Bed Scrunchie Review 2024: The Best Fabric Clip to Keep Your Sheets in Place

Wrinkled bed sheets are one of those things that don’t get too much attention. It’s there every single day, but we decide to fix it and continue. Well, not for the inventor of this product. The story seems interesting, right? To know the details, you need to read our Bed Scrunchie reviews.

The name is very engaging if you ask us. It sounds like a fun product. Bed Scrunchie is a clip-style bedsheet holder. It keeps your bedsheet in place throughout the day. As the sheet is tightly held from underneath, you don’t have to fix it every single day.

This innovative product is taking the market by storm by offering it for only £38.88. We’ve got a few more interesting packages for you. You’re going to learn about them are you read our Bed Scrunchie reviews.


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Article updated: 19 July 2024

What is Bed Scrunchie Clips?

Let’s tell you the story. Two business partners, Michael Nuskins and Jack Nekhala. They have been in the textile business for more than 10 years. During this time, a lot of trends have caught up to the industry. A lot of them also washed away over time.

The purpose of their business was to improve the quality of their bedsheets to the next level. Very few manufacturers put in as much effort as these people to make bedsheet. Sometime in 2015, Jack came home with a very high-end batch of bedsheets.

He noticed the sheets popping off the mattress the very night. It’s frustrating. The next day, he started looking for a solution on Amazon. And Alas! It failed.

Jack then suddenly realized the problem. The clips have to work from all sides. Only a 360-degree fabric clip would work. Soon after, Bed Scrunchie clips were born inside Jack Nekhala’s garage in New Jersey.

Inspiring, right? Since then, Bed Scrunchie clips have slowly become the unsung hero for practically every bed owner. No one likes to curl up their sheets then sleep. The Bed Scrunchie reviews spread like wildfire and you’re reading one of them.

bed scrunchie

Essentially, Bed Scrunchie clips are 360-degree fabric clips that hold onto your bed sheet. There are 10 tightness settings so you have absolute freedom over how you want your bed to look. It sets right in place. You just have to lift the mattress one time.

Before Bed Scrunchie reviews came out, it was a common complaint among users that they had to lift the heavy mattress 3 or 4 times to set the fabric clips. It was a dreadful experience.


How to Use Bed Scrunchie Reviews?

Using the Bed Scrunchie reviews is very simple. The clips are made for very high-quality raw materials to prevent them from damaging the threads. So, you can go in all the way to level 10 of the tightness setting.

To start, you need to clip the Bed Scrunchie clips with the bedsheet. Start a little far from the corners. Keep attaching the clips all around the sheet and make sure the center of the Bed Scrunchie review is also center-aligned with the sheet.

bed scrunchie reviews

After you’re done, you can set the sheet as you would do with fitted sheets. Tuck in the corners first and then adjust the tightness. The bungee cords are attached to the adjustment rope. Once you’re satisfied with the tightness, tuck the rope under the mattress.

Pros and Cons of Bed Scrunchie Clips

Bed Scrunchie sheet holder straps are very good. However, like all other products in the world, has some demerits. To make a proper decision, you need to know about both.

So, in this section, we’re going to list the pros and cons of this product based on our experience and hundreds of Bed Scrunchie reviews.


  • This product is universal. It works with all types of mattresses and all sizes of beds.
  • The fitting is very effortless as you only have to lift the mattress once.
  • It works will all kinds of sheets including fitted, flat, mattress toppers, top sheets, etc.
  • It’s machine washable and dryable. Also, you’re free to hand wash it if you want.
  • Very high-quality material paired with top-notch fabrication.
  • Comes with 100-Night Sleep Tight Guarantee.
  • Real users say good things about this product.


  • Very limited sources to purchase online

Few cases of fitment issues on extra-large mattresses


Bed Scrunchie Clips Reviews from Real Users

In the previous section, we’ve told you that real users say good things on their Bed Scrunchie reviews. So, it’s only fair that we share some of them with you to answer the question once and for all “does Bed Scrunchie really work?”.

When I first got it, I thought to myself, “is bed scrunchie any good? Or did I waste the money?” All of my questions went away after a week. If you value a good night’s sleep, you should get one of these.


My sons have been complaining a lot about their bed sheets being crazy every morning. I’ve seen it first hand. As they’re little and they share a bed, it’s hard on the bedsheet itself. So, I started surfing the internet looking for a possible solution. Bed Scrunchie reviews managed to get my attention. And here I am, writing a review of my experience.


A few days ago, I didn’t even know a product like this existed. I got to experience it as a punishment for losing a bet with my wife. She was going crazy about this Bed Scrunchie clips thing. I said nothing works the way you’re thinking. She roped me into a bet that I’d have to review it if I liked it. That’s what I’m doing.


bed scrunchie review

Bed Scrunchie Clips Price and Moneyback Guarantee

By now, you might have started to feel the urge of getting one. Haven’t you? Well, then I have good news for you. There is a massive promotion going on on the manufacturer’s website and we want you to participate in it.

On our link, 1 Scrunchie is going for £38.88. The magic begins when you buy 2 or more. If you buy 2, you get 1 for absolutely free. You’ll pay a total of £77.75 which means 1 Bed Scrunchie review will cost you £25.92!

Another huge benefit is if you get 3. Because you’ll get 2 for free and the package will cost you £116.63.


When we offer these promotions to you, we often state a 30-day moneyback guarantee. However, we’re not going to do it this time. Because there’s a 100-Night Sleep Tight guarantee! Yes, the manufacturer will return your money if you don’t like your experience during the first 100 nights!

Never Order from Untrusted Vendors.


1. Are there any animal products in bed sheet scrunchie?

Absolutely not. It’s a 100% vegan product which means no animals were harmed at any stage of the production process.

2. How many clips do bed scrunchies sheet holders use to hold the sheet?

There are 8 very high-end and durable clips holding onto your bed sheet.

3. Does the manufacturer sell clips separately?

It does. You can replace the clips yourself after getting them for a very small price. But it’s going to be years before you feel the need to change them.

4. What is the color of this product?

Currently, the fabric clip is only available in light grey color.

5. What is used to keep the clips in place?

It uses the highest strength parachute grade bungee cord to support the clips. Once you put it in, you can rest assured that it’s not going anywhere.


If you like your bedsheet crisp and plain 24/7, a Bed Scrunchie review is what you need. This is an ultra-durable fabric clip that virtually never loses its strength. It’s easily usable and the clips are easily replaceable. Overall, it’s a very balanced product in our opinion. Get them before the promotion runs out!

Bed Scrunchie
Bungee cord infused fabric clip to hold your bedsheet in place.
9.5 Total Score
Bed Scrunchie Review 2024: Does it Actually Work or Another Scam?

Learn the truth about Bed Scrunchie, the bedsheet holder that took the world by storm.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
  • This product is universal. It works with all types of mattresses and all sizes of beds
  • The fitting is very effortless as you only have to lift the mattress once
  • It works will all kinds of sheets including fitted, flat, mattress toppers, top sheets, etc.
  • It’s machine washable and dryable. Also, you’re free to hand wash it if you want
  • Very high-quality material paired with top-notch fabrication
  • Comes with 100-Night Sleep Tight Guarantee
  • Real users say good things about this product
  • Very limited sources to purchase online
  • Few cases of fitment issues on extra-large mattresses
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