ZenMate VPN Review 2021: Is it reliable?

zenmate review

ZenMate VPN is a world-famous VPN provider with more than 40 million users. It started as a mere browser extension but has since developed into a full-fledged VPN solution. With its affordable monthly cost, this VPN is a top choice for the budget-conscious user. However, does it live up to be a reputable VPN? Is it secure, reliable, and fast? Find out the answers in this ZenMate VPN review.

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Simple but Trusted VPN

ZenMate is a Germany-based VPN that promises fast speeds and top-notch security capabilities. The VPN supports both Windows and Mac, mobile devices, and even router installation. Its costs vary depending on the subscription you choose. The plans range from one month to 18 months.

Plans and Prices

zenmate pricing

There is a Zenmate free trial version, which lets you enjoy all its features for 7 days. The Zenmate VPN free trial does not auto-upgrade, which means you do not need to enter your credit card information when you get it.

Also, in case you change your mind, the service is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Summary sheet

This ZenMate VPN Review tabulates the VPN’s many features below, including ZenMate VPN Netflix unblocking and torrenting capability.


Using the VPN

ZenMate Netflix / Streaming

Streaming performance is adequate with this VPN. With ZenMate Netflix unblocking is supported, though the speeds are not quite remarkable. However, you can still stream in 4K without any noticeable buffering or lag. The region unblocking by ZenMate VPN Netflix US is also very good.

Zenmate Netflix can also bypass geo-restrictions of Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and HBO Go. However, a ZenMate VPN review reports that streaming quality is inconsistent in BBC iPlayer, even with the UK server.


As it is with ZenMate Netflix, the VPN is also excellent for torrenting. Your ZenMate download activity is kept private, but the speeds can be disappointing. For best results, connect to a server that is near your location. That way, you will get the fastest possible download speed.

VPN features

It uses an encryption algorithm known as 256-bit AES, which is the gold standard in the VPN industry. Combined with 2048-bit RSA keys and SHA-256 authentication, it makes for solid data encryption. In other words, all of your browsing activity, even your streaming activity, remains hidden from prying eyes with Zenmate VPN Netflix.

zenmate vpn review

To enhance your level of privacy online, the VPN also protects against IP and DNS leaking. In other words, only the custom IP and DNS addresses are visible in cyberspace. Your real IP and DNS addresses remain hidden as long as you are connected to its servers.

Additionally, this VPN is equipped with a kill switch. It cuts off Internet access when the connection to the VPN is unstable, which prevents your real IP address from accidental exposure.

Another standard for reputable VPNs is what’s known as a no-logging policy. While Zen Mate does have this, its privacy policy states that it would still give selected information to authorities when requested. The brand is based in Germany, a country that is part of a global surveillance coalition called the 14 Eyes Alliance. It is not a privacy-friendly country, which may be a problem for many users.

However, this VPN does not specifically monitor your activity online. Rather, they only obtain basic information such as your operating system, the amount of data used, and the number of users connected to each server. Thus, it still provides a good deal of online privacy.

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Windows client


The Windows interface is quite friendly, even to the average computer user. The UI is clean, and in its main window, it only has the essential features, which are the on/off button and the server selection menu.

zenmate servers


The settings menu is also straightforward, having options to toggle the killswitch, IP/DNS leak protection, and to change the VPN protocol. Not a lot of advanced settings can be tweaked, though.

Other applications

In this ZenMate review, the VPN ticks the box on multiple device accessibility. It has mobile apps for both Android and iOS, as well as browser extensions. The paid plans also allow you to tie up to 5 devices to one account. You may also install ZenMate on a router, which will let it protect an unlimited number of devices.

Customer service

As with many reputable VPN providers, ZenMate offers live chat support. Their teams are quite responsive and helpful, plus they alternatively offer email support. The FAQ section of the site additionally covers a lot of common troubleshooting issues.

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If you’re looking for a VPN that is easy to use, affordable and offers enough privacy and security for your online life, ZenMate is worth considering. However, it isn’t the best in terms of privacy and speed. Other VPNs may be better options, with prices only slightly higher. But based on this ZenMate VPN review, it does have a 7-day free trial, so you can see it for yourself first before purchasing a plan.

Make the word simplified and full of privacy with Zenmate.
8.2 Total Score
ZenMate VPN

Zenmate is one of a world-famous VPN provider which support the devices almost every platform. It deliveries the most secure, reliable and fast for your online experiences.

Privacy and Security
Speed and Performance
Value for money
Ease of use
  • No-logs policy
  • P2P friendly
  • Kill Switch feature
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Great chat support
  • Limited server locations

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