ExpressVPN Review 2021: The Best VPN for Your Everyday Needs

expressvpn reviews

In today’s world, online safety and privacy matter a lot. Anywhere, anyone can get hacked at any time, and their valuable data could be taken from them. Even some governments have a habit of spying on Internet users. And that’s where my ExpressVPN review comes into play.

Alarming as this can be, most people still access the Internet without any means of protecting their privacy. Thankfully, technology is on your side. There is a way to protect your online self, and that is through apps called VPNs (Virtual Private Networks).

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ExpressVPN Review: Fast and Reliable VPN

There are several VPNs at your disposal, but for now, let’s deal with an ExpressVPN review. I read enough Express VPN reviews to get convinced and buy it for myself. In this post, I’ll share my detailed experience with you.

ExpressVPN UK is one of the top-rated VPNs available today. The service has a lot of features that make sure you’re basically hidden from view when you use the Internet. Also, it offers a great balance between security and speed, plus a host of other useful features.

How Much is ExpressVPN Review?

Well, you can’t buy an ExpressVPN review. But you can definitely buy ExpressVPN UK. For those who are curious, ExpressVPN free version is not available. However, the company has a ‘Refer a Friend’ program that could get you an ExpressVPN free subscription if can get a friend to sign up. You can’t get ExpressVPN UK for trial as well. But you can get a month free when you buy the 1-month package. So if ever you did not like how the app performed, you can get your money back.

expressvpn prices

My opinion is even without ExpressVPN UK free subscription available, deciding to invest in it is something that you’ll lose no sleep over. Is ExpressVPN worth it? It definitely is for me. You can get to for three different packages. They are as follows.

  • 1 month for £9.51
  • 6 months for £7.34 per month
  • 12 months for £4.9 per month + 3 months free

The 6- and 12-month plans, are charged as one-time payments. So that’s $45 for the former and about $75 for VPNExpress for a year.

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With this, it’s a good idea to check what you need first before making the purchase. Let’s say you’re taking a 2-week trip abroad and just need the VPN for that time. In this scenario, the 1-month plan of ExpressVPN review would be your best choice. However, if your job requires a good deal of online security, go for the highest-tier plan of 12 months.

Plus, all plans allow up to five devices to connect to the VPN. This is perfect if you have more than one gadget that connects to the Internet (it doesn’t run on smartwatches, though).

Using ExpressVPN UK for Netflix and Torrents


One great thing about VPNExpress is that it bypasses the region-lock on Netflix. This means that you’ll be able to access all Netflix content anywhere you may be.

expressvpn review

To do this, connect to an VPNExpress server list that is in the country where the content is available. For example, if you want to watch a US Netflix show, just connect to a US server. And you’ll be able to access all US Netflix content wherever you are. The same goes for English and Australian content.

Many of the ExpressVPN review will vouch that you can watch Netflix in HD. Buffering won’t be a problem either as ExpressVPN Netflix streams at high speed.


If you’re someone who downloads content and watches them offline, BitTorrent clients are your go-to tools. However, data privacy is especially a big concern in this case. But there is good news for you: ExpressVPN torrent downloading is a breeze, and it even keeps that activity hidden from prying eyes.

Plus, ExpressVPN download has no bandwidth limits, which means you get torrent download speeds as fast as possible. Also, VPN Express UK keeps no logs of any activity, ensuring that your online footprint remains in the shadows.

ExpressVPN Review: Features and Benefits

  • Encryption: My ExpressVPN review must tackle the VPN’s encryption capabilities. VPN Express UK uses a very high standard of encryption called 256-bit AES. In practical terms, this means the encryption is almost impossible to break. In turn, the data that you exchange online remains private. Also, VPN Express UK has an additional security feature known as perfect forward secrecy. This means the encryption code changes each time you log in. This way, your data becomes even harder to trace.
  • VPN Protocols: ExpressVPN UK uses a variety of protocols to secure your Internet data. By default, VPNExpress chooses the appropriate protocol automatically, depending on your network. In most cases, the active protocol is termed OpenVPN UDP. It provides an excellent balance between security and speed. Then there’s OpenVPN TCP, which makes your connection more stable due to its error-correction feature. A disadvantage, though, is that it slows down the speed of the connection.
  • Network Lock: Express VPN has yet another security feature that ensures you stay hidden online. This is called Network Lock. It functions as a ‘kill switch’ that blocks all network traffic if the VPNExpress gets disconnected. That way, your data stays secure, and your IP address is always hidden.
  • Split Tunnelling: Express VPN can also be selective in the traffic that it encrypts. Through ExpressVPN UK’s split tunneling function, you can choose which apps go through the VPN and which ones don’t. This is useful if you have apps that require maximum speed and bandwidth.
  • Server Locations: Although ExpressVPN UK has servers that span 94 countries, they are mainly based in the British Virgin Islands. This location has very stringent privacy protection laws, so everything that is on those servers is almost guaranteed to be safe from snoopers.

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How to Use ExpressVPN Reviews

To effectively use VPNExpresss, you need a good understanding of the interface. VPN Express UK’s very cleverly designed so that people from any background can use VPN Express UK. For example, my mother is not a tech-savvy person. She never was. But she effectively uses VPNExpress for her Netflix needs.

Interface of VPN Express UK

Using Express VPN is easy even for beginners. Even people who are not tech-savvy will find the interface very user-friendly. Once the app is open, the most prominent part of the screen will be a power button. Click on it to connect or disconnect: once it’s green, your device is connected to the VPN service.

expressvpn review


You can customise settings in VPNExpress too. You can also select different servers located in various countries depending on what you need. Once done, most of the security features will run automatically in the background.

Other applications

VPNExpress is available on a wide range of other platforms, including Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. The mobile versions, however, do lack some key features like the automatic network lock. VPNExpress also has a browser extension that allows you to access its features right from your web browser. With this, you don’t need to install a separate desktop app.

expressvpn review

ExpressVPN UK Router app

ExpressVPN review even runs on some routers. VPNExpress includes an app that installs on specific models of routers, like those from ASUS. Setting VPN Express UK up only requires a few steps.

Once installed, you can now connect several more devices to the router, and all of them will be protected with Express VPN. No need to install the app individually on each device. This way, you can bypass the five-device limit of the original subscription. Devices like the Chromecast and Apple TV can even connect through the VPN this way.

ExpressVPN UK router app also supports network lock, ensuring that all your devices stay protected in case of dropouts in the connection. Split tunneling is also supported. This way, you can assign which devices will connect through the VPN.

Lightway: A Look into the Future

Recenlty, VPN Express UK has introduced the latest VPN protocol, the Lightway protocol. If you’re read my review so far, you know about the different protocols like the OpenVPN UDP and OpenVPN TDP. On the other hand, Lightway is the in-house built protocol that minimizes the connecting time by a lot and makes the connection even more stable than it was!

The reason VPN Express UK embarked on a journey to make a new protocol is the trade-off users had to endure with standard protocol. With every standard protocol, you either have to sacrifice speed or security. But Lightway offers the perfect blend of lightnight fast speed, wall-like security and top notch reliability.

It’s a lightweight and open-source protocol that cuts the need for unnecessary codes that slows down the system. Multiple ExpressVPN review suggest that Lightway can handle connection drops and network inconsistencies like never before!

If you’re wondering where is ExpressVPN based, it’s based in the British Virgin Islands. And the strong privacy legislation has led the developers to come up with the amazing Lightway protocol.

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Customer Support for ExpressVPN UK

Is ExpressVPN good? Only one way to find out! Analyzing the customer support. VPN Express UK offers live 24/7 chat support on its website. Their live agents are usually quite helpful in resolving common issues, and they are responsive most of the time.

In case you don’t want to bother chatting with an agent, the website lists a lot of frequently asked questions (FAQ). Browsing through the FAQs section would answer most questions users may have about the VPN.


If you value your privacy and safety online, a VPN Express UK is a must. Of the many choices available, this ExpressVPN UK review says that the VPN is indeed a cut above the rest. It combines solid security features with great speeds. It also adds in a handful of extra features to ensure that your online activity is secured. The fact that VPNExpress also supports routers is a bonus, as you only need to set it up in one device to protect all your other devices.

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ExpressVPN offers you excellence privacy protection by using its own DNS servers. With the reputation for the no.1 trusted VPN, you're guaranteed that this does not fail you.

Privacy and Security
Speed and Performance
Value for money
Ease of use
  • High-speed connection
  • Wide selection of countries covered
  • Native app for iPhone and Android
  • P2P and BitTorrent allowed, with no logs
  • User-friendly
  • More expensive than other VPNs
  • Few configuration options
  • No built-in firewall (NAT firewall)
  • No IP binding

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