EyeQue Vision Check: A Revolutionary Eye Health Monitor

EyeQue Vision Check is a revolutionary device that helps you monitor your eye health and keep track of any other eyesight complications. As time passes, the lenses of our eyes harden, resulting in the loss of the eye’s natural ability to focus.  In this contribution to EyeQue reviews, we’ll take a closer look at this eye health monitor which comes with EyeQue color blind test and see if it’s features are worth a try.

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Do you dread optometrist visits and worry about your failing vision constantly? Try the EyeQue Vision Check - your personal vision tracker.

The Problem with Optometrist Visits

As we age, the inevitability of losing our once 20/20 vision is inescapable. For anyone who has been suffering from poor eyesight and other eye problems, an optometrist appointment comes second nature. Most of the time, however, you’ll only get tested once. Although some optometrists opt for double testing, these are always done in a single seating.

Don’t you wish you knew how to test your eyes at home?

What’s the problem, you might ask? Well, several factors can impact your eye results. Lack of sleep, stress, nervousness, and coffee are capable of blurring your vision, resulting in inaccurate tests. This equates to prescription glasses that are almost perfect fitting but never quite right.

eyeque vision check

EyeQue reviews laud this personal vision tracker since it allows you to test your eyes and track your eye health progress regularly. These numbers will help your optometrist determine more fitting prescription glasses, and it gives you the option to purchase glasses online. You can test for colourblindness, too, through the EyeQue color blind test.

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What is EyeQue Vision Check?

EyeQue is a personal vision tracker founded in 2015 by a team that believes clear vision is everyone’s right. The device is a refractometer that measures the refractive error of your eyes when paired with a phone app.

In EyeQue reviews, it’s reported that different types of EyeQue tests can help you better understand what your prescription glasses should be. The results are shown in the same format as your typical prescriptions, including estimated near-vision add. Its patent-pending technology accurately captures your pupillary distance in a few short seconds.

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You can use these results from the EyeQue test to determine the lens power that’s needed to correct common eyesight problems. Plus, it includes the EyeQue color blind test.

EyeQue Reviews: How it is

The EyeQue test bundle includes:

  • The EyeQue Vision Check,
  • Micro USB cables,
  • An attachment strap,
  • Cleaning cloths,
  • A quick start guide, and
  • The pupillary distance glasses.

EyeQue Vision Check is an optical device attached to your smartphone to work hand-in-hand with the EyeQue app that’s compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. The attachment is made from highly durable plastic that includes a soft silicon cup at one end where your eye will rest during your EyeQue tests.

At the top of the device, you will see three touch sensors that you will use to navigate the eye test or the EyeQue color blind test. The charging port and power button are on the opposite side.

eyeque personal vision tracker

Its lithium battery will run for about two months on a single charge that takes an hour and a half to complete. The power button doubles as an LED light indicator that blinks blue when switched on and a solid blue light when paired to your phone. When it blinks bright red, your battery is low, and you need a quick top-up.

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EyeQue Reviews: How to use it

If you’re familiar with eye tests, then you’d be eerily familiar with the image of a barn or balloon in the distance. First, you must download the EyeQue test app on your smartphone.

As you look through the suction cup, the EyeQue VisionCheck will shine a light that automatically adjusts focus to measure your cornea’s size and shape.

There are nine tests for each eye where you will overlap a red and green bar by pressing on the touch buttons until it turns yellow. Afterwards, you’ll be given your prescription. There’s no time limit to either of Eyeque test or EyeQue color blind test, so you can take all the time you need.

Benefits and Advantages  of EyeQue Vision Check

EyeQue VisionCheck reviews are all praises for this personal vision tracker.

eyeque reviews

Save Time

Typically, scheduling an appointment with an optometrist once a year is challenging to squeeze into your schedule; Let alone doing it every month. This device saves you time by allowing you to test your eyes or do an EyeQue color blind test at home.

Accurate Results

More than 50,000 people taking optic nerve EyeQue tests are guaranteed to provide accurate results every time which is mention in every EyeQue reviews. You can effectively track your eyesight by testing every month or two yielding better data that you can use to order prescription glasses or show your optometrist.

Save Money

Optometrist visits and prescription eyeglasses aren’t cheap. With the EyeQue personal vision tracker, you can do tests at home and order your prescription glasses online.

Users’ Review

There are hundreds of EyeQue reviews online that attest to the power and ease that EyeQue Vision Check provides. It is undeniably a life-changing device for those that struggle with poor vision.

“Great products. Work well. I am in post-cataract surgery and want to keep an eye on things. 20/20 distance now.”
Garman, Kent

“VisionCheck works as promised in EyeQue reviews. You must be patient during the three tests needed to get your prescription. The app is easy to use and straight forward.”
G, Dan

“Thank you for bringing this technology to the end-user. I love the EyeQue color blind test – it works! This has been truly life-changing for me.”
Trueman, Richard

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Price and Money-back guarantee

You can get unlimited refraction and EyeQue color blind tests with an EyeQue Vision Check for $69. You also get a free one-year all-access membership that gives you access to more tests and additional secure storage for your results.

For an additional fee annually, you can add more accounts for the entire family. Additionally, EyeQue corporation’s 30-day money-back guarantee will grant you some peace of mind.


If you’re like most people who dread optometrist appointments, the EyeQue Vision Check is for you. It saves you time since EyeQue tests provide accurate eyeglass numbers that will help your optometrist get better data for your prescription glasses.

Of course, EyeQue Vision Check does not present itself as a substitute for an optometrist. If you have severe eye health concerns that need serious optometry services, an eye health exam is still best. The vision tests are for your glasses and are best suited for adults.

Test Your Vision and Order Glasses From Home
8.7 Total Score

EyeQue is a personal vision tracker which is accurate, affordable and easy to use at home. You can test your vision online and make a purchase online with your prescription glasses.

Value for money
Ease of use
  • Accurate eye tests at home
  • Saves time and money
  • Encourages you to monitor and maintain eye health
  • Yearly subscription for the all-access pass
  • Requires a phone that has a 250-pixel density or higher
  • EyeQue app could be more comprehensive
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