iMemories Review 2022: How to Save Precious Memories From Getting Lost in Oblivion

Do you have a bunch of old VHS tapes lying around? Or old photos that are beyond repair? Well, I had. And I suddenly felt the urge to visit the memory lane of my childhood. But I didn’t have access to a VHS player. That’s where my iMemories reviews comes in.

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Memories Lost in Oblivion

Technology has evolved a lot as we grew up. While VHS and other analog media stuck around for quite a bit, they’re completely irrelevant now. But what do you when you want to share your memories with the loving ones?

As unfortunate as it is, modern devices don’t support old video and photo formats. Analog media is out of the question for today’s generation. The efficiency and longevity of flash-based memory and the emergence of cloud services have eliminated the need for VHS, negatives, or photo albums.

Today I’ll share one of my finest discoveries in a long time. Stay along for my i Memories reviews.

What is iMemories?

In a nutshell, reviews of iMemories dictate that it’s a cloud-based storage and streaming service. Every family has stored boxes of old photos and videos. iMemories offers its services to people in need. A team of professionals digitizes the memories for you and ships them to you in an indestructible box.

My iMemories reviews is a homage to all those people who are willing to convert their analog memories into digital ones. Every video format is relevant to i Memories regardless of their age. In my opinion, iMemories is the perfect way to preserve your precious moments, forever.

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All of the media is labeled and organized for your convenience as well. The company can even create montages using your provided memories, whether it’s videos or photos. Even negative and long movie films are easily converted to digital forms using their services.

How Does iMemories Reviews Work?

iMemories was created with only one goal in mind. To let all your memories at your fingertips. The services work equally great for both analog and digital memories. If you were an early adopter of the flash technology, you may have old hard drives lying around in your house. And it’s definitely a task to scan through old archives to find what’s relevant.

how does imemories work

iMemories reviews do the work for you. As analog media is very fragile, you can order a SafeShip Kit from i Memories. It’s a crush-proof box with waterproof bags inside. There are shock resistant bubble wraps included to protect your memories from all kinds of harm.

The company will then send you a quote depending on the scale of work. Once you approve, the digitization process begins. There are numerous scanners and other cutting-edge technology on their facility to safely convert the memories.

iMemories Reviews Features and Benefits

I personally loved their service. The robust service is what I was looking for. What I’m going to do right now is give you a comprehensive idea about the features and benefits of iMemories reviews.

  • Digitization: The highlight of i Memories. They specialize in converting obscure media to relevant modern media. From old VHS tapes to blurred out photos, everything falls under their vicinity for digitization.
  • Modern Device Support: The device compatibility is just phenomenal in my opinion. I was hunting for a VHS player just a few months ago before I came across the iMemories review. Now, I can watch and share all of my past memories on my smartphone, my laptop, or on the cloud.
  • Originals Returned: Just because you’re sending the original media to iMemories UK doesn’t mean you aren’t getting them back. All of the original memories are returned to you with proper safety.
  • Enhancement: One of the details that I liked very much. The team didn’t just convert my videos to DVD, they enhanced the quality! I can understand that a lot of new technology went into the process but I really like the results. The same applies to photos as well!
  • Free Quotes: And to get in touch with i Memories, all you have to do is ask for a quote. It’s absolutely free. Share the details of your project with the team and they’ll send you a quote breaking down the expenses. They’ll proceed only if you approve it.
  • Organization: Personally, I would’ve taken their services even if they didn’t organize my files. But they did. It’s a very neat feature. You can just drag and drop the files to get them sorted.

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How to Use iMemories

Taking the i Memories service is as easy as it gets. There are two distinct apps available on the App Store and Android Play Store. As it’s a cloud-based service, it’s helpful to download the app and create an account.

So, is iMemories legit?how to use imemories

All you have to do is click my link to get in touch with the service and know for yourself. You can either order a SafeShip Kit for maximum protection or send the goods in your own box. I ordered the kit because it was really strong. I didn’t want my already damaged memories to take even more damage.

iMemories Reviews from Real Users

Just because my experience was good with iMemories doesn’t mean everyone else’s is too. That’s why I wanted to investigate the user reviews on the internet. To no one’s surprise, people only had good things to say.

“The world is a mysterious place. I never thought I’d be able to find my childhood memories ever again. But I found a box of old photos and tapes in the closet while shifting homes. But I didn’t have a way to watch the tapes. While searching on the internet, I came across iMemories reviews. It was just the service I was looking for! Now, I have all my photos and videos on a blu-ray disc. I can even make copies and send them to my children!”

  • Roberta, 49 years old

“I was looking for the perfect gift idea for my parent’s 30th anniversary. Luckily, I found some of their old photos in a locker but they were pretty damaged. Then I found i Memories to save the day. I took their service and created a beautiful and romantic music video out of their photos. Oh man! I wish you could see the smile on my parent’s faces! Way to go iMemories!”

  • Holland, 26 years old

“Usually, I don’t leave reviews on the internet. But this time I had to. iMemories services is so good and so professional that I’m astonished. They quickly turned my wedding tape into DVD. Me and my wife can watch it whenever we want. We still have a VHS player but unfortunately, it doesn’t work anymore. iMemories saved the most beautiful day of my life!”

iMemories Price and Moneyback Guarantee

Wondering how to get i Memories service? How much does iMemories cost? As my reader, you get exclusive 20% off on all of their services.

i memories price

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The videotapes digitization, movie films digitization, and photos, all of the services are included in the offer. It’s a limited time offer that only applies when you order a SafeShip Kit. What are you waiting for?

A Few Words to Conclude

Out of all of the products and services I’ve reviewed over the years, memories from i Memories will stick to me for years. They have managed to revive my almost-lost moments from the grave pit of time.

And if you want the same for your memories, don’t be late to avail the offer I’m providing you. You get a 20% discount on all of iMemories reviews services. Whether you choose a DVD or a blu-ray, i Memories is the way to go.

9.8 Total Score
iMemories Review: The Service to Revive Your Lost Memories

iMemories converts all of your analog media files into digital ones to let you store them on DVDs, Blu-rays, or cloud servers!

Value for Money
Ease of Use
  • Affordable
  • Supports all formats
  • Quality enhancement
  • Safety ensured
  • Blu-ray and DVDs
  • Cloud service requires a subscription

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