ClearView Glasses Review 2024: The Best Glasses for Night Driving or a Scam?

People who drive at night frequently know how hard it is on the eyes. The constant high beam blast or the glare from the taillight of the car in front is an excruciating pain point for most drivers. But there is a solution. And you’re going to learn about it in my ClearView glasses review.

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The Horror of Night

If drivers are given the option to drive either during the day or the night, the majority of them will choose daytime driving without any second thoughts. The roads are clearly visible thanks to the sun. It helps to identify all possible dangers miles ahead.

On the other hand, nighttime driving comes with a plethora of risks. It’s harder to make a sense of things. It might be fine when you’re driving alone on a country road. But navigating through the city traffic with blazing lights everywhere is always a challenge. At least for me.

And it puts tremendous pressure on your eyes. You are constantly trying to measure the distance between you and the car in front. Even people with clear visions struggle to drive at night.

I was a victim of the problems stated above. And I fixed things with ClearView night glasses. And I am going to share my ClearView Glasses review with you.

ClearView Night Glasses

As a victim of nighttime driving, I am always on the hunt for solutions to help me improve. It’s not often that I come across a product worth mentioning in this category. So, I was very happy to find ClearView glasses review on the internet. It finally felt like I have something that will help me.

glasses for driving at night

The Clear View sunglasses are specifically designed to improve vision at night. From the outside, it looks like a pair of sunglasses with a yellow shade. But in reality, it’s an innovative gadget that improves your visibility in the dark and even in the fog.

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ClearView glasses review incorporates anti-glare technology that helps deflect the lights from opposite lane cars. And even tail light glare from the car in front of you. The lenses are called polarized photochromic lenses, designed to minimize glare and improve contrast. Contrast is essential when you’re trying to see through the dark.

ClearView Glasses UK Features and Benefits

The Clear View sunglasses can reek benefits to the wearer during nighttime activities, especially driving. I have managed to pinpoint some of the most amazing benefits that I’d like to share with you in my review of glasses for driving at night.

  • Lightweight: When we hear the term ‘gadget’, some modern electronic devices come to our minds. And they are often quite heavy. But not this one. The Clear View sunglasses are very lightweight and you can carry them with you wherever you want. Your nose won’t feel any distress. The same goes for your ears. Moreover, it’s a slightly yellow tint which is surprisingly appealing for both males and females.
  • Works Over Glasses: Another great benefit that makes ClearView night glasses a global hit is their compatibility with glasses. A lot of drivers who drive at night wear glasses, including me. And the glares are even worse with glasses on. However, the ClearView glasses review works phenomenally over my glasses. You can certainly feel it, but not in a bad way. I sure hope the manufacturer comes out with prescription glasses soon!
  • Anti-Glare: One of the main reasons why you would invest in the Clear View sunglasses. The anti-glare technology it boasts is something I’ve never experienced before. The tint it uses softens even the harshest lights coming from any direction. It focuses the lights as well so that they won’t squint all over the glasses.

clearview glasses

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  • Photochromic Lenses: Last but not the least, the technology that makes ClearView night glasses a viable option. There are many yellow shades on the market that claim to be ‘night vision’. But none of them work because they don’t have the technology required to improve vision. ClearView glasses review, on the other hand, has the Photochromic lenses to improve contrast, a crucial factor for distinguishing colors at night.

How to Use ClearView Night Glasses

Do ClearView glasses work? Of course, they do! Using the Clear View sunglasses doesn’t require you to have any extra skills. You can either use them standalone if you have good vision or wear them over your prescription glasses. The metal frame that holds the lenses in place is flexible so you don’t have to worry about the fitment.

The lenses are covered in an anti-glare tint. The tint cancels the blue light emitted from car headlights. So, make sure to carry the ClearView night glasses every time you go for a drive in the dark.

ClearView Glasses Reviews from Users

As I already said that there are hundreds of counterfeit products in the name of night vision, I didn’t want to fall for another scam. So, before I decided to give ClearView night glasses a shot, I decided to get on the internet to read some user reviews. Here’s what I found.

“I had a minor accident while coming back from a party years ago. Since then, it was hard for me to drive at night. I just didn’t trust myself enough with the steering. Then, I came across the Clear View sunglasses. Believe it or not, I’ve regained the confidence of driving at night again! ”

  • Timothy, 29 years old

“I never liked driving anyways. Let alone driving at night. But we all have to swallow situations just to get through life. And I do it with the ClearView glasses review. It’s one of the best investments I ever made. In circumstances I have to drive, I can just put it on and be as much careful as I can.”

  • Julia, 28 years old

“Night Vision technology was always a gimmick to me. I felt like there was no real reason to use night vision. I have seen my friends use typical goggles from the market and reek no benefits. So, obviously, I was very skeptical about the ClearView night driving glasses reviews. But all of my concerns were gone the moment I put it one. My vision was clearer than ever!”

  • Willow, 38 years old

ClearView Night Glasses Price and Moneyback Guarantee

You may be familiar with the manufacturer of the ClearView glasses review. Hyperstech has blessed us with countless innovative gadgets. And Clear View sunglasses are one of them. And just for you, I’ve managed very respectable discounts from Hyperstech. So, how much are Clear View glasses?

You should definitely check out the buy 3 get 2 free offer. For only £97, you can get your hands of 5 Clear View sunglasses! It’s a whopping 73% discount.

If you don’t want so many, you can just get one for a 50% discount. And it will cost you about £35. Or, you can go with the buy 2 get 1 free offer. For only £71, it’s a very respectable offer with a 67% discount.

clearview glasses price

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The manufacturer didn’t stop at providing spectacular discounts. It has also gone ahead and offered a 30-Day moneyback guarantee! If you’re not satisfied with your purchase of ClearView night Glasses, you can send it back for a refund.


The bottom line is, Clear View sunglasses are a blessing in disguise for people like me who don’t like to drive at night. If you’re a frequent night driver, you know how risky it is considering the overall conditions. It’s especially true when it’s raining or foggy.

ClearView glasses review is an innovation by Hyperstech to combat the age-old problem. It has numerous technologies included to provide an anti-glare experience for your journey. Moreover, the design of the Clear View sunglasses is modern enough that you won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

ClearView Glasses
9.3 Total Score
ClearView Glasses Review 2024: The Best Night Time Driving Glasses?

Value for Money
Ease of Use
  • Yellow tint
  • Blocks blue light
  • Flexible frame
  • Photochromic lenses
  • Works over glasses
  • No prescription lenses
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