FitTrack Scale Review 2024: Is this Scale ‘Smart’ Enough or Just Another Scam?

We are in the era of ‘smart.’ It’s integrated not just into our gadgets, automotive, and appliances but also into our lifestyle. Think smart diet plans, smart fitness, smart treatments and many others. Indeed, imagining a life where you go through daily routines without smart devices seems impossible. And, the new technology doesn’t really attract attention if it’s not ‘smart’ enough to simplify our lives. Well, here’s a ‘smart’ way to check your health – the FitTrack Scale. In this review, let’s see what’s hot and what’s not about this product.

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Addressing Your Weight Loss and Fitness Goals

Being fit goes beyond looking good, eating greens, taking supplements, going organic, and avoiding junk food. Knowing what happens inside our bodies matters most—our blood, metabolism, muscle mass, bone mass, sugar and cholesterol levels, etc. But regularly monitoring these can be a bit tiresome. Frequent medical check-ups, no doubt, can break the bank and are taxing.

However one may look at it, good health is never a bad investment. Fortunately, the advent of smart fitness apps and accessories has addressed the task of constantly monitoring your health. Modern and high-technology digital scales, such as the FitTrack Scale reviews, can now do more than just measure your weight. It can cough up metrics that can give you an idea of how healthy you really are.

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What Is the FitTrack Scale Review?.

It is a smart scale that measures 17 vital body metrics. It integrates with the app called FitTrack Health and a smartwatch via Bluetooth to help you make informed decisions about your health.

Some FitTrack Scale reviews say it’s a free and instant physical check-up.

What are FitTrack Scale Reviews Features?

  • Advanced Dual BIA Technology: FitTrack UK uses Advanced Dual BIA Technology to capture data from your body composition as you stand on the scale. This feature uses varied frequencies of electrical signals to achieve accuracy in the results it generates.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: The information obtained is displayed real-time on the mobile app, which integrates with the scale via Bluetooth connection. fittrack scale reviews
  • Compactness and Water-Resistance: The product is also lightweight and water-resistant, making it a safe weighing scale for the bathroom and the outdoors. Still, you have to be careful using it with wet feet. The surface is smooth, and it can get slippery.

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How to Use FitTrack Scale Reviews

The way to use FitTrack UK is simple: step on it the way you would on a regular weighing scale—barefoot, of course. It will generate your data instantly and real-time.

You should download the FitTrack Pro Accurate Health App so you can view all your 17 vital metrics easily. With this, you can track and manage your hydration, muscle mass, body fat percentage, weight, heart health, bone mass, and protein intake.

FitTrack Scale Benefits and Advantages

  • Is a Personal Health Goals Setter: As mentioned, the FitTrack UK is a biometric scanner that can analyze and store 17 different body metrics. The FitTrack Pro App is compatible with iOS and Android gadgets so you can maintain your fitness goals, track your progress, and schedule reminders wherever you are. However, do note that the mobile phone should be close to the scale for uninterrupted syncing of data.
  • Safeguards Family Members’ Health: The Fit Track UK  is both professional and home-friendly and can save and track data of eight users (adult and child).

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  • Helps Improve Sleep Quality: The FitTrack Pro App monitors REM, light, and deep sleep. You can modify your bedtime routines, so you sleep better with its aid.
  • Checks Important Indicators for Professionals: FitTrack Scale reviews Athlete Mode focuses on muscle, water, and fat metrics, which are relevant indicators for bodybuilders, athletes, weightlifters, trainers, and coaches.
  • Integrates with Smartwatches: The FitTrack UK doesn’t just sync with a smartphone. You can also connect it with your smartwatch for a hands-free experience. Try the Atria Fitness Smartwatch for a smoother integration.

FitTrack Scale Reviews from Users

I’ve been meaning to buy a digital scale. I’m so glad I found this scale! The FitTrack Dara Scale reviews are good, so I was easily drawn into it. The fact that it doesn’t just measure my weight alone, but my body’s internal makeup as well makes it super impressive. The FitTrack app is easy to use and understand and work well with my Fitbit. Two thumbs up!
Sarah A.
The FitTrack UK accuracy is commendable, but what really blew me over was how it looked. It’s a sleek and neat design! I can leave it in my bathroom, bedroom, or anywhere in the flat, and it doesn’t make the space look cluttered. The Bluetooth connectivity with the mobile app makes it convenient to use. I can check my weight even when I’m not stepping on the scale. I would recommend the recharging feature for future models though so I don’t have to buy 4 AAA batteries when the old ones run out. Chucking them out is a bit of a hassle, too. I hope you take this into consideration when you go over FitTrack Scale Reviews.
Hugh B.
I’m so delighted with my purchase. I’ve been an advocate of healthy living for a long time. I want to track the progress or regress I make with the food I eat or drink and the exercises I do. Sometimes, counting calories just won’t do for me. The FitTrack UK is such a good buy because it can check my body’s fat, protein, and water contents.
Karen S.

FitTrack Scale Price and Money-Back Guarantee

The FitTrack UK is priced at £69.95. You can also buy it in the US for $89.95. The manufacturing company offers free shipping for orders shipped to both regions. The product is available in the manufacturer’s  UK and US websites.

It also provides a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee to its customers. Return, refund, and exchange requests are honoured provided the item is faulty due to manufacturer error. It should also be return-shipped with the original packaging.

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1. How accurate is FitTrack scale reviews?

It’s as accurate as weight scales can get. According to the manufacturer’s claim, you can show results up to 3% close to the actual accuracy of your weight and other vital metrics.

2. How Does Fit Track Scales Work?

The scale monitors your body vitals using the advanced Dual BIA technology as you stand on the scale and corresponds with the smart mobile app. The app calculate the values sent the by the scale and you can view the measurements in real-time.

3. What does the product Measure?

FitTrack UK can measure up to 17 of your body vitals. It includes your weight, BMI, muscle mass, hydration level, body fat, body age, protein percentage, obesity degree, BMR, bone mass, and so on!

4. How to calibrate the product?

To calibrate FitTrack UK, all you need to do is stand on it for a few seconds. The scale will re-calibrate itself and show 0.0 on the scale immediately.

5. Where to buy FitTrack Scale reviews?

To get your hands on the scale, all you need to do is click on my link and place the order. Remember, it’s a limited-time offer so you need to hurry up!

FitTrack Scale Review Wrap Up

Living in this age demands fast-paced living. Staying fit and healthy is hard and almost impossible. With the FitTrack reviews, setting, tracking, and succeeding in your fitness goals is simpler and easier. If you’re looking to jump into the healthy living bandwagon or improve your current practice, give the product a try. The few pounds off your credit are worth the incredible features.

Should it impress you, you can up your game with the FitTrack Scales which can do everything a smartwatch can, plus display the biometrics from your scale.

Understand Your Health & Body In Seconds!
9.3 Total Score

FitTrack Scale is the most accurate and affordable way to measure and tell you all about your health and body.

Value for money
Ease of use
  • 17 vital body metrics
  • Easy to use
  • Sleek design and white colour
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can accommodate multiple-user data
  • Suitable for home and professional use
  • Easy to navigate FitTrack Pro Scale App
  • Uses four triple-A batteries
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