BarxBuddy Review 2024: Your One-stop Dog Training Device

If you own a dog, you know how cute they are. They accompany you when you are lonely. They sit beside you when you’re sad. They share your joy. However, they bark a lot as well. And sometimes, the barking just goes out of hand. And I am here with a solution for you, my BarxBuddy review!

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Article updated: 16 May 2024

The Constant Barking

As a canine animal, dogs have very respectable intelligence. They know when to ask for food, they know when to bark at a stranger. But the intelligence doesn’t develop equally for all dogs. Some tend to bark more than others.

And at times, it doesn’t seem so cute. Because who wants to hear the dogs bark all the time? I was having a very similar problem with my German Shephard, Lily. It was all good for a few years but she suddenly started barking for no reason.

My first instinct was to get her to an obedience center and train her. But it didn’t prove to be fruitful. So, I hopped on my computer and started looking for remedies. Suddenly, a device called the Barx Buddy reviews got my attention. And I’m going to share my part in the BarxBuddy review with you.

Introducing BarxBuddy Dog Training Device

You might be wondering what could this be. Let me tell you. It’s a very helpful device that generates ultrasonic sounds to control your dog’s behaviour. Sounds too good to be true? It won’t once you understand the mechanics of sound.


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Sound is measured in frequency, most commonly Hz or Hertz. We humans can detect sounds that lie between 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz in general. It may vary a little from person to person. But it’s all in the same vicinity.

But for most animals, particularly dogs, the hearing range is significantly higher. Dogs can hear frequencies up to 45,000 Hz! It’s more than twice what we can hear.

As for Barx Buddy reviews, it creates an ultrasonic noise around 30,000 Hz. This frequency is not harmful to humans at all. And it’s not harmful to dogs as well. However, it’s utterly uncomfortable for the canines. That’s exactly why it’s the perfect device to grab their attention.

So, does the Barx Buddy device work? To understand it, you need to understand why dogs bark. They usually bark to grab the attention of their owner. Or, to send signals to their species. They also bark when they are scared. Or, when they are hungry. If you’re feeding them properly and they are getting enough exercise, they shouldn’t bark constantly.

If they do, there’s something else that’s getting their attention and you can’t figure out what it is. That’s where the BarxBuddy review comes into play.

It distracts the dogs by creating discomfort and grabbing their attention with the added flashlight that blinks in the dark.

BarxBuddy Review Features and Benefits

I use my Barx Buddy reviews to this day and it’s one of the best investments I made for my Lily. Over the years, I have picked on many of the pros and cons of BarxBuddy. Let me share them with you.

  • Works with All Breeds: Whether you have the might German Shephard or the cutest poodle, Barx Budy reviews work like a charm. Other breeds like Labrador, Huskies, Spaniels, Yorkies, Boxers, Beagles, Pitbulls, etc. all can benefit equally from the device.
  • Portable: The BarxBuddy review operates on a 9V battery. Which means it’s extremely portable. You can carry it with you on flights by simply removing the battery. It weighs about 18.1 grams only which is practically nothing.

barxbuddy features

  • 3-Modes: BarxBuddy comes in three different modes. You can use it as a flashlight. You can use the sounds to train your dogs. And most importantly, you can use it as a bark prevention device.
  • Ultrasonic: One of the mains reasons this device works so well is the ultrasonic feature. There might be many whistles and other devices, but none of them can generate ultrasonic sounds. It generates a frequency of over 30,000 or more which is uncomfortable for the dogs. It works like a charm to stop them from barking.
  • Easy to Use: There are no complex setups involved with the BarxBuddy review. You just open the package from the mail and start using it.

How to Use Barx Buddy Reviews

On most days, you won’t feel the need to use the device on your dog. They will behave and they will obey each of your instructions. You’ll bond on a lazy afternoon.

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And then there will be days when you cannot make sense of your dog’s behavior. Why are they barking so much? Why are they trying to bite everyone they see?

Those are the circumstances you are going to need Barx Buddy reviews. It gives the dogs a strong jolt to snap them out of their negative behavior. You can simply bring out the device, ensure it has a battery inserted, and press the ON button.

For maximum results, you need to point the device directly at them. Pointing the Barx Buddy UK somewhere else will weaken the signal strength and your dog might not notice it. Remember, they can hear up to 45,000 Hz!

how to use barxbuddy

When you point BarxBuddy review at them, the integrated speakers will emit the sound to control your dog. When they come back to the calm stage, give them a pat on the back or give them a treat. The positive affirmation goes a long way. At least it did for me.

Barx Buddy Reviews from Users

As a dog owner, I am connected with multiple communities. We share a lot of information regarding our pets and help each other out in critical situations. So, when my Lily was acting weird, I asked for help in one of the communities. Here are the reviews I got.

“I had the same problem with my terrier. The cute little dog never wanted to bite anyone. But suddenly its behaviour changed. It was always irritating and barked all the time. I went to a vet and everything was normal. So, I decided to use the training device, BarxBuddy review. It helped me a lot to break bad habits. Now, my dog is better than it ever was.”

  • Martha, 26 years old

“My Tiger went berserk at one point. It’s the name of my Husky. I don’t know what went wrong, but he was barking day and night. Even the neighbours started to complain a lot. That’s when I came across Barx Buddy reviews on the internet. It was the best investment ever. Every time he started barking, I pointed the BarxBuddy. It stopped quite soon. You can try it.”

  • Robert, 25 years old

“I know how irritating it is to have an annoying dog. In your case, it seems to be a new issue. Why don’t you try the Barx Buddy reviews? I’ve used it in the past and got amazing results. Before you spend any more money, give this one a try.”

  • Solomon, 33 years old

BarxBuddy Price and Moneyback Guarantee

So, you might be wondering where can you get this amazing device for your dog. Well, worry not. You can simply click the button below to get your hands on the Barx Buddy reviews.

I’ve managed a 50% discount offer for just my readers. It’s a limited-time offer so make sure that you get your device as soon as possible. 1 BarxBuddy will cost you £39.95. You can get 2 for only £66.95. You may also get 3 or 4 BarxBuddy devices for £82.95 and £97.95 respectively.

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Moreover, the manufacturer offers a handy 30-day moneyback guarantee on your purchase. So, if you decide to change your purchase decision within 1 month of receiving the product, the manufacturer will give you a full refund, minus the shipping. You also need to ensure that the packing is in brand-new condition. Otherwise, you might face issues while getting your refund.


Controlling a dog is not everyone’s cup of tea. While some dogs are easy to manipulate, some aggressive breeds are not. You might need help from a professional trainer. But if you don’t want to go that route, you can just simply get yourself a BarxBuddy review.

To help you control your dog’s behaviour even more conveniently, I’ve managed very good discount offers for four different packages on BarxBuddy UK. Try them out now.

9.5 Total Score
BarxBuddy Review 2024: Your One-stop Dog Training Device

Value for Money
Ease of Use
  • Portable
  • Battery-powered
  • Ultrasonic technology
  • Range starts from 30,000 Hz
  • Included LED
  • 10-meter radius
  • Non-rechargeable battery
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