introduced in 1996. So, cars that came before 1996 are not equipped with an OBD port.

2. My family has 3 cars? Do I need to buy 3?

No. One device works for multiple cars. It’s one of the neat features I like very much.

3. Who owns FIXD Sensor UK?

FIXD is owned by John Gattuso, a resident of Atlanta, Georgia.

4. Where to buy FIXD car diagnostic?

Just go to my link and order yourself one now!

5. Is FIXD scam?

I’ve used the product personally. During my FIXD reviews, I went to the mechanic a few times to check whether the warnings were legit or not. They turned to be accurate. So, if you’re wondering does FIXD car really work, it does.


To sum this all up, this device is very helpful for both men and women who want to make sure their cars are up and running all the time. And especially good for people who love DIY. Whether it’s minor or major, a car problem when you need it most is devastating. What if you can prevent that from happening?

It’s affordable, and it’s great for beginners and women who don’t know how to fix their car. However, an accurate diagnosis of your car is something that you can be thankful for. FIXD sensor UK will prevent you from purchasing unnecessary car parts since it has updated car part prices and repair costs.

Additionally, you can ask anything you want, product-related with their 24/7 live chat support.

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FIXD Reviews

FIXD will give you all the information you need to know about your car's health. You can leave the shady mechanics problems in the dust – no longer able to rip you off!

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